Skyrim Best Assassin Builds (Top 5)

Skyrim Best Assassin Builds
Top hits for the top hitman and woman

Assassins are everywhere in Skyrim, but what is the best build for an executioner?

If you’re accustomed to playing Skyrim then you’ll be more than familiar with assassins. Perhaps you’reone yourself, lurking in the dark in shrouded armor and taking out unsuspecting targets.

Or you have been attacked by a lone assassin whilst wandering the landscape of Skyrim. Either way, let’s explore the top five best assassin builds for Skyrim so you can be the greatest executioner. 

5. The Beginner Assassin

A vanilla build for the beginner 

The Beginner Assassin is for those who want to drop into the build world but do not have any expertise. It’s ideal as a vanilla build, simple and straightforward without any quirks.

This build is a great way to fit into the Skyrim universe and remain lore friendly. 

Why The Beginner Assassin build is great:

  • Simple and easy build to play
  • A way to explore Skyrim if you’re a first time player
  • A flexible build that allows customisation 

Build details:

  • Choose the Khajiit race. You’ll get a bonus in sneak and one-handed that’ll make you formidable. Playing as a Khajiit means you do not need to rely on companions 
  • As far as stats go, focus most of your attention on health. You won’t have much need for stamina in this build. Magic is up to whether you want to focus on spells for your assassin
  • Use crossbows and daggers as your weapons of choice and soak these in poison to do more damage to your targets
  • If you are faced in open combat, switch from your preferred bow to a dagger and some spells (if your character knows any)
  • Crossbows are slow, so always shoot from the shadows
  • The Blade of Woe is a dagger best suited for this build that is acquired by finishing the Dark Brotherhood Quest. Alternatively, you can kill Astrid in the Abandoned Shack and take it from her corpse. It’ll do 12 attack damage and also absorbs 10 points of health. 
  • Teldryn Sero is an ideal companion to have in this build. You’ll find him in the Retching Netch. He’s powerful and rarely goes down and doesn’t ruin your sneaking attempts. 
  • Skilltrees to focus on: sneak, archery and alchemy. Don’t focus on light armor or one-handed. Use enchanted armor. 
  • The alchemy skill will be beneficial because it will save you money making potions and poisons rather than buying them. 
  • Your sneak skill will improve faster without a follower because you won’t get caught as often. 
  • As for archery training from NPCs all over Skyrim to level up quickly
  • If you do wish to use magic, focus on illusion. 

4. Arcane Assassin

An assassin mage is deadly and powerful

The Arcane Assassin is the type to carry ancient tomes with them as they stalk their targets. They rely on powerful magic to dispose of their enemies and prefer the mysterious arts over more physical weapons.

This build is for those who want to build their magic to a formidable level. 

Why Arcane Assassin is great:

  • Spells, bound weapons and physical weapons blended together harmoniously
  • Unpredictable and effective assassin
  • Stealthy and powerful

Build Details:

  • Dunmer is the best race to choose for this build as it will give you boost to skills that you need to become the Arcane Assassin
  • When it comes to stats, focus almost all of your attention on magic, give a little to health and virtually none to stamina
  • Use the Lady Stone for health and stamina regeneration at 25%
  • Opt for the vampire curse
  • The skills you should focus on include illusion, destruction, alteration, one-handed, sneak and conjuration
  • Use the bound dagger spell as your weapon of choice. You can acquire this as a purchase in Tel Mithryn
  • Get the Mystic Binding perk to deal even more damage
  • Wear the Circlet of Illusion to lower the cost of spells in the school
  • Completing the College of Winterhold questline will give you access to the Archmage Robes which will boost your magicka massively
  • Always approach stealthily
  • Complete the Dark Brotherhood questline, as well as Volkihar and Tel Mithryn quests

3. Ultimate Assassin

For those who want to be the best at everything

The Ultimate Assassin build is for those who want to complete the Dark Brotherhood questline and take over everything. Build their own Brotherhood, be at the zenith of all assassins and just in general be the expert at slitting throats.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to become the Ultimate Assassin. 

Why Ultimate Assassin is great:

  • Superior Assassin
  • One shot kills
  • Ability to take the shot and then disappear into the darkness

Build Details:

  • Go for the Breton race for this build. You’ll get 25% resistant to magic damage, that’ll come in use. 
  • Use a male for this assassin build, they are slighter faster. 
  • To get to the zenith of this build, aim for level 52, with Dawnguard
  • You should have Health at 350, Magicka at 250 and Stamina at 100
  • As skills and perks are concerned, let’s start with restoration. Within this school you’ll want the Novice Regeneration, Regeneration, Necromage and Recovery perks
  • For archery you’ll want Overdraw, Eagle Eye and Steady Hand
  • One-Handed - Armsman, Fighting Stance, Dual Flurry
  • Smithing (With Dawnguard): Steel and Elven Smithing, Advanced Armors, Glass and Dragon Smithing
  • Sneak: Stealth, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Assassin’s Blade
  • Alchemy: Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor
  • Illusion: Novice Illusion, Dual Casting, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting
  • Enchanting: Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect
  • Onto equipment. Use dual Dragonbone daggers, enchanted with your choice of destruction magic
  • Enchanted Dragonbone bow (your choice on the enchantment)
  • Krosis Mask
  • Enchanted Dragonscale Armor
  • Ancient Shrouded Gloves
  • Enchanted Dragonscale Boots
  • Enchanted Silver Ring
  • Enchanted Silver Necklace
  • Rely on your Dragonskin Breton Power which gives you the ability to absorb 50% of Magicka damage for 60 seconds
  • Become a Vampire and earn Dread Cloak for 60 seconds which means enemies in range take 8 points of frost damage
  • Complete The Thieves Guild questline and acquire Nightingale Strife which enables you to absorb 100 points of health from enemy
  • Complete The Dark Brotherhood questline and gain Summon Spectral Assassin
  • Now onto Active Effects. Complete Heart of Dibella and you will gain Agent of Dibella which means you do 10% more damage to the opposite sex
  • Complete The Book of Love and acquire Agent of Mara and you will be 15% resistant to Magicka damage
  • Complete Frostflow Abyss and gain Sailor’s Repose which gives restoration spells 10% more healing power

2. Poison Assassin

A build for the invisible assassin

Some assassins enjoy stalking their target and taking their lives in the dead of night with a dagger to the throat, not Poison Assassins. They lie in wait and top up your drink when you least expect it, or lace their blade with a deadly tonic and poison your veins.

Let’s see what you need to become a Poison Assassin. 

Why Poison Assassin is great:

  • Kills targets with poisons, meaning versatile hits
  • Heightened alchemy skill
  • Stealth and silent

Build Details:

  • Bosmer race
  • The weapon skills to focus on (Perks in brackets) are One-Handed and Archery
  • Light Armor skill should be given attention
  • Focus on the Illusion and Destruction schools
  • Use the Sneak (Backstab, Silent Roll, Light Foot), Pickpocket (Poisoned) and Lockpicking skills
  • Also attend to Alchemy, Speech and Enchanting skills
  • Go for the Vampire Curse
  • Associate with The Dark Brotherhood, The Volikhar Clan and The Thieves Guild
  • Use the Lady Stone
  • Complete the Peryite, Azura and Boethiah questlines
  • Make Poison of Slow and Frenzy Poisons
  • Fortify Archery and Fortify One-Handed potions are also handy
  • Travel to Riverwood and assist Faendal and then request archery training to quickly improve the skill, also acquire him as a handy follower
  • Go to Vipir the Fleet in The Thieves Guild to get trained up in pickpocket
  • Complete The Dark Brotherhood questline to acquire Blade of Woe
  • Enchant your unenchanted weapons with Drain Status and Paralysis
  • Wear the Dark Brotherhood armor set
  • If enchanting your armor, go for Alchemy boosts and Bow and One-Handed damage
  • Join the Bards College in order to increase your Speech skill
  • Join the College of Winterhold in order to hone your Alchemy skill
  • Complete The White Phial quest in full

1. Dunmer Assassin

Dunmer are seen as evil and immoral, so why not live up to it?

The Dark Elves, or Dunmer, are an unfortunate folk who are generally disliked wherever they go. They are, however, incredibly skilled mages and have a wealth of history and sophistication.

A Dunmer Assassin is a deadly build because it combines a formidable class with a powerful race. 

Why is Dunmer Assassin great:

  • The focus is on race which is exciting
  • A delve into destruction 
  • Mysterious assassin build

Build Details:

  • Of course the Dunmer race is ideal for this build
  • Focus on the Sneak, Illusion, Destruction and Enchanting skills
  • As far as stats go, focus almost all of your energy on Magicka; Stamina and Health are equally as unimportant as each other
  • Seeing as you are a Dunmer, you will mostly be using Fire Destruction Spells. You’ll want the Rune Master and Augment Flames Perks
  • Shock damage is also a potential option if you want versatility
  • Rune Spells will be what you rely on the most, they will give you an opportunity to damage or even kill targets before they even get close
  • Your Illusion skill is mostly for Harmony and Invisibility Spells. Grab the Expert and Master Perks in this school
  • Sneak will be handy as you’ll get away with setting Runes easier
  • Wear the Ancient Shrouded Armor and the rest of the set

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