The Best MMOs You Can Play Today

Best MMOs you can play today
Learn the fun of playing online with others in these epic MMOs

The Best MMOs You Can Play Today

Come check out the BEST MMOs you can play today! I promise it will be worth the time investment as these games are all gems!


SCUM gameplay

Race to the finish line pitted against 100 other players as you battle to survive. Fortify existing structures, earn fame points and more. Remove the implant that prevents your escape from the island, but beware of the other players lurking around every corner, trying to take what is yours.

Traverse the land of SCUM and take what you want. Act how you want and be who you want. The sky’s the limit.

Choose your loadout, camouflage into the environment, and pillage any leftovers. Do whatever it takes to survive.


Foxhole gameplay

Gain the aid of other players as you wage war against your opponents, battles of which can last for long periods. Create proper staging areas, defenses, and offensive locations and traps. Do all you can to survive this blood bath.

Bring a friend, or five; it doesn’t matter how many! Engage in satisfying battles either by upfront assault or by sneaking and having the element of surprise!

Are you ready for an epic fight? The wars in this game can last for days. Do you have what it takes?

Path of Exile

Path of Exile gameplay

Travel through randomly generated areas that provide ever-changing enemies and locations, obtain quests, and clear fields to progress. Advance your character as much as possible to survive this wild ride.

I highly recommend this game for any die-hard Diablo fans as this game has similar mechanics and gameplay.

This game looks suspiciously a lot like the Diablo series. The new Diablo-Esque video-game we’ve all been waiting to play.

Eve Online

Eve Online gameplay

Political schemes and warfare do not stop on planets; they are ever-present in the life of a space cruiser. Use your wit to outsmart other player traps and tricks. Protect your assets and cargo. Build your pack of close allies as you engage in all-out space-battles that could last hours.

Advanced skills are needed to thrive in this game without frustration. Intense game mechanics and in-depth stats make this game more challenging.

A graphically stunning game that takes massively multiplayer online to an all-new level.


RUST gameplay

Forage for materials, food, and water to keep yourself alive. Watch for traps and tricks laid by other players. Kill animals for meat and sustenance. Drink water from lakes and rivers. Be ever ready for bloody encounters with other players that could risk it all.

A quiet, uneventful place, right? Wrong. Don’t turn your back for a second. This place might seem like a beautiful area to relax, but I guarantee there are traps and snipers just waiting for you to take the wrong step.

Beware of the traps that people lay throughout this world. If you see something that is unique and it’s for free, you better think twice. You might just become a puppet in someone’s game.

Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved gameplay

After being deserted on a dinosaur infested island, your survival is the ultimate goal. Pillage the forests for wood and rocks, build shelters, create weapons, hunt for food, tame dinosaurs as protection, protect your items from those looking to lighten your load. Do whatever it takes to survive. Dinosaurs aren’t the only things to fear here.

What could make this game any better? Uh, how about being able to tame and ride your favorite dinosaurs.

Have you ever wanted to know the thrill of hunting a T-rex, or being chased by something ten times your size? Well, this game will provide you that desire.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles gameplay

Convicted, sentenced, and left to die in a brutal desert, you are saved by Conan and given a second chance. Navigate the unforgiving desert, create new weapons, hunt for food, but most of all—survive.

Become the warrior you’ve always dreamed of being.

Defeat foes triple your size and claim the glory

Town of Salem

Town of Salem gameplay

In a town full of lies, it is your job to detect who is telling the truth and who has hidden motives. Not all of the people who live near you are who they claim to be. Uncover lies, investigate other players, and expose those who are guilty. Just be careful—you don’t want to sentence an innocent person.

Enjoy this game on multiple platforms. Take in all the beautiful colors and art styles as you wander through the uplifting world.

Decide on the fate of the townsfolk and determine the path they will take. Will they do good and apply law and justice, or forgo law and order and lead with an iron fist.


Warframe gameplay

After awaking from cryosleep, it becomes clear that your world is at war. Being a member of Tenno, an ancient race of warriors, it becomes your job to win the war and protect your species. Solve quests, upgrade weapons, and win battles. Do all you can to succeed.

Duke it out in this epic MMO. Intense battles, unique characters, and a great storyline.

What will you choose for your loadout?


Minecraft gameplay

Craft, build and style your way through this beautifully unique world of Minecraft. Develop weapons for specific materials, build a shelter from the monsters in the land, and find food to keep yourself alive. Creativity is vital.

The only limit here is your imagination if you’re playing in creative mode. If you’re playing in survival mode, it will take a lot longer to build something like this but will be oh so satisfying.

So, you ready to get building? This entire structure crafted with the materials provided in Minecraft. Think you can do better?



ArcheAge gameplay

Travel far and wide across the expanses of different realms to restore the balance of peace. There is an unwelcomed presence of darkness and evil that must be our heroes must purge. Corruption shall not be allowed to prevail in this fantasy land.

Travel in packs with friends or journey alone. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you’re a fan of Kingdom Come Deliverance, you might love this game. It is the same theme of medieval times but in an MMO form where you can play with tons of people at the same time.



Neverwinter gameplay

Travel through a magical world following the trail made for you or break the traditional method and make your own story. Create unique maps, design personalized quests, and implement them for public or personal use. The only limit here is your creativity.

It seems as though our friend is creating a labyrinth of ice shards, an exciting idea that maybe the beginning or end of a personalized map/quest!

A very World of Warcraft feel with unique personalization related to character design, quest creation, and story development.


Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online gameplay

Through the Black Desert, there lie numerous black stones. These stones are known for their protective properties against something known as the “black death.” Our heroes must traverse these lands to find the stones and protect the nation from this painful death.

Search high and low to find the stones to protect the people. Aid in side quests and upgrade your character to defeat all the enemies throughout the land.

Wage wars and prove your strength against other nations to claim as many black stones as possible.


Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 gameplay

The primal dragon, Bahamut, escaped from its prison and planned to initiate the Seventh Umbral Calamity, which will destroy a vast majority of Eorzea. Travel through different areas, fight enemies, improve your weapons, and face the ancient dragon to again bring peace to the land before its too late.

An exciting game that is brimming with color, unique character choices, and a rich storyline.

Epic weapons, epic armor. Everything about this game is grand. Buy a home and live with lots of friends or buy a house and live alone! The choice is yours how you want to play.


Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 gameplay

Fight your way through the world of Tyria as you battle against ancient dragons and corrupt monsters. Save this world from destruction and free the people from the accursed hold the dragons have on them. Build your character, upgrade weapons, form alliances. Do whatever it takes to destroy these creatures and bring peace to the land.


Can you hold your metal against an ancient dragon-like this one?

Get ready to have a blast playing this game with people from all over the world. Form guilds and make new friends while raiding and questing together.


Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape (vanilla Runescape)

Travel through the world of Gielinor, a realm divided into four different kingdoms, regions, and cities. Throughout these areas, quests and monsters are available to improve your character and provide aid to those in each distinct area that may need your help.

A complex world filled with people from all over the globe. You never know what you’re going to find.

Make sure you have all your necessities like this guy does. You never know what you’re going to encounter here.


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft gameplay

Soar around the crazy and complex world of Azeroth. Save the people of different kingdoms and fight those from the opposite alliance. The world of Azeroth is involved in a war between the Horde and the Alliance, but it is up to you to decide which faction to aid.

Raid with the best people and defeat the hardest bosses in this epic MMO that never ceases to amaze!

Choose your class carefully as it will affect the loot received and decisions made. You can choose to be on the light side, Alliance, or the evil side, Horde. Each distinct allegiance will have entirely different starting points and quest goals.


Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online gameplay

In the land of Tamriel, the Daedric Prince Molag Bal is attempting to capture the empty throne and bring his dark, twisted world to ours and mend them as one. You must work against this evil Prince and prevent the destruction of the land. Help the three different alliances choose who will sit on the throne and rid the area of the evil that has corrupted it.

If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls series and loved Skyrim but wished you were able to play with your friends, then this game is for you. It works very similarly to Skyrim, but you get to play with tons of people in real-time.

Dragons are just the beginning of the fantastic and exciting creatures you will be battling with your friends.

Thanks for stopping by! If there are any titles you didn't see on here but feel that they should have been mentioned, feel free to drop a comment below!

Until next time, happy hunting!

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