[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Farming Spots

[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Farming Spots
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Ah, Souls games... the ultimate test of sanity, willpower, and controller integrity. We often spend hours upon hours slogging through the muck, trying to kill bosses and enemies, but sometimes you get stuck, with not enough experience to move forward. When this occurs, you farm for souls/echoes/sen and improve your equipment, before tackling the next area. In order to provide more information to players of all ranks, this list will cover some of the best blood echo farming spots/methods in Bloodborne.


10. Tomb of Oedon Bridge

(starts at 2:10)

For the early game, this area is ideal because it is quite safe and the runback is not too long, allowing you to farm up relatively quickly. You can also kill the troll, shield villager, and the two beasts right next to Father Gascoigne’s boss area.

What makes the Tomb of Oedon Bridge a great farming spot:

  • Can be accessed early
  • Nearly no possibility of death
  • Consistent enemy behavior
  • Low effort farming

9. Darkbeast Paarl area

For this one, you will need to have killed Darkbeast Paarl and opened the shortcut to Old Yharnam from Yahar’gul. From the Graveyard of the Darkbeast, you can kill the werewolves and the beast patients that are lurking on the way to the Blood-starved Beast. This option is more challenging than the last because you actually have to put some effort into killing the beasts, but the walk back to the lamp is not too long.

What makes the Darkbeast Paarl Area a great farming spot:

  • Immediate access to enemies to farm
  • Short walk back to lamp
  • Relatively easy enemies

8. Hemwick Charnel Lane

Hemwick Charnel Lane is a great spot for farming because most of the enemies are low-tier, meaning that they are easy to kill and the whole run through of the area should take around three minutes. The potential gain from this run is about 250 000 echoes per hour. Beware of executioners.

What makes Hemwick Charnel Lane a great farming spot:

  • Quick farming
  • Relatively low-effort farming
  • Extra echoes from Mad Ones (if you have 15 insight or more)

7. Cainhurst Ladies

Forsaken Castle Cainhurst is a confusing area, but it is an excellent place to farm for blood echoes. The Silver Ladies of Cainhurst are fairly weak, so it’s quick work killing them. Clearing both the first and second floors yields about 16k echoes. You can also include the servants for extra profit.

What makes Cainhurst a great farming spot:

  • Reliable echoes
  • Weak enemies
  • Fast runback
  • Simple level design for the first two floors

6. The Forbidden Woods

This one is a personal favorite of mine, namely because it’s a great mid-game farming location that is safe and rewarding. One run-through will net you between 25k and 30k blood echoes, depending on your runes. The enemies here are mostly simple villagers, with the odd beast thrown in here and there.

What makes the Forbidden woods a great farming spot:

  • Easy enemies
  • Good for Blood Vials and QS Bullets
  • High profit
  • Good for mid-game farming

5. Mergo’s Loft: Base Giants

At the base of Mergo’s Loft, you can find three giants, standing idly on a cliff. Killing all three of these giants will supply you with about 15k echoes, depending on your runes. Great choice for late game farming! It’s also a relatively safe way of farming, seeing as the giants can simply be knocked over the ledge or simply struck until they’re dead. Fun!

What makes Mergo’s Loft: Base a great farming spot:

  • Safe farming
  • You can quickly do each run, making it more efficient
  • The giants aren’t that dangerous

4. Chalice Farming: cummmfpk

Chalice farming is one of those circumstances where the community comes together to provide everyone with the necessary info for everyone to use as they see fit. Regarding this one, it is absolutely the easiest one on the list, since it only requires you to walk forward, and you get 83k echoes. Please disregard the name of the glyph, I know what you’re thinking, ya nasty.

What makes the cummmfpk chalice a great farming spot:

  • Incredibly easy to farm
  • High profit, can be increased with Moon runes

3. Mergo’s Loft: Middle

This is a late game farming location that has the highest worth out of any base game location (not counting chalices). While it is very profitable, it does take some skill to pull off. There are many enemies here and any of them can disrupt your flow, killing you immediately. One way to go about farming here is to bait the two pigs into charging into the Shadows of Yharnam. If successful, they will fight each other and leave you to take care of the rest. Rinse and repeat.

What makes Mergo’s Loft: Middle a great farming spot:

  • Highly profitable
  • Some enemies (pigs, for example) are easily dealt with
  • The shortcut at the end of the run takes you back to the lamp immediately

2. Chalice Farming 2: Ailing Loran

This run involves one of the base game chalices: the Ailing Loran chalice. All of the enemies in Loran chalices are enemies from Old Yharnam and the Silverbeasts that you find in the Nightmare of Mensis, so they are fairly straightforward in terms of combat. Runs don’t take too long so you can efficiently farm safe enemies to your heart’s content.

What makes the Ailing Loran chalice a great farming spot:

  • Efficient
  • Low risk, due to the types of enemies
  • 60k echoes a minute with Moon runes
  • Easy runback

1. Triple Heir Rune Failures

Okay, we have finally come to the mother of all blood echo farming strategies: the Living Failures. For context, the Living Failures have a special interaction with the Heir runes, making them drop absolutely insane amounts of echoes, provided you land two visceral attacks within 7 seconds of each other (the second one needs to be a killing blow). The numbers we’re talking about here range in the millions, up to 600 million echoes if you’re successful.

What makes the Triple Heir Rune Failures strategy great:

  • If pulled off properly, this strategy can give you enough echoes to fully level up a character (level 544)
  • Objectively good no matter what

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