[Top 10] Skyrim Mods That Add More Bosses

Skyrim Mods That Add More Bosses
Fight New Interesting and Challenging Bosses

10. Beasts of Skyrim-Boss Encounters

The Monday Mod Show - The Beasts of Skyrim (Boss Encounters) V2 - Steam Workshop Skyrim Mods

Introduction: This mod enhances the vanilla Skyrim experience by adding several new boss encounters to the world of Skyrim. These creatures are stronger than their standard vanilla counterparts and are capable of dropping enhanced loot.

Points of Interest:

  • Boss Creatures: The mods adds at least 16 boss creatures that can be found scattered across Skyrim’s overworld. Most of these bosses are based of off vanilla creatures but the bosses themselves have increased stats in order to make them an above average challenge in comparison to their base game counterparts.
  • A Final Boss: Defeat all of the other bosses and collect their keys, and the player can enter a dungeon called “Crypt of the Fallen Cultist” where the final boss creature can be found.
  • New Loot: The mod adds new named items, a few new abilities and one lore book that can be acquired when defeating or seeking the new boss creatures.

Get the mod HERE

9. Here There Be Monsters

Skyrim mod: Here There Be Monsters Part 1

Introduction: Ever wondered what horrors the sea may be hiding it its depths? Well this mod adds several new giant creatures to the Sea of Ghosts for the player to track down and slay, either on their own or by following a voiced quest.

Points of Interest:

  • Fight Giant Monsters: Inspired by real life sea monster stories, the mod adds 9 supersized monsters that are distributed across the sea for the player to fight. Each comes with their own lair and each drops items that the player can forge into custom weapons and armor.
  • Monster Hunting Quest: If players don’t want to hunt down the monsters on their own, they can always just opt to follow the fully-voiced quest line that starts when the dragonborn visits one of the coastal cities. The quest will have you meet several ship captains and meet a hunter follower that can assist you on your quest.
  • Spells, a Home, and an Eyepatch: In addition to the main monster hunting features, the mod also comes with a few other additions like an eyepatch with a perpetual detect life enchantment, a few unique spells to summon creatures and a player home made of a hunter’s ship.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (on Steam)

8. Colorful Magic

TESV - Colorful Magic - Hel

Introduction: As the name suggests, this mod’s primary function is to add a multitude new spells and magical items that the player can obtain. But this mod also has a noticeable number of unique and difficult bosses the player can fight to acquire unique items.

Points of Interest:

  • Fight Unique Bosses: There are over 50 enemies scattered across the map who have their own appearance and abilities. Many of them use powerful new spells added by the mod and were designed to provide a challenge for the player by having an increased stat pool and having highly damaging abilities.. 
  • Powerful Boss Drops: If the player finds and kills any of the bosses, the player is sure to get a substantial reward. They usually take the form of a new spell, a new power or a powerful magic item that the player can use. An example is how the Warrior of the Black Dragon can drop a shield that has an 80% to reflect melee damage back to the attacker.
  • A Multitude of New Spells: While the bosses can be considered a big part of the mod, the majority of it is dedicated to adding over 345 new spells to the game. Most of them are dedicated to the destruction skill tree, but there are more than enough for other magic schools too. Each spell has its own effects and appearance to make for a truly wide variety of spells that the player can acquire.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

7.Unremarkable Cave Boss Fights

Unremarkable Cave - Boss Fights (Skyrim mod trailer)

Introduction: This mod adds a single dungeon to Skyrim’s map. This dungeon  has five challenging bosses that the player has to defeat in order to gain a substantial reward at the dungeon’s end.

Points of Interest:

  • Five Boss Encounters: The mod’s centerpiece is its five bosses. This includes the Ancient Warden, a Mysterious Mage, the Deadly Shadow, the Black Warriors and the Dragon Mage.
  • Boss Mechanics and Visuals: Each of the bosses have been scripted to use their own array abilities instead of relying on their base stats. These abilities can include invisibility, teleportation and more.
  • Rewards at the Dungeon’s End: When all of the boss challenges have been completed, the player can obtain a couple of uniquely powerful rewards for their triumph. This includes a powerful magic blade and a new ability.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (on Steam)

6.Sinister Seven

Skyrim - The Sinister Seven - All Assassin Fights

Introduction: The Sinister Seven is a “backstory” mod where seven assasins are assigned to kill the player. These Sinister Seven assassins will send their minions to track you down before coming after you themselves.

Points of Interest:

  • Be Hunted Instead of Being the Hunter: In this mod, the player does not hunt the Sinister Seven. Instead, the Sinister Seven hunt you. The Sinister Seven and their followers are actively seeking out the player--which means that the player can potentially encounter them almost anywhere in Skyrim. It is a new dynamic not seen in many boss mods.
  • Battle the Secret Seven: The player may come across several minions, but the real challenge comes in when one of the Seven comes to challenge the player personally. In addition to their powerful stats, the Seven use unique abilities and wear powerful equipment in an attempt to kill the player. And yes, these items can be looted if the Secret Seven member is defeated. Just keep in mind that several players have run away from the Sinister Seven before rather than risk their lives for them.
  • MCM  Encounter Customization: The latest version of the mod came with customizable MCM menu. This allows players to alter the rate at which they encounter minions and the Sinister Seven themselves. This is useful for players who may get annoyed or frustrated with the pacing of the mod.

Get the mod HERE, HERE (for Special Edition) or HERE (on Steam)

5. Revenge of the Enemies

Skyrim Mod: Revenge of the Enemies - Enemy AI Overhaul

Introduction: This mod focuses on overhauling the enemy AI of Skyrim while adding a few additional boss enemies in order to keep the game challenging. Ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their basic skyrim experience while still adding in a bit of a challenge.

Points of Interest:

  • Enhanced Enemy AI: Every enemy has been enhanced. They can block, keep their distance, use elemental weaknesses to their advantage, prioritize power attacks if the player starts blocking, etc. Overall, every enemy just feels smarter and more combat effective.
  • Vanilla Bosses are Revamped: While all enemies have been enhanced by the mod, bosses received extra attention in order to ensure that they provided an exceptional battle experience. This includes an even more enhanced AI and a few additional skills.
  • Special Elite Enemies: Several enemy types now have an added boss variant. These boss variants are usually close to the player’s level and have additional perks to make them more dynamic.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

4. Ravengate-Riften Underground

Skyrim Mod: Ravengate - Riften Underground

Introduction: The mod adds an underground arena to Riften’s underground. The player can simply watch the fights taking place in the center arena or participate in it themselves. Routine cage fight winners will eventually have to take on the “Blacklist”,a group of 10 highly skilled combatants that have climbed their way to the top.

Points of Interest:

  • Cage Fights: The main feature of this mod are the cage fights. Even if the dragonborn does not participate in these standard fight-to-the-death fights, the player can still watch from the sidelines if they so wish.
  • Fight Hard, Smart or Dirty: The rules of the underground arena are pretty vague and easy to take advantage of. So while the player could just go in and fight to the best of their ability, the mod also makes it possible for you to win the cage fight through other methods. Like assassinating them before they even make it to the ring, or using a levelled speechcraft skill to convince them to throw the fight.
  • Climb the Blacklist: The blacklist consists of the best cage fighters and each comes with their own distinct personalities, methods and voice acting. In addition to them being difficult fighters, some may be willing to use shady methods in order to give themselves an edge. For instance, one blacklist member may try to convince you that he believes in fighting with minimal armor and that you should do the same. 

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

3. Apotheosis-Lifeless Vaults

Apotheosis: Lifeless Vaults - Bossfight Preview

Introduction: The Lifeless Vaults adds one large dungeon to Skyrim which contains several enemies and five Dark Souls-inspired bosses. It is an old style dungeon crawl where the player will be expected to battle powerful enemies and explore different routes in order to reach the end.

Points of Interest:

  • Traverse the Dungeon: The dwarven dungeon added by the mod definitely leans toward the larger side. With several paths, traps and packed with high level enemies, the dungeon itself will whittle down the player's strength and resources before they even reach one of the bosses.
  • Defeat the Five Bosses: Each of the bosses, in addition to having their own appearance, also come with their own tweaked AI and musical numbers. They are also equipped with additional abilities and attacks that are not usually associated with dwemer constructs.
  • Gain Two Unique Weapons: By the end of the dungeon the player should have acquired not only an elder scrolls, but two unique weapons. This includes Sunder, which was inspired from TES: Morrowind, and a Guardian Staff which can summon a dwemer gatekeeper for a certain amount of time.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

2. Darkend

Skyrim Mod: Darkend - Dark Souls Inspired Mod

Introduction: Inspired by series like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, this mod adds a new island to Skyrim. There are no friendly NPCs, quest markers or big story to follow. Instead, the mod focuses on the various threats and enemies the player has to overcome.

Points of Interest:

  • Defeat Lesser Enemies: The island is home to several new creatures. While not as powerful as the bosses littering the island, they do provide a decent fight on their own while adding to the dark atmosphere.
  • Explore a Dark Island: The mod allows the player to travel to the island of Phalos. It a dreary but detailed place, full of atmospheric landscapes and terrain that is reminiscent of its inspirational material. There is also a noticeable amount of reading material and new items the player can find and loot across the island to aid in their journey.
  • Several New Bosses: The main feature of the island is the several bosses that the player can encounter. Usually large and foreboding, almost all of these unique bosses are capable of hitting the player hard and fast before they get out of the way. Admittedly they are limited to base Skyrim mechanics, but the mod makes up for it by giving some bosses fighting support in the form of followers or by situating the boss in an area that is difficult to maneuver in.

Get the mod HERE or HERE (for Special Edition)

1. Inferno-Envoys of the End

Skyrim Mod: Inferno - Envoys of End

Introduction: This is a quest mod which is dominated by boss battles. It takes the player on a journey to battle the Ascended as they try to harness the power of the dragons. This quest mod was made for late endgame characters who have enchanted gear, several perks and an exceptionally high level.

Points of Interest:

  • New Summons and Spells: As the player goes about battling dangerous foes, the player will attain a few new spells and abilities to help them on their difficult journey. An example is the “Blessing of Time”, an alteration spell that seems to slow down time for a short duration.
  • New Mechanics: Be it new abilities for the bosses or ambient effects that make certain dragons undetectable during certain times of day, the mod comes with several new mechanics in order to keep encounters unique and difficult. New mechanics have also been added to certain battlefields as well, where the player will be encouraged to use certain dropped items or the terrain itself to their advantage during battle.
  • Bosses and More Bosses: Almost every enemy encountered during the questline is going to be a boss of some sort. Be it one of the Ascended mages or one of the powerful dragons of the ‘Dragon Seeker’ portion of the mod, it is almost guaranteed that the player is going to engage in a difficult boss fight where the boss will employ their own unique abilities and battlefield mechanics in order to eradicate the dragonborn.

Get the mod HERE


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