[Top 10] Horror RPGs That Are Excellent

10 Excellent Horror Role-playing Games
Ominous Cybernetic Face of Doom

Are you an RPG fan who’s ready to trade the sound of magical incantations for an ominous, bloodcurdling scream? Do you want to find out if you have what it takes to confront the things that go bump in the night? If so, here are 10 horror RPGs that are excellent:

10. Bioshock

Bioshock nightmare fuel.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/eijUTRfWOVM

The survival horror elements of Bioshock are often overlooked when considering the scope of this critically acclaimed franchise, but they’re most definitely there. The atmosphere alone is often terrifying, and you’ll quickly become wary of just what enemies may be lurking around the corner. On the top of that, the morality-based decisions you’re forced to make might end up causing you to be scared of yourself.

9. Prey

The cool helmet helps keep the aliens from eating you.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/81Ofcp8Pp_U

Prey is, first and foremost, a first-person shooter, but combines aspects of role-playing games, stealth games, immersive sims, and Metroidvanias in its overall horror gameplay. The player controls Morgan Yu as you explore an open world space station crawling with aliens. The choices you make throughout the game can lead to multiple endings, so do your best not to become alien food before you find out how Yu’s story ends.

8. Sunless Sea

The Hannibal Lecter of sharks.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/CXw1Lk5yt44

Set in the universe of Failbetter Games’ browser adventure game Fallen London, Sunless Sea is a creeping, tension-filled survival/exploration role-playing adventure on the Unterzee. You play a customizable captain out to achieve their own personal goal. Along the way, you maneuver your ship, fight other ships and “zee monsters,” and make story decisions in a card-like format. If you manage your resources well, you’re very likely to be living the quiet, retired life in no time; if you don’t, well, just hope your crew abandons ship before they decide to eat you.


Sometimes the true horror lies within.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/RA2dq4DbsmA

On the surface, especially if you see some of the colorful, cartoony art, Omori doesn’t seem like a horror game, but when you look closer, it might be the most frightening of them all. While zombies, vampires, and Lovecraftian tentacle creatures are horrifying, this game deals primarily with emotions, which are even more haunting because they are real things we all have. Omori’s Japanese role-playing game style will pull you in, and then the story will tear you apart.

6. Vampyr

Open up and say, "Ah!"

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/OkDjdjm8cVc

Vampyr takes the intrinsic moral dilemma in becoming a vampire and turns it up to eleven by asking if a doctor, someone who’s sworn to “first, do no harm,” can do what vampires must do to survive. Interestingly, much of the combat in this action RPG can be avoided based on player choice, but most players will likely choose to flex their fun, supernatural powers rather than being more pacifistic. Whatever you decide, though, you’re sure to enjoy making your way through this intriguing vampire horror story.

5. Call of Cthulhu

You can't judge a book by the way it floats in a green mist.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/4hx75ZGiGZk

Call of Cthulhu is inspired by the tabletop role-playing game of the same name…which was inspired by a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, also of the same name. In this mix of RPG and survival horror, the player takes Private Investigator Pierce through a semi-open world, using stealth and sleuthing to solve mysteries all while trying to maintain your sanity. The typical Lovecraftian psychological horror will have you wondering if you’re playing a game or the game is playing you.

4. Darkest Dungeon

It looks like the stress is getting to them.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/42t4GirsAKI

Remember that time you inherited a mansion with a dungeon in the basement? No? Well, with Darkest Dungeon, you can see how that kind of scenario might play out. Don’t let the whimsical, cartoony graphics fool you, this is definitely a horror title. Its take on a traditional menu-driven RPG has a very unique stress mechanic that can affect the player almost as much as it affects the characters in the game. With a version available on nearly every platform, there’s no reason not to give Darkest Dungeon a try.

3. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

"Don't look back in bloodlust," I heard you say.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/IVi8bUgJi_U

Bloodlines is an innovative (when it was released in 2004, anyway) first person RPG ripped from the pages of the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop role-playing game. It is tragically riddled with bugs and often cast aside before players even get to the immersive story that changes according to nearly every decision you make, but if you wade through the problems, a patient gamer will be rewarded by an incredible vampiric experience in the dark streets of Los Angeles. The up close and personal vampiric action will go a long way to pacifying any horror fan’s bloodlust.

2. Bloodborne

Pure Gothic horror anyone?

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/8bPV8oYX7Tk

This one part Bram Stoker, one part H. P. Lovecraft action role-playing game from the makers of the Dark Souls franchise is definitely the most challenging game on this list, but the story is 100% worth the struggle (it’s not as hard as Dark Souls, don’t worry). The eerily Gothic atmosphere will certainly sate your horror hunger, and the creepy enemies will have no trouble worming their way into your nightmares. Bloodborne should be on any RPG fan’s wish list, but especially those seeking a scare.

1. System Shock 2

No wonder the hold time was so long.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/-lWv8f8NzfQ

With two games on this list, Bioshock and Prey, being thought of as “spiritually” connected to the System Shock series, how could its crown jewel, System Shock 2, not be number one? In this not-so-distant future, quasi-cyberpunk action role-playing survival horror game, you’re a soldier on a seemingly derelict spaceship attempting to combat a genetic infection. As a pioneer in hybridizing genres, this game deserves a playthrough for its significance in video game history almost as much for its tremendous, terrifying tale.

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