Top 5 Bloodborne Best Starting Builds that are Excellent

Top 5 Bloodborne Best Starting Builds that are Excellent
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You don't want to go into the world of Bloodborne unprepared. As far as a plan of action is concerned, it's important to establish a build that will carry you to your desired point in the game. Starting builds are great stepping stones for a good level base, and most importantly, they serve as a means of surviving the initial hunt. This article will list some of the best starting builds in Bloodborne. Most of them are either starting weapons, or weapons that you can get fairly early in the game. As it is, each build focuses on a single weapon rounding around either Strength, Skill, or both. There will not be any Arcane or Bloodtinge builds because those are more geared towards the mid-game.

5. Kirkhammer Build

 Starting out, we have the Kirkhammer. A strength-based weapon that is an excellent all-round means of progressing through the game when just starting out. In the starting form it is a standard silver sword, but transformed, it turns into a giant obtuse stone hammer with great stagger potential and general damage. The reason this build is fun is because it's straightforward, and smashing things with a giant mallet is extremely satisfying. 

What the Kirkhammer Build Excels at: 

  • Great Strength scaling
  • High stagger potential
  • Interesting moveset
  • Fluid attacks

Link to the build

4. Threaded Cane Build

 The Threaded Cane is one of those weapons that is underappreciated in the early levels due to its lower damage output. However, this can be mitigated with the proper point investment into Skill, which will increase the damage output of both attacks and viscerals immensely. A full Skill build will definitely benefit from an elegant weapon such as the cane, and it is probably the most fun weapon regarding Fashionborne. Be careful though! Even with the proper levels a Skill build can lack outright damage, so fights may last a bit longer than usual.

What the Threaded Cane build excels at:

  • High visceral damage
  • Very effective against beasts and kin alike
  • Wide, effective attacks
  • Scales well into any stage of the game
  • Made even stronger with Clawmark runes

Link to the build

3. Ludwig's Holy Blade Build

 You can never go wrong with a quality build. One of the best weapons in that regard is definitely Ludwig's Holy Blade, since it scales nicely with both Strength and Skill. To get it, you need to kill the Blood-Starved beast, and at the top of Oedon Chapel you'll find a chest with the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge inside. The badge will let you purchase the weapon from the bath messengers. Coupled with the proper point investment, the LHB build will net you some of the highest damage possible, as well as being insanely fun.

What the Ludwig's Holy Blade build excels at:

  • Very high damage
  • Fluid moveset
  • Very fun
  • Arcane scaling
  • High stagger potential
  • Reliable at early levels

Link to the build

2. Hunter Axe Build

 Another one of the starting weapons of the workshop. One of the two starting Strength weapons, the Hunter Axe offers a wide palette of attacks that will deal significant damage and stagger enemies frequently. Due to its high Strength scaling and reliable damage it is a favorite for any hunter starting out. Its charged R2 attack is the best, since it will send smaller enemies flying and will stagger larger enemies usually. Spin to win!

What the Hunter Axe Build excels at:

  • Very effective at any stage of the game
  • Strong moveset
  • High Strength factor

Link to the build

1. Saw Cleaver Build

 Now we come to the best possible choice of starting weapon. The Saw Cleaver is a beast that can cleave its way through any stage of the game. It offers the highest DPS in the game as well as a fast, reliable moveset that will easily break the limbs of bosses. This build is fun because the weapon forces you to attack relentlessly, since the transformation attacks offer increased damage, ideal for Beast Blood Pellets.

What the Saw Cleaver Build excels at:

  • Very high damage
  • Solid Strength scaling
  • Bonus damage on transformation attacks
  • Very reliable at all stages of the game
  • Low stamina consumption


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