Top 15 'Best Steam RPGs' (Great RPGs You’ve Not Heard Of!)

Best RPGs Steam
Prepare for some intense staring at gun point!

The Best Role Playing Games available on Steam right now!

2018 has been a time with filled with big AAA releases on RPG Games like Monster Hunter: World, and Final Fantasy XV. They bring in solid RPG mechanics coupled with beautiful and stunning set pieces that immerses you into their world. However, 2018 has also seen solid releases from Great RPG Games that you haven’t heard of yet. On this list, you’re packed with 15 RPG Games of 2018 that didn’t get as much spotlight but bring out the best the RPG genre has to offer!

15. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 gameplay

RPG may not be the first thing that appears in your head but Yakuza 0 packs in the best of RPG with a sprinkle of 80’s Japanese glitz and glamour alongside a simple but addictive brawling mechanics. Yakuza 0 takes you years before the events of the original Yakuza series where you follow Kazuma Kiryu early in his career and how it all changed when a debt collection goes wrong. When you’re not following the story you have all of Tokyo to travel as you go from discos and hostess clubs, classic SEGA arcade games, and even interact with the colorful denizens of the red light district.

In Yakuza 0 you’ll be interacting with the colorful cast of characters in 80s Tokyo and one of them would have you getting your own model race car for a questline!

Talking isn’t always enough. It’s a good thing you can brawl your way through any arguments!

14. Call of Cthulu

Call of Cthulhu gameplay

For the fans of the classic pen and paper RPG created by Chaosium, Call of Cthulu stays true to its source material by capturing the dark and gritty world that spun in the head of  H.P. Lovecraft. Call of Cthulu puts you unto the shoes of Private Investigator Pierce, who finds himself in the isolated island of Darkwater with the goal of finding the truth in the tragic death of the Hawkins family. Its gameplay elements will be familiar to those who played the Amnesia series but you’ll not only be dealing with stealth but also making sure you character fights insanity and finds out the truth.

Will you be able to retain your sanity as the horrors and nightmares lurk around you?

Nothing makes sense when in Darkwater. Keep your wits with you and survive!

13. Kenshi

Kenshi gameplay

Kenshi is an early access title that makes its way into this list as it spins the RTS-RPG genre above its head as this game packs in squad based mechanics with an open ended sandbox gameplay. You’ll start the game as a clean slate where you can choose your own path of being a trader, farmer, warlord, adventurer, a slave, or simple cannon fodder. As you slowly progress, you’ll gain new allies and access to research that will be the difference between you surviving or losing one of your squad mates. In Kenshi, you are not the chosen one and every other character you meet will have greater stats than you. Are you ready for the challenge?

Things won’t always go your way and you’ll have to carry your fallen squadmates home to pay your respects

To truly make it your own experience, you’ll be able to customize everything from your own clothes to the color scheme of your squad.

12. For the King

For the King gameplay

Longing for that JRPG feel that has roguelike mechanics while having that all important tabletop perspective? That’s a pretty specific set of requirements and luckily, For the King, checks all those boxes. The fate of three heroes of differing classes are now under your hands as they set out to find the murderer of the King of Fahrul. Fans of the earlier Final Fantasy series will find themselves at home as they plan and strategize their way into the darkness. Procedurally generated maps, quests, and events will keep you on your toes as no single play through will be the same. Will you be the one to bring peace to the kingdom?

Planning your every move will be key in making sure that everyone in your team stays in top shape

Enemies will hunt for you on every turn but with enough experience you won’t even break a sweat

11. Expeditions: Viking

Expeditions: Vikings gameplay

You are now the leader of the clan and you face two fronts: Neighboring Vikings sow discord around you as they do not know of your capabilities while doubts of your legitimacy as chieftain grow within your home. You must prove yourself in this tabletop Turn-based tabletop RPG game where you can end conflicts with the right line of dialogue but when everything comes for worse, you’ll have to plan your way to slay your enemies. Bring honor to your clan and demise to your enemies!

Diplomacy won’t always get you what you want so you always have to be ready to take arms!

As chieftain, you’ll not only have to repel invaders but also keep everyone in your clan pleased!

10. UnderRail

UnderRail gameplay

Fans of the strategy tabletop Fallout games will find themselves at home with UnderRail as it takes inspiration from Fallout while giving it an original take on the game. You’re put in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you must explore and fight your way underneath the metro tunnels with matching mad denizens who either want your loot or you as food. In this game, you can build your character to suit your needs such as a melee-focused sledgehammer wielding brute to a stealthy ninja shooting crossbows in between your target’s eyes. As the protagonist, you’re caught in between the struggle between factions of the UnderRail, will you be able to fight your way through?

It pays to explore you surroundings as you never know what loot would lie inside lockers

There’s nothing like clearing a room like using a Molotov to set your enemies on fire

9. ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic RPG

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic RPG gameplay

For another dose of that much needed Fallout style turn-based RPG goodness, ATOM RPG brings in those beloved mechanics, a rich world, and modern graphics that help bring in the tone of its post-apocalyptic nature. You play as one of the survivors of the Nuclear Holocaust by the Soviet motherland and the capitalist Western bloc where you’re laid with an open world to explore, discovers its story, and all the deeply woven dialogues you can have with the NPCs. Dive into its combat inspired by the Fallout series in order to test our your newly acquired skills and traits.

The cities of ATOM RPG are never safe, always make sure to roll those dialogue options in order to avoid being surrounded

Just another day in a post-apocalyptic Soviet Russia

8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay

If you’ve ever wondered what a realistic medieval life would be then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the right game for you as you get to live the life of a blacksmith’s son with hopes and dreams of following into your father’s footsteps and one day having your parents killed and village burned down as the civil war in Bohemia rages on. From here, you’ll have to learn everything for yourself from being able to swing a sword, to being able to banter with noblemen in your quest to avenge the death of your parents, help in shaping the future of Bohemia, and repel any invading forces that may come to your land!

It may have a slow start but as you progress you’ll find yourself fighting epic battles in an effort to save the kingdom!

You’ll start off not knowing how to wield a sword and that’s ok as you’ll get better with every swing you make

7. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy gameplay

Have you ever wondered what it would be like having to pilot your own starship with all its armaments coupled with a deep upgrade mechanic? Rebel Galaxy brings you to exploring multiple planets and galaxies as you find ways to trade, mine, bounty hunt, and everything else you can think of under the cosmos. It features a Naval Broadside style mechanic that will keep you hooked to the game with a wide range of weapons from laser batteries to missiles. The story may not be as strong as other games but it provides a good way to build the game world and your pursuit for that newer and shinier ship!

All batteries fire at will! Burn their mongrel hides!

The bigger the ship the more spectacular the explosions

6. Battle Chasers: Night War

Battle Chasers: Night War gameplay

Inspired by the original comic book of the same name released in the 90s, Battle Chasers: Night War is inspired by the classic console greats of turn based JRPG format packed with a rich story that will keep you saying ‘Just…One…More…Turn!’. You have an open world to explore with its procedurally generated dungeons filled with traps and puzzles along with a deep crafting system that enables you to craft your own weapons and armor. Get that daily dose of nostalgia from this great JRPG title!

The bigger they are the harder they’ll fall!

 Dungeons will be procedurally generated as you progress through the story keeping each experience unique

5. NiOh: Complete Edition

NiOh: Complete Edition gameplay

Taking inspiration from the critically acclaimed Dark Souls, NiOh takes on the Action, RPG, and Souls-like genre by fully revamping the combat to add in a faster and more aggressive combat that is as rewarding with loot like Diablo. In this game, you have 7 classes of weapons to choose from and each having their own unique play style that will have you rethink the way you would normally approach enemies. Let out your inner samurai and face the supernatural Yokai that looms over the land of Japan!

I think you’re gonna have to bring a bigger sword for this one

Don’t be ashamed to retreat as it can help you regain health and reassess your plan of attack


EITR gameplay

If you’re a big fan of the souls game but yearn for a more isometric version of it, then EITR is best Souls-like game for you as it packs in a new take on the Souls world with an isometric view paired with exceptional combat. You’ll be able to use and switch in real time a variety of weapons and spell buffs to help in combat- and you’re gonna need it too as you’ll be facing hordes of enemies as you venture through the nine Norse worlds. As you progress, you’ll be able to collect randomly generated loot from fallen enemies and hidden treasures however your equipment will take a hit if your Maiden perishes. In this world, death may not be game over but it’ll definitely be harder the next time you spawn.

A group of enemies may come at you at any time, always keep your guard up!

As enemies get harder, you’ll be able to augment your weapons with spells and buffs to even the odds

3. Exanima

Exanima gameplay

Exanima may look like your typical isometric RPG with its own set of robust mechanics but what separates it from other isometric titles is its physics based combat where each and every swing has its own set of momentum, forces, and collision. This will be important as you not only time every strike and movement, but it’ll be the difference between slaying your enemies and faceplanting the ground. Brave your way through this isometric dungeon crawler and master its difficult but rewarding combat!

Time your attacks and dodges just right in order to survive the dungeon!

You’ll be fighting your way in dimly light rooms and tight corridors, always make sure to bring a torch!

2. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary gameplay

This 2D side scroller may not have the best graphics that will drop jaws, but Salt and Sanctuary features a fun experience with its fast and brutal combat coupled with rich RPG mechanics. You play as a doomed sailor who has been shipwrecked on an uncharted island where you’ll have to traverse gloomy and gritty environments. Level up your character to suit your playstyle and fight you way through in order to save the land from the chaos!

Yes, there are dragons in this game, and yes, he will beat you up good until you git gud.

When taking outlandish bosses, make sure to employ the dodge and attack strategy

1. West of Loathing

West of Loathing gameplay

RPGs have been mostly serious, gritty, and brutal so far but West of Loathing features a more light hearted adventure filled with comedy as you play as a cowboy set in the Wild West. It combines the charm of the old stick figure games with well written dialogue that’ll keep you amused as you play through. You’ll hear puns, punchlines, and reference humour alongside the typical linear storyline and its side quests. Combat may not be the best but as long as you’re in for the ride, you’ll come out filled with laughter and a case of stupid walking.

Personally, I’d to be a magical Beanslinger but a Cow Puncher seems more practical

Always make sure to turn on the stupid walking setting for maximum enjoyment!

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