Darkest Dungeon Best Classes Tier List - 2022 Edition

Darkest Dungeon Best Classes Tier List 2022
This is an Ancestor approved list.

The Best of the Best

Before we kick this list off, I want to address the elephant in the room. Every Darkest Dungeon class is unique and has undergone extensive tweaks and balancing to level the inter-class playing field. Therefore, it becomes hard to say that one class is better than another. This list considers community and expert players’ opinions, but if you disagree, that’s an entirely valid view. 

With that out the way, let’s get into this helpful tier guide! I hope it helps you plan out your playthrough. Oh, and even if your favourite class ranks lowly on this list, you should still pursue your forbidden love affair with them (no judgement). Every class is fun, and I love bringing the Leper even though he isn’t rated so high.


S Tier

Your S tier heroes are your MVP’s. These guys will be the backbone of any team you take into a Dungeon. They may thrive in different areas, but they are the best at what they do. S tier classes have a lot of utility and thrive in most settings and positions. Consequently, you will find they fit into most team compositions rather than needing the team to be built around them.

  • Helion 96/100
  • Plague Doctor 95/100
  • Crusader 92/100
  • Highwayman 91/100


A Tier

These guys are still pretty great, even if they aren’t S tier. Like the S tier, these guys can thrive in most positions and teams and will likely have a varied and useful move set.

  • Shield Breaker 89/100
  • Occultist 85/100
  • Bounty Hunter 82/100
  • Houndmaster 79/100


B Tier

The B tier heroes are a little more rigid and require more thought about how they function in a wider team. Some may be too reliant on a specific role and unable to adapt to others effectively. 

  • Vestal 75/100
  • Jester 74/100
  • Flagellant 70/100
  • Man-at-Arms 68/100


C Tier

C tier heroes are often too reliant on one playstyle and position and thus are frequently countered by the enemy or outright not viable in some compositions and dungeons. They are also reliant on buffs and support characters to reach their full potential.

  • Arbalest 67/100
  • Musketeer 66/100
  • Leper 62/100
  • Grave Robber 58/100


D Tier

D tier heroes have some serious weaknesses. They can be viable, but it will take extensive effort through buffs, trinket usage and support from other classes to get them there. Perhaps they provide non-combat benefits like extra treasure that make them worthwhile, but they are not quite as good as the other classes from a combat perspective.

  • Abomination 55/100
  • Antiquarian 50/100


1. Helion

War Paint Ready

Warpaint on and ready, the Helion takes the first spot.

The Helion is no joke. Hailing from a skilled and savage tribe, it’s no surprise she has made the S tier. Her most impressive skill is her diverse methods of damage output. She can deal flat damage; bleed damage, and reach the back rows. In short, there is no defence that she cannot overcome, is the enemy hiding in the back rank? No problem! Does an enemy have high Prot? Bypass it with her damage over time. This remarkable utility makes her the best DPS choice.

Class Pros

  • Reliable and varied damage output.
  • Competent in all dungeons.

Class Cons

  • Most powerful moves temporarily nerf self.
  • Can suffer in prolonged engagements.

To see the Helion dominate the Siren boss, click here! 

2. Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is literally poison to the enemy team.

The Plague Doctor is effective at a bit of everything. They have good damage over time output, they are a good controller, and they can heal status effects mid-combat. The Plague Doctor also benefits from a high-speed stat, which helps her get teammates off death’s door before a killing blow lands and control the flow of combat with her stun moves.

Class Pros

  • A great controller. 
  • Has the unique ability to remove status effects.

Class Cons

  • Vulnerable if moved from the back ranks.

For a full guide on the Plague Doctor, click here! 

3. Crusader

Enemies better have prayed to their gods because the Crusader is here to send them to them.

The Crusader is great because he can fit into almost any team. He can heal, stress heal, stun, tank and deal flat damage. Additionally, when equipped with holy lance, your Crusader can bounce back from a party shuffle effectively while dealing damage whilst making his way back to the front row. Such a useful class has earned his spot in the S tier.

Class Pros

  • He has amazing utility in many roles.
  • He has access to great trinkets.

Class Cons

  • He doesn’t bring anything unique to the team.

For a full Crusader guide, click here! 

4. Highwayman 

The Highwayman comes in at number four. Maybe if there were more enemy stage coaches he would have placed a little higher. 

The Highwayman is a great damage dealer with a lot of utility, and that is why I believe he deserves to be in the S tier. He can reposition while still dealing damage. He can riposte, which is incredibly powerful, and reach out and attack all enemy ranks. If you encounter an enemy with high Prot you can use Open Vein to apply bleed and bypass their Prot.

 I have similar praise for the Highwayman as I do for the Helion; both have a lot of powerful ways to deal damage. My reason for ranking him slightly lower than the Helion is his reliance on riposte. Riposte, unfortunately, opens you up to more damage, so he is slightly too much of a glass cannon to be the best of the best in my eyes.

Class Pros

  • He can reach an unrivalled damage output.
  • He is able to reposition effectively.

Class Cons

  • He relies on riposte to reach his full potential. 
  • To watch a video of four Highwaymen taking down a boss, click here!  

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