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Is it a rise or fall?

Creating a religion and spreading it over to other nations is one of the many things Civ 6 allows you to do, and it’s no surprise it’s one of the most fun routes to achieving a victory, as you can customize it to suit your taste. The hardest part of that aspect is naming your religion. Whether you want to spread Good Will, Bananas or Covid 19 is up to you…

Upon founding a religion in Civ 6 you’ll be asked to choose beliefs that will represent what it stands for and will motivate your people to give your nation certain bonuses. You can choose only 2 beliefs at the start, one of which has to be a followers belief. However you can “improve” your religion further by evangelizing it using apostles. There are four belief types and you can only have one of each they are: founders, followers worship and enhancer’s beliefs, all of which affect civilizations differently

Here are the 5 best ones you can choose and in which scenarios they are useful. These are crucial for your religious conquest and are guaranteed to impact the outcome of the game.

5-Feed the world

Follower belief helping you expand your nation

One of the best follower beliefs- feed the world grants a great amount of food and housing to help you expand your empire, as well as increase the number of followers of your religion in other Civilizations. A Larger population can help you develop your economy faster, in whichever direction you decide. On certain maps and with leaders who might have problems feeding their population, like Russia, Canada, Mansa Musa and Mali choosing this belief is a must. However in case you don’t need the extra food and housing, some of the other follower beliefs are also excellent.

Why Feed the world is great:

  • Helps increase population in your cities
  • Helps increase number of followers in other civ’s cities
  • Can’t be used  against you

Feed the world details:

  • Shrines and temples provide +3 food and +2 housing

4- Cross-Cultural dialogue

Best for science

In case you think you already have enough bonuses to faith and religion, or you’re hoping to achieve a scientific victory, this founder’s belief is most likely the best. It allows you to keep up with other civilizations, maybe even overtake them in science yield. The effect from this belief can prove to be very powerful in the late game, as it will provide you with more and more science, when the cities are larger and you’ve had the chance to spread the religion further. Choosing this belief on civs with bonuses to faith and science, such as Arabia is a must, as it you can make even better use of it.

Why Cross Cultural dialogue is great:

  • Big bonus to science
  • Means you can focus on spreading religion without falling behind on science

Cross cultural dialogue details:

  • +1 science for every 4 followers of this religion

3-Holy Order

Who doesn't like discounts

The key to achieving a religious victory are the missionaries and apostles and having more of them means you have strength in numbers both for theological combat and religious spread. This gives you flexibility and power both early on in the game while other civs still don’t have religions or have very few religious units, but also in the later stages of the game, as you’ll be able to produce apostles faster than anyone. The effect of this belief also allows you to use the faith you’ve generated elsewhere, in case you’re not only pursuing a religious victory.

Why Holy order is great:

  • More missionaries and apostles giving you advantage in holy wars
  • No need to produce as much faith
  • Great for religious spread early on

Holy order details:

  • Missionaries and apostles are 30% cheaper to purchase


Best for religion

The best worship belief, in case you want to push your religion further, is the mosque. It gives apostles and missionaries a bonus charge, which in turn means that you need less religious units to convert cities. Apart from that it also provides +3 faith which allows you to get more and more apostles and missionaries easier.

Missionaries and apostles are the bread and butter to achieving a religious victory and any buff you can give them is crucial to your success, however this is possibly the biggest one you can give them, as it makes them a whole 25% more efficient at their job. Another advantage it has over other worship belief buildings is that you only really need to build it in one of your cities to mass produce an army of missionaries and apostles that are stronger than the others.

Why mosque is great:

  • Bonus spread on missionaries is very strong
  • Bonus spread to apostles is even better
  • Good faith per turn bonus

Mosque details:

  • +3 faith
  • Missionaries and apostles gain +1 spread religion charge

1-Monastic Isolation

One for the rookies

Losing in theological combat can be greatly detrimental to the spread of your religion in nearby cities, as it removes a ton of religious pressure from your religion and instead adds a huge amount of pressure from the winner's religion. Especially as this affects all cities within 10 tiles from the battle, it can totally remove your religion from many cities and set you way back on your religious conquest. That’s why this enhancer's belief is the strongest in the game, as it allows you to ignore those losses and means you can only win from theological combat.

 All of this makes you the most formidable force to face in theological combat as you’re not afraid to lose, allowing you to use more missionaries which are far cheaper than apostles. This effect is also very important to take for inexperienced players, as they don’t need to deal with the pressure of theological combat and focus on managing other parts of the game.

Why Monastic Isolation is great:

  • Best for Religious victory
  • Makes you unbeatable in religious combat
  • Especially powerful for inexperienced players

Monastic Isolation details:

  • Your religion’s pressure never drops due to losses in theological combat

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