[Top 25] Best Skyrim Mods For a Whole New Experience

Best Skyrim Mods
Explore New Lands and Find New Creatures!

25. Cutting Room Floor

A Cut Location Added Back to the Base Game

Introduction: It is not uncommon for game developers to cut content from a game before its official release. So this mod adds most of it back in the game. A simple but effective means of changing your Skyrim playthrough.

Points of Interest:

  • Various New NPCs: Scattered across Skyrim are at least 19 new NPCs. They can be miners, guards, a blacksmith, hunters, a spirit, and other general NPCs. 
  • Restoration of Cut Items: Several items have been added back into the game. This includes miscellaneous  items like notes and journals, unique weapons and armor, and several clothing items.
  • Added and Tweaked Quests: In addition to adding small tweaks to a few existing quests, the mod also adds in several new quests that can range from collecting pelts for a radiant quest to finding missing apprentices for the College of Winterhold.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

24. Psijic Realm

Travel to Various Locations as You Try to Learn Powerful Magics

Introduction: The Psijic Realm is a mod that focuses on giving the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold even more spells and abilities to work with while completing quest lines that focus on either the Psijic Order or the Dark Brotherhood. The mod appropriately adds new spells and gear that would befit a potential member of the Psijic Order.

Points of Interest:

  • Fight the Dark Brotherhood: This Dark Brotherhood chapter holds no allegiance to Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood chapter, even if the player is the Listener. This Dark Brotherhood chapter serves as major antagonists of the mod and serve as challenges for the dragonborn to overcome.
  • Join the Order: In order to prove yourself to the Psijics, the order will send you to learn and acquire several new spells in order to prove that you have the skill and discipline to join them. This journey was specifically crafted so it would challenge the Archmage so the player should be prepared.
  • New Spells and Equipment: The mod adds several new items and abilities including teleportation spells, boss weapons and clothes with powerful enchantments.

Get mod HERE

23. Path of the Anti-Mage

Anti-Mages in the Serathi Boglands

Introduction: Being dedicated to enabling the dragonborn to play an anti-mage character, this mod adds several powers and abilities that can be gained in a relatively lore-friendly fashion by visiting the newly added “Serathi Bog”. This mod permits the dragonborn to truly become a fighter who specializes in fighting spellcasters and magical creatures. Ideal for anyone looking for a new playstyle.

Points of Interest:

  • Visit the Serathi Bogland: The mod adds a relatively small new area where the main features of the mod can be activated. Consisting of its own dangers and unique appearance, the bog holds the secrets to becoming a true anti-mage.
  • Perks and Spells: The main feature of this mod is the addition of several new spells and perks that can used to transform the player a specialized anti-magic fighter. These range from psionic blades that burn mana to creating domes that cancel magic attacks. All the player has to do is sacrifice a few skill points.
  • Upgrade Shrine: To give the player a sense of growth, the mod also adds an upgrade shrine where the player can sacrifice daedra hearts to enhance several of thier new spells and abilities.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

22. Helgen Reborn

Helgen Rebuilt

Introduction: You know that town that always gets destroyed by Alduin at the beginning of the game? Ever thought about what it would be like to rebuild it? Well this mod just that! It comes with voiced NPCs, new quests and a new player home.

Points of Interest:

  • Rebuild Helgen: The main quest in this mod revolves around rebuilding Helgen from the ground up. By the end of the questline you should have remade Helgen into a thriving community with its own merchants, citizens and guards.
  • Multiple Faction Options and Player Home: When rebuilding Helgen, the player will gain the option to make Helgen an Imperial settlement, a Stormcloak settlement or an independent settlement. The player will also gain their own private tower that functions as a player home.
  • New Dungeons: Both in and outside of Helgen, the mod adds six new dungeons. This includes a haunted mine, a large nordic ruin and a few caverns  added to vanilla dungeons.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)


Become a Lich

Introduction: This mod focuses on a powerful necromancer and his followers. Consisting of a main questline and a hardful of dungeons and locations, this mod’s main set of features includes the ability to become a lich and  the ability to learn dark magics.

Points of Interest:

  • Undeath Quest: The premise is fairly simple: a powerful necromancer and his followers are gathering ingredients and dabbling in dark magics that could potentially threaten Skyrim. This questline, which takes the player to places like the Dragontail Mountains and beyond, primarily consists of gathering various ingredients and combatting necromancers across several locations.
  • Player Homes and New Vendor: The mod contains two player homes that are geared toward dark-themed character and are capable of being upgraded. But what is the point of having an evil lair if you can’t keep it stocked with ingredients? Well that’s whya shady “broker” exists in the mod as well, and is known for selling taboo items like human hearts andblack soul gems..
  • Lichdom and Dark Magics: The main appeal of this mod is how it is geared toward players who want to be warlocks, necromancers, or some other form of dark magic user. Which is why this mod  allows the player to acquire lichdom, learn new poison spells and partake in dark pacts. The best part? It’s all immersive. Be it by dark altars, lore books or rituals this mod excels in really making the player feel like a dark magic practitioner.  

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

20. Midwood Isle

Midwood Isle's Overworld Map

Introduction: Midwood Isle is a small island northwest of the tamrielic continent. It is the home of the “Sonmer” (Sun Elves) and is currently being threatened by Zahkris. The island offers quests, new items, puzzles and new enemies for the player to enjoy.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore the Isle: The mod comes with two new land masses: Moonwood Isle and its “spirit” version. Midwood Isle is estimated to be about the size of 1-2 Skyrim holds and contains several towns, bandit camps and other locations on its map. It comes with an extended main quest and 20 side quests, with some of the side quests forming small storylines.
  • Player Home and a New Follower: After being unlocked by a side quest, the player can potentially call Midwood Isle their home. This property called “Freywyn” can be purchased and upgraded to the player’s liking. There also exists a follower by the name of Tyrek that can be found on the island.
  • New Items and Abilities: As the player travels through Midwood Isle, the player can learn a new shout, discover a new enchantment and discover several new weapons, jewelry and books. Midwood Isle was designed to display a completely new culture, and the player will be encouraged to discover all they can.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

19.  Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery)

A Section of the Dragonborn Gallery Displaying the Elder Scrolls

Introduction: This mod focuses on a new museum located near Solitude’s Blue Palace and focuses heavily on collecting items and exploration so that the player can fill out the museum or express their love for discovery. The amount of features in this mod is truly extensive.

Points of Interest:

  • Collect and Store Items: The museum can store vanilla assets like daedric artifacts, dragon priest masks and other miscellaneous items. But the mod itself adds in hundreds of new items. No seriously, this mod adds new artifacts, weapons, armors, paintings, collectibles and more.
  • Build a Museum: The museum itself is exceptionally large. It has a library, several wings, dozens of weapons and armor racks, displays of Skyrim’s creatures and habitats, a personal armory, galleries and more. But while this large museum may begin mostly empty, most of the mod is dedicated toward filling up this museum as a testament to the legacy of the dragonborn.
  • More Exploration: A new Explorer’s Society, 15 new dungeons and several quests will all be added to Skyrim to ensure that the player will have things to do in order to fill up their museum. All of this will ensure that the player feels encouraged to (re)explore Skyrim and scour every inch of every dungeon. This is truly a mod that encourages exploration.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

18. Republic of Maslea- Chapter 1

The Tropical Landscape of Maslea

Introduction: The Republic of Maslea,located between Tamriel and Akavir, was conquered by a faction of the Alessian Order during the 1st era. Now being dominated by distinct social classes, differing ideologies and external forces, the mod has several hours worth of content the player can enjoy.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore Maslea: Estimated to be about the same size as Solstheim, the new land comes with its own graphics and meshes so it can properly show you its tropical landscape. Maslea is also dotted with several caves, forts, towns and more in order to really seem like a populated land mass. Overall the design is such that it really feels like Maslea has its own imperial-inspired culture with a unique flair.
  • Quests, Puzzles and Platforms: In addition to the main quest line which has multiple paths, there are at least 15 side quests the player can complete. A good deal of these quests and dungeons involve platforming, puzzles and mazes. More of an exercise of your brain rather than any combat prowess...Mostly.
  • Detailed Lore and Culture: Alongside the new architecture, armors, weapons and NPCs is a set of rich lore and backstory that really fleshes out the mod. Hopefully it won’t conflict with future TES installments, but on the general whole the mod tries its best to make Maslea ‘lore plausible’ and seem like a complex society filled with differing ideas and social groups.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition) 

17. Moonpath to Elsweyr

A Khajiit Fighting a Zhalilisk

Introduction: Travel to the land of Elsweyr, a land of duality and homeland of the khajiiti people. The main quest line has the dragonborn joining the khajiiti resistance to fight against the Thalmor who are encroaching on their territory.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore Elsweyr: Elsweyr is a large area, which is why you may be surprised that you can visit more than a few locations instead of staying in one general area. This means you can experience the arid deserts of the north and the lush forests of the south. And let’s not forget the air ships that the player can visit!.
  • New Creatures: While technically named as unique creatures, some of the creatures in the mod just seem more like recolors of existing vanilla assets with small tweaks. Crabs, queen spiders and the like are examples. But the same cannot be said for creatures like the sload, the imga, the zhalilisk and the therian. But overall, the mod does an exceptional job at making it feel like you are really exploring a new and exotic land.
  • Listen to the Khajiit: Several of the NPCs in the mod are voiced, and more importantly--they are voiced with that distinctive khajiiti accent in mind. It can be hit or miss at times, but usually their voice acting is enough to keep you engaged in the mod while you fight against the high elves and their followers.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (in Steam)

16. Summerset Isle

Logo for the Summerset Isle Mod

Introduction: Continuing the story of the Archmage from the College of Winterhold, this mod allows the player to visit the Summerset Isle. The mod starts when some non-dominion altmer  summon the player so they can help them find their missing king. The player can explore a new land mass, experience a new culture and encounter several new enemies. 

Points of Interest:

  • Large Land Mass to Explore: 61 quests, 700+ NPCs, 34 merchants, 28 unique creatures and more are all added to the isles in order to make a fleshed out new province the player can explore. 
  • Craft, Live and Eat: The mod comes with 7 potential player homes, and several tens worth of new ingestibles, ingredients, weapons, armor and other items. 
  • Dungeons and Bosses: With a new land comes new enemies. The mod adds a handful of bosses and mini-bosses that the player can encounter and overcome. Which is saying nothing about the various, caves, deadlands and other locations that host enemies...

Get the mod HERE

15. Beyond Reach

A Bird's Eye View of a Town in the Reach

Introduction: While it is not fully voiced yet, this mod allows the player to explore an area of High Rock and partake in story full of intrigue and conspiracy. Complete with new weapons, armor, spells, dungeons and NPCs, the mod contains a good deal of content to fill out this little slice of Tamriel known as “The Reach”.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore a Section of High Rock: The main area of this mod is estimated to be as large as 3 holds and is filled with its own enemies, 25 new dungeons, towns, cities, and a fleshed out wilderness.
  • Several Quests and NPC Factions: The mod has around 28 quests and they span several dungeons. These quests may also explore or deal with several factions that call this part of High Rock their home. This includes the Exiles, Orsinium’s Sons, Dragonstar Mercenaries, the Afflicted and more!
  • New Spells, Armors and Weapons: As a land with its own culture, it only stands to reason that a new arsenal of equipment and spells exist. And while some are tied to quests and enemy loot, players may be surprised to find that their exploration of the world is actually occasionally rewarded with the discovery of new spells.

Get the mod HERE and HERE (for Special Edition)

14. Apotheosis-Lifeless Vaults

A Titlecard Showing a Large Dwemer Construct

Introduction: Taking inspiration from Dark Souls, this mod is essentially one big dungeon crawl where you have to face off against 5 new bosses. Defined by its difficulty, this mod is the epitome of difficult combat.

Points of Interest:

  • Unique Bosses: The cornerstone of this mod is its five unique bosses. Complete with difficult mechanics and their own soundtracks, these bosses are sure to add a significant amount of challenge for anyone wanting to test their combat ability.
  • Dungeon Crawling: While this mod technically only adds one dungeon, it should be noted that it is very much a quality of quantity situation. It has a non-linear map, holds deadly traps, has unlockable paths, and hosts leveled enemies. All of it is meant to wear you down by the time you reach one of the bosses.
  • Unique Loot: While most of the loot in the dungeon is not really anything special, the mod does add two unique items. One is sunder from TES:Morrowind and the other is a new guardian staff. Both can be considered powerful late-game items that the player will find useful.

Get the mod HERE and HERE (for Special Edition)

13. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

A Location in Hammerfell

Introduction: Like the name suggests, the mod focuses on the relic known as the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Focusing on thief-type characters, the mod has the player visiting various new places across Tamriel as they overcome several puzzles and challenges in pursuit of the cowl.

Points of Interest:

  • Various Places to Visit: Instead of focusing on one large new landscape or adding a few new locations to vanilla Skyrim, the mod instead has you visiting several places across mundus. This includes two new lands, a secluded area from Hammerfell, and a section of Coldharbor. There are even a few optional patches payers can download to enhance portions of these areas.
  • Challenges, Puzzles and Obstacles: This mod has a bit of a treasure-hunting feel to it, having the player complete mazes, puzzles and other stealth related challenges in order to progress. But don’t worry, the mod still comes with its own combat challenges that the player will have to overcome.. 
  • Plenty of Loot and Artifacts: It wouldn’t be a true thief-focused mod if there wasn’t good loot to be had. That’s why the mod also comes with its own gear and artifacts--some of which you may even find familiar from previous Elder Scrolls games. 

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

12. Moon and Star

A Player Finding a Dwemer Centurion In a New Dungeon

Introduction: This quest mod has the player following a mysterious criminal in Skyrim who is being followed by hunters from Morrowind. Coming with a handful of quests, a new settlement and one fleshed out dungeon, this fully voiced mod can add more than a few hours of entertainment in your usual Skyrim playthrough. 

Points of Interest:

  • New Town and Voiced NPCs: Little Vivec is a new settlement that can be found near Lake Ilinalta. It comes with a new merchant, a few trainers and other miscellaneous NPCs that help flesh out the new area by having their own dialogue. Nothing in the new settlement is just there to take up space.
  • Unique Dungeon: Arguably just as important as the new settlement is the new dungeon. This dwemer ruin, in addition to holding standard dwemer constructs, also contains various puzzles and a new kind of boss that the player has to overcome in order to progress
  • Other Features: This mod also adds 7 new weapons, 1 new spell, and 4 side quests in order to offer a bit of variety to an otherwise linear mod. Because while having a main questline is good, having extra stuff to do in Skyrim is always better.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

11. Tools of Kagrenac

Wraithguard, One of Kagrenac's Famous Tools

Introduction: This mod focuses on reclaiming the  tools of Kagrenac, those famous dwemer tools which were used to harness power from theLorkhan’s heart. This fully-voiced mod will have you explore large dungeons, defeat challenging enemies and embark on quests in order to gain the tools and restore them to their former glory.

Points of Interest:

  • Obtain Keening, Sunder and Wraithguard: Ever wonder why the weapon keening in the base game is so weak? Or wonder where its two counterparts were? Well this mod fixes that by adding the two missing tools and appropriately powering them up to actually feel like important artifacts.
  • Fully Voiced Quests: The mod comes fully voiced in order to ensure an ideal and immersive experience. The quality of this voice acting isn’t all that bad, either. It all sounds like something that could have existed in vanilla Skyrim.
  • New Dungeons and Enemies: Most of the new dungeons introduced in the mod are unusually large and encourages the player to do some old styled dungeon crawling and combat some challenging enemies. 

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

10. Molag Bal's Inferno

An Altar to Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Plots

Introduction: This quest takes you into a dark oblivion realm that was created by Molag Bal. This realm, and all of its sub-realms, largely consists of various unique challenges that the player has to overcome if they wish to attain various rewards.

Points of Interest:

  • Six Developed Dungeons: Dungeons take the form of small pocket dimensions, or “circles”. They are the circles of greed, violence, lust, treachery, heresy and fraud. Each comes with their own appearance, hordes of enemies, unique mechanics and a unique end-of-dungeon boss.
  • Unique Currency and Items: Currency in these realms are lost souls, which can be gained as you fight through the various realms and defeating enemies. This currency can then be used to buy several new and unique items and abilities from merchants.
  • Professional Soundtrack and Voice Acting: The mod already has a well developed set of realm with their own appearances and challenges, but what really sets the mood throughout the whole mod is the superb voice acting and music that accompanies the whole thing. They include Molag Bal’s chilling voice, boss battle music and more.

Get the mod HERE

9. Spectraverse- Magic of the Magne-Ge

"Graviton Core"--a Spell the Player can Learn in the Mod

Introduction: Focusing on the children of Magnus, the player will be embroiled in a heavenly war between two sects of the Magna Ge. The player will be put through several challenges as they try to stop the sky from tearing itself apart and learn several new spells while doing so.

Points of Interest:

  • Two Magne Ge Factions: Of all of Magnus’s children, two factions have formed, both their own opposing views and causes. You can choose which one you want to fight for and actively try to support their cause by completing certain tasks and quests.
  • Six Quests, Six Locations: The mod is fairly large and comes with temples, dungeons and other locations where the player can be challenged. These challenges can include puzzles, traps and even boss battles.
  • A Multitude of New Spells: The mod comes with over 40 new destruction spells that the player can potentially learn. Each has their own effects and sound effects. But depending on the side you chose, some spells may be unavailable to you.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

8. Vigilant

One of the Powerful New Enemies the Player Can Encounter

Introduction: Become a Vigilant of Stendarr and battle the daedra. Divided into four “episodes”, this mod allows the player to visit both vanilla locations and several new areas to complete objectives and defeat difficult foes.

Points of Interest:

  • Four Packed Episodes: Each episode is essentially a quest. You are to visit a new location, battle the difficult and unique enemies that reside there. But you will notice that as you go through each chapter, the content gets gradually more difficult. By episode four you won’t even have quest markers or journal entries.
  • Karma System: Depending on quest completion, who you kill and your decisions, your karma can increase or decrease. By the end of the mod this karma rating will decide whether you get the bad ending or have a chance of getting a better ending. Or you can get an even worse ending...
  • Fight Against a Daedric Prince: Not to spoil too much, but the more you act as a vigilant, the more you will attract some attention from a certain daedric prince. Said prince will become integral to the story, and you will even get to visit his realm and engage in a conflict against him.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) and download its engish add-on HERE

7. Wheels of Lull

The "Chronographers", Inhabitants of the Clockwork City

Introduction: This mod pulls the player into Sotha Sil’s famous Clockwork City. The player is expected to assist the mysterious “chronographers” as they try to stop a mad scientist from unraveling the world with his experiments.

Points of Interest:

  • Puzzles and Problem Solving: Befitting of a mod focused on an intricately crafted artificial city, a good deal of this mod’s challenges lie in solving puzzles and working your way through problems. But don’t worry, there are still several interesting boss fights that can be found in the mod as well.
  • Delve into the Clockwork City: The mod comes with a new town, several dungeons, unique weapons, several sidequests and more in an effort to pack the Clockwork City with extra content. Because why wouldn’t the Clockwork City have extra content?
  • See the Strange and Experience the Weird: In the DLC area there are deep oceans, lush underground forests, giant foundries,  and more. There are also several unusual and unique creatures that the player may encounter. Players will also have to deal with the “fabricants”--machine elves who were created by Sotha Sil.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

6. Forgotten City

The Forgotten City

Introduction: Using your wits and the ability to reset time, the player is expected to solve a murder mystery in the newly added Forgotten City. Defined by its voiced NPCs, time travel, and an intriguing mystery, this mod can easily be considered one of the best storytelling mods to date.

Points of Interest:

  • Experience Superb Writing and Voice Acting: This mod has gained renown for earning a national Writer’s Guild award for its script. So naturally, excellent quality is all but guaranteed as players go through and listen to various NPCs and even notes!
  • Solve a Murder Mystery: The mod focuses on preventing the destruction of the Forgotten City from “the Dwarf’s Law”. It is a law that means if any crime is committed in the city, the city will be destroyed. So your job is to find out who broke that law and prevent the city’s destruction. But the mod has several potential endings depending on the choices the player makes.
  • Investigate the Forgotten City: Virtually every NPC is voiced and because it’s a murder mystery, that means that every NPC is a potential suspect. As such, each have their own fleshed out backstory, quirks, interests and personality.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

5. Project AHO

A House of Sadrith Kegran

Introduction: Visit a hidden settlement belonging to House Telvanni that is located under Skyrim. The settlement known as Sadrith Kegran is situated atop a great dwarven city, and the player will eventually be tasked with discovering the secrets of the AHO--which stands for the Aetherium Hyperspace Observatory.

Points of Interest:

  • Over 40 Locations: The mod hosts a variety of locations. They include dwemer ruins, taverns, inns, and more. Several of these locations are well designed and are both aesthetically pleasing and interesting to explore. The dunmer settlement alone hosts lush moss patches, docile netches and fungi-infested mudcrabs.
  • Well Crafted Storyline and Characters:  The mod has more than 20 voiced NPCs, and each comes with their own unique personality. Several of them also offer quests that the player complete.
  • Several Unique Items and Spells: The mod comes with its own weapons and armor to help add to the already extensive mod, but it also adds other interesting item based features such as crafting spell tome and a functional dwarven organ.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

4. Carved Brink

A Portal to a Realm of Oblivion

Introduction: Taking place on two oblivion planes called the Pits and the Faceted Stones, the mod allows the player to go on an adventure filled with weird characters, unusual lore, goblins and more. The mod starts when you find the journal of a high elf who bargained with the daedra for control of a realm where he can conduct his experiments.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore Usual Realms: Oblivion consists of various planes that can defy the laws of physics, contain its own flora and fauna and occasionally trap tamrielic mortals. As such, the mod benefits from having a beautifully unusual world space. Floating stones, crumbling ruins, giant items and more make for an aesthetically intriguing set of realms.
  • Funny Talking Seashell: One of the most noticeable aspects of the mod is the inhuman companion the player can meet. This companion is a seashell, and is incapable of actually doing anything other than being held and talking. But his fully voiced commentary and dialogue trees are immensely entertaining.
  • Goblins, the Stranger and a Society: In addition to the main quest, there are also several side quests that the player can distract themselves with in order to explore the life of the realm’s inhabitants. This includes a few goblin tribes, a mysterious stranger, and other daedric beings.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

3.Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

The Cyrodiilic County of Bruma

Introduction: Beyond Skyrim is a project that seeks to create the rest Tamriel on Skyrim’s game engine engine. Separated into various projects, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is their first formal pre-release and it allows players to explore the small county of Bruma in Cyrodiil.

Points of Interest:

  • Soundtrack, Voices and NPCs: In order to make it seem like its own game with a new world, the mod has over 3 hours of professional music and more than 70 residents with their own dialogue, routines and stories to really flesh out the landscape.
  • Explore Bruma: Larger than even the Dragonborn DLC, Bruma has a map with several dungeons, points of interest, shops and other secrets that can keep the player exploring and curious.
  • Unique Quests, Storylines and Items: As a land unto itself, Bruma hosts an innumerable amount of stories and questlines that the player can participate in. They can range from helping captured stormcloak soldiers to assisting ghosts who reside in the ruined Cloud Ruler Temple.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

2. Falskaar

The Player on a Horse Overlooking Falskaar

Introduction: This mod adds a new land mass called Falskaar, and it adds over 20+ hours of content. It has a vague history, but the land itself is filled with its own conflicts, locations, NPCs and is fully voiced. 

Points of Interest:

  • Is Widely Available: Most large mods these days require that the player has SKSE or has access to all of Skyrim’s DLC. Well this mod doesn’t require any of those, meaning that it can be accessed by just about anyone.
  • Prove Yourself: When you first enter Falskaar through a portal, you will instantly be known as “the Traveller“. And while some NPCs will instantly approach you with their problems, some NPCs want you to prove yourself before they give you anything. When the player becomes well known enough, the player could potentially gain other privileges like having their own home
  • Various Interesting Quests: The mod itself hosts a variety of quests, but it is noteworthy that several of them deviate from your typical quests which have you fight a certain type of enemy. For example, you can be sent to free some captives or help with an anniversary gift. But the mod still hosts several quests and side quests that add several hours worth of content.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

1. Enderal: Shards of Order

Enderal Main Menu Artwork

Introduction:This mod doesn’t just add onto Skyrim, it doesn’t even just change Skyrim by doing an overhaul or tweaking vanilla features. This mod takes it all the way and all but replaces Skyrim. Enderal is a Skyrim conversion mod and as such, qualifies for the top spot of a “whole new experience”.

Points of Interest:

  • Explore an Entirely New Skyrim: With new biomes, soundtrack, two guilds, fleshed out characters, cutscenes and more, the mod adds a multitude of features, locations and NPCs to make it seem like a whole new game.
  • Redone Combat: Combat has been entirely redone with the aim of making it balanced for core gamer. Which means it also overhauled the leveling and skill System.
  • Mods: You know how one of Skyrim’s greatest unofficial features is its modding community? Well Enderal practically has a modding community of its own--so much so that it has its own subcategory on the nexus mod website! UI, spells, player homes--there are more than enough optional mods that players can potentially download to enrich their Enderal experience further.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (on Steam)


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