[Top 5] Civ 6 Best Culture Civs

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More culture than kombucha

Need more culture in your life? These top 5 culture civs are just what you need.

Of the 5 victory types in Civilization 6, culture victories are arguably the most difficult to achieve. Even with massive cultural output, a cultural victory also needs tourism to be achieved. 

With strong tourism bonuses coupled with massive cultural yields, these 5 civs are cut out for cultural victory.

5. Persia: Cyrus"I am Cyrus, King of the world."

True to form, Persia under Cyrus is a hotbed of culture. 

Persia, using the “Satrapies” civ ability gains bonus culture for domestic trade routes. 

The unique Persian improvement the Pairidaeza can be easily placed and grants bonus culture and appeal, giving Persia a consistent edge in the culture game.

Why Persia Crushes in Culture:

  • Persia’s “Satrapies” ability yields bonus culture for domestic trade routes, making it easier to keep up with other civs.
  • The Pairidaeza unique improvement gives Persia bonus culture and appeal, which feeds directly into a culture victory.

4. AmericaHe may speak softly, but word travels far.

A relatively new nation chronologically, America does not truly bloom until the modern era. America excels at both culture and tourism, with Teddy’s Rough Riders bonus and bonus appeal to cities with national parks. 

Their real strength materializes with the film studio, a modern era unique broadcast center that effectively doubles your tourism.

Welcome to Hollywood, baby!

  • Teddy’s leader ability grants bonus appeal to cities with national parks, boosting tourism.
  • The Rough Rider unique unit gains culture for kills on their home continent.
  • The Film Studio doubles it’s city’s tourism pressure toward other civs past the industrial era. 

3. Greece: Pericles & GorgoOne part Sparta, one part Athens, all cultural domination.

If you want to talk culture, Greece is a no-brainer, especially with Pericles.

Greece as a civ already gets bonus culture from the Acropolis, and both of its leaders get their own unique bonuses to culture.
While Pericles gets bonus culture for Suzerainty over city-states, the war-like Spartan Queen Gorgo generates culture from the blood of her enemies.

How the Greeks stay on top of the culture game

  • The Acropolis unique theatre square district gains bonus culture and an envoy, generating additional culture for Pericles.
  • As Gorgo, killing an enemy unit generates culture equal to 50% of that unit’s combat strength.
  • As Pericles, you gain a whopping +5% culture per city-state suzerainty.

2. France: Catherine/EleanorCatherine and Eleanor: The Queens of Culture

Whether you lead as Catherine or Eleanor, France has always been a world leader in fine culture.

Not only can France build wonders faster and with double tourism, but the Chateau unique improvement lends even more culture. 

Both French leaders (and especially Eleanor) can use their respective abilities to snowball France into a cultural powerhouse.

That certain je ne sai quoi..

  • +20% production towards some wonders is great, but double tourism to all wonders is amazing.
  • The Chateau unique improvement gains impressive culture over time and adds appeal to adjacent tiles.
  • Catherine’s strength in espionage can help gain great works to increase culture/tourism.
  • Eleanor’s France can use great works to completely absorb entire civilizations into her empire, making her a truly threatening rival.

1. Kongolese: MvembaMvemba shows that faith can conquer all

When it comes to Civ 6, no one can deny the cultural superpower that is the Kongolese Empire. 

The Kongolese enjoy a bevy of bonuses in both great works and great people. 

While not having any DIRECT culture bonuses like Greece or Persia, the Kongolese nevertheless can use their patronage to command the culture game.

Why Kongo is king of culture

  • Great writers, artists, and musicians are earned faster, supplying great works.
  • Relics, artifacts, and sculptures bring in bonus yields; the palace has bonus great works slots.
  • With bonus great works slots and strong museums the Kongolese can run away with the culture game using great people.

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