[Top 15] Best Strategy Games For Android (Ranked Fun To Most Fun!)

Top 15 Best Strategy Games For Android
The Best Strategy Games that you can play from your telephone, anywhere!

Strategy Games are one of the most intruging and interesting games for Androids. Let's find out who are the Top 15 Best Games!


Don’t you just love to sit down on your telephone somewhere, and just relax your mind with a beautiful strategy game? Something that you can invest in with time and energy, and you see it improve and get better and better. That is the genre of Strategy Games for Android. You have tons of freedom in these games and they mean a whole lot more than just some running repetitive game that you play for killing time. Here we will discuss the best and fan favorites 15 Strategy Games for Android and what makes them be on this list. Let’s get started!

15. Acies: Battle Runes

Acies: Battle Runes - Gameplay, Trailer

This is a deck-building strategy game. You can build your deck and it can go in whatever style of gameplay you want it to be. Healers, Attackers, Supports. Each card is different making every game different than the other.

Building up your base is the main thing in this strategy game!

Making your own strategies and tactics is the best thing here. Fighting battles in multiplayer can go either 1v1, up to 3v3 and you can summon up to 1.200 units to battle! Massive battles indeed.

This game is FREE. Size is 593Mb


14. Spaceland

Spaceland - Trailer

This is a turn-based tactics sci-fi RPG game that has very rich puzzle-like elements. You have landed on a vast and strange alien planet that is inhabited by very hostile creatures. You need to explore and meet with all sorts of different enemies.

The battles are just amazing

Testing out different strategies, and tactics that work are key to winning. This makes the game very fun and rewarding. There is a big arsenal of weapons and armors to choose from, as well as a big explorable map. There are tons of scripted as well as unscripted battles and events while exploring the land.

This game is played with a Subscription. Size is 1.1Gb


13. Warbound Storm

Warbound Storm - Trailer

This is a real-time strategy mobile strategy game. It feels old school and nostalgic. Basically, you are a summoner who is conjuring soldiers and constructing buildings at will.

Destroy a lot of enemies at once

The main gameplay tactic and role are establishing an army of your own while choosing and creating a deck of cards that give you various boosts and change your gameplay style. It has a very unique non-linear gameplay, you feel like anything can happen and you can do anything that you will. You can do a lot of stuff, like barracks, soldiers, getting resources, etc.

This game is FREE. Size is 625Mb


12. Black Powder Red Earth

Black Powder Red Earth - Gameplay Trailer

This is a minute-to-minute-turn-based game. You are inside a proxy war, and you have control of 4 characters to get to victory against a dictatorship. You are fighting in a war-torn urban area, and the areas are made very beautiful and realistic. Actually, I was quite surprised the first time I played it.

Sneaky peaky like

You have different specialized units that you need to control and create your own tactics. It might come hard at times, but that makes the whole experience much more rewarding. A lot of stuff can kill you, which means you have to be very careful with every step.

This is a PAID game. Size is 645Mb


11. Frontline: Eastern Front

Frontline: Easter Front - Trailer

This is a hex space strategy World War 2 android game. It tries and it does bring some historical accuracy like historical units, weapons, names, maps, countries, etc. It focuses highly on the strategy factor, so you will have to come up with big and new ideas on how to overcome your enemy.

A World War 2 strategy game on your phone?!

You can create big tank armies, huge infantry armies, bombard your enemies with artillery from afar, airplane strikes… It is very engaging and very addictive because it offers really a lot of freedom of how to finish your in-game objectives. It even offers naval war and even aerial war. It is mindblowing how much it offers in terms of World War 2 stuff.

This game is FREE. Size is 131Mb


10. Castlelands

Castlelands - Trailer

This feels like a classic mobile game. It is a classic battle strategy game where your main task is to just do as much damage as you can on your enemy's army and also conquer his castles.

Defend your castle

You will focus on defending your castle, while simultaneously creating your big army and keep upgrading it until it’s better than your enemies. You can choose from around 20 different heroes that can add to the gameplay style of your choosing.

This game is FREE. Size is 219Mb


9. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Trailer

This is a turn-based Strategy Dungeon crawler type of game. It has hundreds upon hundreds of stages with various difficulties. That makes this game very addictive and interesting to play because of the progressive system it has.

Bows are op

It is in the Warhammer lore, so you are using your favorite Champions from over there. It has tons of choices to suit your preferred game style. The boss levels are superb. They are hard and require tons of thinking and strategy.

This game is FREE. Size is 208Mb


8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel - Launch Trailer

Who hasn’t played or doesn’t know Yugioh? Basically, it is that dream that you had when you were smaller. Imagine if you can play Yugioh whenever you want, wherever you want, with all of the world players through your telephone.

It’s time to duel

If you are new to this whole experience, it is a card game that has deep lore and very beautiful gameplay. You have 8000 health points, which you need to take it down in order to win. You use traps, spells, all sorts of species for battle, etc. It has beautiful animations that can make you very immersed. The learning curve might be slow at the beginning, but once you learn it, it might just become your favorite card game.

This game is FREE. Size is 205Mb


7. Rogue Hearts

Rogue Hearts - Trailer

This is a much older game, but it still feels very fresh playing it today. The Rpg elements in this game are very unique and made very fun. It has a big Rpg factor, but rogue silent elements as well, and turn-based battles which are very tactical.

Planning your tactics do win battles

The big part for me is the randomly generated dungeons. They come different every time, and you get to discover and get a different loot each time. It has a huge selection of weapons as well as a unique development system. Puzzles are also very fun, and the tasks too. Bosses are the best.

This game is FREE. Size is 490Mb


6. The Unexpected Quest

The Unexpected Quest - Trailer

This is a strategy and management type of game. But the biggest thing about it is the adventure element that it offers in this medieval fantasy world.

You’re creating a beautiful world all on your telephone!

It is very similar to Warcraft and to the Settlers game, giving it an old-school nostalgia feeling, while at the same time offering a whole new type of setting. You go on looking for quests, build your land, manage your resources, and battle with each incoming enemy. Give it a try if you are looking for a very engaging and living world. I love this adventure-style android strategy game.

This game can be FREE and Paid. Size is 439Mb


5. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Trailer

This is not your basic tower defense mobile game like it looks in the pictures. The big twist is that rather than fighting off the attacked and building towers to defend yourself, here you are the evil incoming to break the peace!

Crushing down walls and burning whole towns has never been so much fun!

You get to see how beautiful towns are turned into dust and chaos. Build your army, and use different kinds of tactics and units to achieve a total victory. It feels so rewarding to see your soldiers, and heroes that you upgraded so much, go into total conquest. You will find yourself keeping coming to beat another level. It is just so addictive and so rewarding at the same time. Animations make it very interesting and fun.

This is a Paid game. Size is 604Mb


4. Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns - Android Trailer

This is a piece of art. Never have I experienced something even remotely close to this game. It is going to relax you to the maximum. It is beautiful to watch, and just a pure joy to play.

This is a piece of art

It starts so engagingly. Basically, you start with nothing, without any background. This makes the element of you growing up so immersive and rewarding. Build your own tiny little kingdom, collect resources, fight battles or choose not to. Everything you do just feels right. See yourself grow into a mighty monarch. It will get you addicted and engaged with your character and story so much. You will find yourself getting lost with your telephone no matter where you are.

This is a Paid game. Size is 778Mb


3. Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion - Android Trailer

When it comes to Strategy Games, how can I not include a Total War title? Well Android gamers, we are in luck. This is not a rip-off from the original PC game, this is a full-scale Total War game.

Control 10.000 soldiers just with your fingertip!

You control a nation in the Ancient Roman Period. You have a grand world map, and you invest yourself in this living and breathing world. How you decide to interact with everything, is entirely up to you. Build a grand army, a fleet, decide to play passive, decide to conquer everything… The battles are my favorite here. They are made more simple, yet even with a touch of a finger on the screen, you are able to do so much. Experience full-scale massive grand battles wherever you are, just take your telephone out of your pocket.

This is a Paid game. Size is 4Gb


2. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones - Trailer

This is a fantastic little game. It is so simple, and yet so satisfying and fun it’s unexplainable. The cherry on top for a lot of people as I am sure, it’s the whole Game of Thrones world.

Queue Game of Thrones theme song

This game is focused on choices and freedom for you to interact in different situations and with different people. You get to see your favorite characters from Game of Thrones. You can kill off people, conquer lands, and make important decisions about dragons… You will get lost in the story. The gameplay style is the swipe left or right - Tinder format. It may sound simple, but every choice you make will change something in the end. Give this game a try, and I am sure you’ll be shocked.

This game is Paid. Size is 225Mb


1. Civilization 6

Civilization 6 - Android Trailer

Some people choose to skip over this game, thinking that this is some cut-down version from the PC one. Well, get ready to get your mind blown. This is the same game, and you can play it on your telephone!

Playing a couple of turns while waiting for your bus is the best thing ever!

Civilization 6 offers a unique and one-of-a-kind-civilization building experience. You start from the beginning of the human era and end up in a futuristic robotic-style world. Whatever it is you desire and want to build your land as you have the freedom to do so. Choose over tons of Civilizations, and focus on the economy, culture, diplomacy, war, etc. Every game is different from the other. The replayability is out of this world. One. More. Turn. You’ll say this a lot.

This game is FREE but turn limited, so can be Paid too. Size is 4.22Gb

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