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Biomutant Creatures

Have you ever wondered what a post-apocalyptic world ruled by strange mutated creatures both cuddly and ferocious would look like? Neither did I. As soon as I saw Biomutant on Steam I instantly had to know what it was all about. An apocalyptic world of furry scavengers is exactly what I found.

Once THQNordic released gameplay video of Biomutant I knew this would be a game to keep my eye on. Buckle in friends, I've seen what this game has to offer and there are a few things you need to know.

10. Your Furry Mutant Is Wildly Customizable

As soon as you enter the world of survival and beasts you get to choose what your violent little vermin will be. Customize your fur in a rainbow of colors. Choose your size and fur length, but choose wisely as some customization choices affect stats.

Thankfully they have a statistic displays while creating your character which provides you with an idea of how your choices will affect your character.

9. A Narrator Will Be Accompanying You

Interacting with the world around you will prompt commentary from a well-spoken narrator. It seems someone has taken interest enough in the hero of Biomutant to help guide them through the dangerous and confusing world they live in.

Thankfully for us, our narrator companion is easy to listen to and doesn't feel terribly intrusive to the overall experience. It actually seems to add a wonderful element to the storytelling.

8. Choices Will Affect Your Overall Story

Once you've chosen your character, the narrator begins to point you on the long journey ahead by giving you a choice. Will you walk the path of light or dark? Though it seems to be a common mechanic in games these days it does add quite a bit of depth to the overall story.

Any completionist out there will squeal with joy at the thought of having to play through multiple times to see everything the game has to offer.

7. A Customizable Arsenal Awaits

Weapons are made from various hodgepodge of parts and gadgets you scavenge. Want a katana with a baseball bat's handle as a hilt? How about a two-handed sword with a mini-chainsaw attached to the side of it? These are all possible with Biomutant's weapon crafting system.

It appears to be a system where you use individual parts with specific functions to craft the whole weapon. A crossbow that fires a volley each time you pull the trigger looks like a pretty attractive playstyle.

6. A Customizable Playstyle Awaits

With the wide variety of weapons available, your playstyle can change every time you see a crafting station. Dual wield fast pistols with a giant greatsword to turn rats into lead pincushions and dice up anything else that might stand in your way.

Maybe you want to hack away at your enemies with an ice pick in one hand and a camping ax in the other. Maybe you want to get a few good shots in with a crossbow before eviscerating it with a short sword. All this and more is possible in Biomutant.

5. Enemies are Colorful and Fun to Beat Up

It's always the little unexpected things that turn a good game into a great game. Enemies look cartoonish and gritty in a strangely pleasant way. It gives off a Spyro esc vibe. It all fits in with the whole everything is mutated but they're still just critters in a way theme.

Not only are the character designs for these enemies delightful, but the designs of the gear they wear makes it that much better. A panda hood on a rat shooting a gun at you makes for a great target. There's really only one way to describe this and it's in Michael Cane's voice: Delightful.

4. Environments are Open and Beautiful

These days games are art for many reasons. But rarely does a game make me appreciate the amount of artistic talent it takes to make a game this undeniably pleasing. Fight your way through old ruined apartment and office buildings.

Discover a forest lush with strange mutated plant life that towers over your mutant. Being able to utilize a multitude of tools to traverse these environments in an open world will certainly lead to hours of looking into the game's nooks and crannies.

3. You'll Find Vehicles to Help You Traverse and Trample

Not only is there an open world to explore, but there are also tons of mounts and gadgets to help you along the way. From steampunk mech-armor suits, to wind up hands with hidden guns. Biomutant's art style creates a whole host of interesting contraptions that fit in with the post-apocalyptic story.

Just to remind you it's still about critters, they often implement a design with some sort of animal theme. Seeing a duck themed gunner mech was not something I realized I wanted to see before I died.

2. Bosses Will Be Epic

I'm always ecstatic to see the wonderful trend of epic bosses. What do I mean by epic bosses? The ones you're hesitant to strike until you know you won't get trampled or slammed into a wall. Anything that could easily eat you in one bite would fall under the category of epic boss.

In this case that may not be terribly difficult for Biomutant's protagonist. Still, there seem to be a plethora of things that want to eat, smash, splatter, or toss you around like a plaything.

1. You'll Have Strange Mutant Abilities

Abilities like growing mushrooms that you can bounce off for greater jump height. You can also use them to toss around enemies like ping pong balls. Another wonderful classic is a Telekinesis ability that allows you to pick up objects and small enemies.

Some of my favorite times have been hurling baddies at their friends to add to the confusion of battle. Let's not forget about summoning moths that bite your enemies to distract and damage them. No matter the enemy you'll have something in your arsenal to show it that big things come in small packages.

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