[Top 10] Civ 6 Best Allies

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One of the only games that allow you to "compete for peace."

All you need is a friend, but will you choose the right one?

It's a "dog eat dog world" as they say, and ancient civilization has never been any different.
Rebellions, coups, assassinations, betrayals, setups, there's no shortage of worries for a would-be world leader!
You might be asking "how do I know who to trust?" Rule 1: Never trust Genghis Khan. Rule 2: Read this list of the best allies in Civ 6.

10. Scythia led by TomyrisA vicious protector and exactor of vengeance; don't mess with this mama bear!

When it comes to warrior queens, few havns like Queen Tomyris, who, after her son was tricked and ambuse reputatiohed by Cyrus (yes, that Cyrus) is said to have dunked his decapitated head into a skin filled with blood to “quench his thirst”. And you thought your mom had a temper. Combined with the Scythian ability to amass huge cavalry armies, when it comes to allies, she’s probably one you want on your side.

The enemy of my enemy…

  • Tomyris will like you if you’re a declared friend and often attack those who betray, making them a useful ally if you are attacked.
  • Tomyris tends to amass HUGE cavalry armies, which you’ll be glad to have with you than against.

Scythian Ally Advantage:

  • Leader agenda “Backstab Averse” not only makes Tomyris like declared friends but severely dislike those who attack former friends and declare surprise wars.

9. Kongolese led by MvembaAn eager ally always ready to hear the good message.

“Hello Sir/Madam, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior?” This cringy line of memedom has been the bane of many an introvert the world over, Mvemba a Nzinga however, would welcome the invitation. 

Just as he was in reality, Civ VI’s Mvemba not only encourages but prioritizes the evangelization of his people, making him the perfect ally for religious civs like India or Arabia. Whether you worship Allah, Brahma, or Cthulhu, the Kongo will gladly sing the hymns of your people.

Your Kongolese Comrades

  • Encourages and befriends those who spread religious conversion of Kongolese cities. 
  • Since Kongo automatically spreads your religion, they are perfect for religious victories and alliances.

Kongo Ally Advantage

  • Kongo gains an Apostle for every Mbanza or Theatre Square built; potentially spreading your religion.
  • Leader agenda “Enthusiastic Disciple” makes Kongo like you when you spread your religion to them.

8. Egypt led by CleopatraA fitting character to prefer strong allies to snakes in the grass.

Similar to the Cree, Egypt is a great resource for trade and makes a powerful ally but only if you flex your military prowess. As an AI, Egypt will ally itself with you if you have a strong military and is incentivized to do so by getting bonus alliance points. 

Additionally, any trade routes you send to Egypt grant bonus food to your civ, and bonus gold to them; just don’t get too infatuated with the infamous leader, in case history repeats itself.

Cleopatra’s Gambit

  • Trade routes to Egypt provide bonus food for every trade route, perfect for desert civs who are often devoid of food. 
  • Keeping a strong standing army will draw Egypt’s friendship and alliance.

Egypt Ally Advantage:

  • Trade routes to Egypt provide +2 bonus food for the sender, in addition to regular yields. 
  • Egypt gains +100% bonus alliance points from trading with allies.

7. England led by VictoriaSharing is caring! Trade up with Victoria's many British colonies.

As a country known for its historic colonization and occasional brutal treatment of its enemies like Scotland/Ireland, England may not seem like a civ who would make this list. 

However, England can be a valuable ally when you share a continent with them. 

Victoria is adept at trade, and England gets bonus stockpiles to strategic resources, making them a great economic ally with tons of extra supplies to share with a friend in need.

A friend indeed

  • As Victoria, England will try to settle many continents and will create many bonus trade routes, making them an excellent trade source.
  • England accumulates bonus strategic resources, especially iron and coal.
  • England likes civs with whom it shares a continent, making them a great neighbor to have.

England (with Victoria) Ally Advantage: 

  • Iron and coal mines accumulate a bonus +2 resource per turn.
  • Harbor buildings grant +10 bonus strategic resource stockpiles.
  • Victoria’s England will have more trade routes available, making an alliance more profitable.
  • Is especially friendly when sharing a continent.

6. Scotland led by Robert the Bruce"Robert the Bruce": Probably helped his cause to have a great moniker rather than "Bob".

Known for fighting for his countrymen and shaking off the yoke of the English crown, Robert the Bruce probably won’t come as a surprise on this list. True to form, Robert I, AKA Robert the Bruce, has the rather unique agenda of protecting his neighbors. Should one of your cities be taken, Scotland will launch a powerful War of Liberation to help you reclaim your rightful throne!

Why Robert is your bff

  • Robert will never attack a loyal neighbor, and attacking his neighbor will spark his ire.
  • Can declare War of Liberation earlier than others, gaining bonus production and movement for doing so.

Scotland Ally Advantage:

  • +100% production in all cities/+2 movement for all units after declaring a War of Liberation
  • The AI agenda “Flower of Scotland” makes Scotland loyal to neighbors who don’t break promises, dislike those who wage war on their neighbors, and like anyone who doesn't.

5. India led by GandhiA reputation he just can't shake: Gandhi takes "deterrence" to a new level.

Mohandas Gandhi in many ways epitomizes world peace, so it should come as no surprise that he makes one of the best neighbors one could ask for... usually. 

When Gandhi leads India he will rarely declare war, but will always keep a hefty standing army to defend himself or his allies. He’s usually a safe neighbor to have, and almost always a promoter of peace...just keep him away from the nukes.

Mahātmā the “Ascended Master”

  • Gandhi will never declare war where he can be labeled a “warmonger”.
  • Enemies receive double war-weariness from fighting Gandhi, making him a useful ally in defensive wars.

India (led by Gandhi) Ally Advantage:

  • Due to not declaring aggressive wars, he can usually be counted on as a friend rather than foe.
  • Can use double war-weariness to lure enemies into battle with Gandhi as an ally.
  • The civ ability Dharma (roughly translated as “cosmic law and order”) makes India more welcoming of your religion.

4. Canada led by Wilfrid LaurierLeading Canada in a political quest to one day be more than "America's hat."

When it comes to good neighbors, Canada personifies peace so much it has become meme canon. With so many games starting off with neighbors like Cyrus of Persia and Alexander the Great, having a peace-loving neighbor like Wilfred Laurier is a welcome change. 

Canada will never declare surprise wars nor attack city-states, making them a somewhat reliable border-guard, and their propensity toward participating in emergencies makes them the veritable Mr. Rogers of civs.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

  • The Four Faces of Peace civ ability makes Canada unable to declare surprise wars and gives them added incentive to help during emergencies.
  • Their Leader's agenda pushes them to help during emergencies and incentivizes others to help since Canada will denounce those who do not.

Canada Ally Advantage:

  • Canada gains +100% diplomatic favors for completing emergencies, making them a great resource for the less fortunate.
  • Canada will denounce those who do not compete in emergencies.
  • Canada’s inability to declare surprise wars makes them a reliable neighbor. 

3. Australia led by John CurtinJohn Curtin: Less "hold me back" more "hold my beer".

The man from the land down under, John Curtin shows his worth as a dependable leader and ally just as he did during WWII. With Australia almost always on the coast, they are a great friend to have for international trade, as well as an overseas military ally. 

The AI will always look for Defensive Pacts with friends, and the Digger unique infantry can come in clutch when sent to defend you from an aggressive enemy. Australia also gains bonus production for liberating a city, further incentivizing them to come to the aid of any beleaguered friend. 

John Curtin, at your service!

  • Incentivized to liberate cities, and denounces those who occupy them.
  • Since Australia thrives in deserts, they will often have access to lots of oil and aluminum to trade.
  • Australia prioritizes wars of liberation and defensive pacts, making them a great friend to those in need.

Australia Ally Advantage:

  • Australia gains +100% bonus construction for liberating a city, making them a great ally.
  • Diggers gain bonus combat strength of +10 on coasts and +5 on foreign soil, making them the perfect amphibious rescue force.
  • John Curtin’s leader agenda makes him actively seek defensive packs with friends.

2. PoundmakerAlways the guy to get the group together.

A revered leader of his people, Poundmaker fought tirelessly for his people while simultaneously negotiating favorable terms with the Canadian government.

Poundmaker’s “Favorable Terms” leader bonus will give you bonus gold for any trade route they send to you, making them an ideal candidate for an economic alliance. 

Additionally, any alliance type with the Cree will provide shared visibility. While the AI will always praise alliances, playing with a friend is your best bet for maximum efficiency. 

Pound for pound the best… friend.

  • Alliance types provide shared visibility, which is great for exploration or espionage. 
  • Every trade route the Cree sends you will provide extra gold.
  • Poundmaker will establish as many alliances as possible, and pressures others to do the same.

Cree Ally Advantage:

  • All alliances provide shared visibility.
  • The Cree provides +1 bonus gold for every trade route they establish with you.

1. GilgameshThe ultimate wingman: Gilgamesh is always down for whatever.

Sumeria is perhaps the greatest example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” adage, and in Gilgamesh’s case, he’s your ride or die. With some of the only direct “ally bonuses” in the game, Sumeria incurs no war-weariness when in a joint war with a common foe. 

An allied Sumeria will also share pillage rewards and XP with your soldiers on the frontline.

The brave Gilgamesh rewards bravery in kind; team up with a friend and get ready to join the fray!

Gilga’s got your back

  • The Sumerian agenda makes them easy to befriend and dislike anyone hostile toward friends.
  • Wars declared on anyone attacking allies incur no war-weariness.
  • Sumerian and allied units share pillage rewards and XP when fighting a common foe.
  • Gilgamesh earns Alliance Points faster when at war with a  common foe.

Sumeria Ally Advantage

  • When allied with Sumeria, combat units within 5 tiles of each other share exp and pillage rewards.

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