[Top 10] Best Strategy War Games That Are Amazing

Best Strategy War Games
Quite strategic indeed.

This article is totally for you if you fancy games where you have to strategize your every move, manage your resources, stack on supplies, and take over lands for your beloved empire. We’ll be reviewing a list of video games with varying graphics, gameplay, and general awesomeness!

I’ve done my share of gaming in strategy war games and my experience was always positive, it’s not my most favorite genre, but a fun one nonetheless. Hope I don’t start a poopstorm over nerds fighting over which game is better. Anyways, let’s get to it:

10. Holdfast: Nations At War

A game where you will either experience epic, large-scale battles taking place in the Napoleonic Era or just idiots spamming their microphones and charging solo against a line of musket fire. The game has the potential to be immersive, but it’s unfortunately ruined by other players trolling - which you can consider a good thing!

Graphics are relatively good, gameplay can be either epic or amusing, size of servers can reach up to 150 players, thus large-scale battles are always a guarantee. Try this game out, it’s an epic memefest!


A lovely, top-down Battlefield with budget graphics. Although this game might seem a bit off-putting, you will fall in love with it once you get a hang of its mechanics and objectives. 

You’ll be playing as an ordinary soldier with a low possibility of surviving, either by fighting for the Greenbelts(USA), Graycollars(Germans), or the Brownpants(Russians). The point of the game is to capture all of the objectives on the map by killing the enemy faction with: Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Pistols, Mortars, Shotguns, HMG’s and many more badass weapons. There’s also a range of vehicles, but this game in its essence is about... running with rifles.

8. Foxhole

A game where you will take control of multiple soldiers and decide the fate of the war with other players - through building fortifications, fighting, or even spying. The purpose of this game is not decided by the game, but by the player. This is a pure sandbox game where you’re supposed to do anything you want!

You’re a cog in the machine, like the rest of the players in this game and your effort will contribute to the verdict of the war. Simple, strategic, epic!


Do you know which year this game is taking place? Year 190. Where? In China. Yes, the Chinese have a long tradition of plotting against each other, killing each other, splitting their country into groups, and fighting off the Japanese and that’s exactly what this game will be about - just without the Japanese attacking China!

You can create alliances or stab your friends in the back - either way, you’ll develop a reputation under your name. The game is realistic in terms of graphics and weaponry, it also contains a map that shows the territories you’ve captured. Smart AI is also a big plus in this game, it will literally plot to kill you. Try this game out, it’s difficult, but rewarding at the same time!

6. Hearts of Iron IV

Be Poland>1939>Die. Welcome to Hearts of Iron 4, here you will be able to put your favorite political ideology into use. Start as Germany and exterminate everyone - or as the Soviet Union, which will peacefully liberate countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, etc. 

If you’re professional at this game, you could start as Nepal and take over the world, put a timelapse of it on Youtube or something. But seriously, this game is awesome in terms of strategy - you have to manage your manpower and establish 5-year plans, discover new technologies, make alliances, nuke Switzerland - this game has it all. So what you’re waiting for? Fight off nazis and commies as Poland at the same time!

5. Wargame: Red Dragon

A war started between NATO members and the Warsaw Pact members in 1991. Have warships, planes, jets, tanks in form of units to defeat your enemy. Battles are depicted in a realistic manner and you’ll feel fully immersed in even the first hours of this game!

This is by no means a casual RTS - here you get rewarded for being a proper strategist and get punished for making mistakes. Engage in aerial, land, or naval battles in what you can call World War 3!

4. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

This game is Africa in a nutshell. Various warlords are rivaling each other for plots of land and equipment - become a leader and build your army in a hostile land where everyone wants to kill you. The game is also unique, it’s an RTS with an FPS view!

Many players are also saying that this game is a combination of Arma 3&Mount and Blade - they’re correct, this game is indeed Mount&Blade but in a more modern scenario. Anyways, this game is awesome if your childhood dream was to become a warlord!

3. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

An old-school RTS with additional RPG elements. A game where you will engage in epic SCI-FI battles against orcs. Graphics for a game released in 2009 are decent, there are plenty of maps with unique and enjoyable to finish missions.

With unique races to choose from, you can pick your favorite one(you racist) and annihilate waves of orcs. Battles and gore are detailed, although, in all honesty, this game is more of a slasher than a strategy war game - but hey, only you will decide when you try this game out!

2. Total War: WARHAMMER II

This game is incredible in terms of visuals - battles are incredible, well-detailed animations of enemies slaughtering each other is always an eye-pleaser - either some big ass crab swallowing somebody or a cyclop smashing his stick and creating a blood mist in an area!

The sounds of factions battling each other will send shivers down your spine, the soundtrack in the game will make you feel immortal before, during, and after a battle. With a large variety of races to pick from(Skaven, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, High Elves, etc), you can create an army of unstoppable savages or godly warriors. A game that is one of a kind!

1. M&B 2 Bannerlord

This game had to get the first spot, you won’t find any more badass battles than in this game. You will participate with your army in sieges of fortresses, eventually breaking in and slaughtering everything you see. The more battles you win, the more “influence” you will gather, which you can use for further improvement of your army.

But keep in mind, this game can be challenging at times, it’s also a decent time-waster with plenty of features that will make you stick to this game. Even after hundreds and hundreds of hours - create the world in the way you want it to be!

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