[Top 10] Don't Starve Best Armor

Don't Starve Top 10 Best Armor
Wilson Gazing into the Distance

Don’t Starve yourself of these fantastic pieces of armor.

Be the queen of sanity. Walk safely amongst elephant cacti and shadow creatures. Survive the dreaded poison mosquito swarm. Arm yourself with this knowledge.

10. Horned Helmet (SW)

Wilson Modeling The Horned Helmet

Protect your noggin. Survive the Poison Mosquito swarm. Resist poison from Spider Warriors. Protect your hair from wetness. Toot your own horn by having this fantastic helmet.

Why The Horned Helmet Is Great:

●     Wetness Resistance

●     Poison Resistance

Horned Helmet Details:

●     600 Durability

●     85% Damage Absorption

●     35% Wetness Resistance

●     Poison Attacks

How To Get The Horned Helmet:

●     Kill Water Beefalo

●     1 Horn, 4 Seashells, 1 Rope

●     Alchemy Engine

9. Marble Suit

Wilba Rocking The Marble Amor

Mine marble and build yourself some battle protection. Take advantage of the relatively easy crafting and high damage absorption. Rock this Armor.

Why The Marble Suit Is Great:

●     High Damage Absorption

●     Relatively Easy Crafting

Marble Suit Details:

●     1050 Durability (735 DST)

●     95% Damage Absorption

●     -30% Movement Speed

How To Get Marble Suit:

Option 1:

●     12 Marble, 4 Ropes

●     6 Marble, 2 Ropes (DST)

●     Alchemy Engine

Option 2 (SW):

●     Slot Machine

Option 3:

●     Hammer Ancient Pseudoscience Station (0.056% Chance)

8. Vortex Cloak (H & SW)

Vortex Cloak Worn by Wilba

This cloak has mysterious pockets that add 8 inventory slots. Able to be refueled this cloak won’t disappear into the unknown. Cloak yourself with the power of the vortex.

Why The Vortex Cloak Is Great:

●     Blocks 100% Damage (Excluding Shadow Creatures)

●     Adds 8 Inventory Slots

●     Can Be Refueled

Vortex Cloak Details:

●     450 Durability

●     100% Damage Absorption (Non-Shadows)

●     Drains Sanity 30% Of Damage Absorbed

●     Adds 8 Inventory Slots

How To Get The Vortex Cloak:

Option 1 (H):

●     Survive Until Aporkalypse

●     Defeat Ancient Herald

●     Read Blueprint

●     5 Dark Tatters, Night Armor

Option 2 (SW):

●     X Marks The Spot

7. Scalemail (RoG, H & DST)

Wendy Demonstrating Scalemail 

Immunity against fire while setting enemies alight. Enjoy a sanity boost while watching the world burn. Be wary as loot dropped might also be set ablaze.

Why Scalemail Is Great:

●     High Durability

●     Fire Immunity

●     Sanity Increase

●     Sets Enemies Afire

Scalemail Details:

●     1350 Durability (945 DST)

●     70% Damage

●     +3.3 Sanity/Min

●     Fire Immunity

●     Sets Attackers On Fire

How To Get Scalemail:

Option 1:

●     Defeat Dragonfly (Spawns In Summer)

●     1 Scales, 1 Log Suit, 3 Pig Skin

●     Alchemy Engine

Option 2 (H):

●     200 Oincs

●     Blueprint Tinker’s Tower (Palace Pig City)

●     30 Oincs

●     Scales The Sty Oddities Emporium (Palace Pig City)

6. Cactus Armor (SW)

The Cactus Armor Donned by Wilbur

The armor that does damage. Safely walk amongst the majestic elephant cacti. Be a cactus person with your very own spike enforced personal space.

Why Cactus Armor Is Great:

●     Does Damage To Attackers

●     Elephant Cacti Disregard Player

Cactus Armor Details:

●     450 Durability

●     80% Damage Absorption

●     17 Damage Attackers

How To Get Cactus Armor:

●     I Log Suit, 3 Cactus Spikes

●     Alchemy Engine/Sea Lab

5. Bone Helm (DST)

Webber Displaying The Bone Helm

Be the biggest bone head. Frolic through the shadow creatures and bask in the insanity. A skull for your skull.

Why The Bone Helm Is Great:

●     Shadow Creature Protection

●     Wetness Resistance

Bone Helm Details:

●     945 Durability

●     70% Damage Absorption

●     20% Wetness Resistance

●     Prevents Shadow Creature Attacks

●     Induces Insanity Effects

How To Get The Bone Helm:

●     Defeat Ancient Fuelweaver (Atrium)

4. Bee Queen Crown (DST)

Wilson Exhibiting The Bee Queen Crown

Be the sanest and most stylish with The Bee Queen Crown. Keeps your head dry. Give yourself a mental health break and wear this royal headgear.

Why The Bee Queen Crown Is Great:

●     Insanity Changed to Sanity

●     Wetness Resistance

Bee Queen Crown Details:

●     945 Durability

●     70% Damage Reduction

●     20% Wetness Resistance

●     Converts 50% Insanity Auras to Sanity Auras

How To Get The Bee Queen Crown:

Option 1:

●     Hammer Gigantic Beehive

●     Kill Queen Bee

Option 2:

●     Loot Stash (Winter) (Deciduous Forest/Mosaic Biome)

3. Snurtle Shell Armor

WX-78 Using The Snurtle Shell Armor

Ever wanted to curl up and be invisible? This armor lets you hide from all those terrifying giant and mob attacks. Wait until they get bored and then sneak attack!

Why Snurtle Shell Armor Is Great:

●     100% Damage Absorption (Hiding)

●     Attackers Loose Interest After 5 Sec (Hiding)

Snurtle Shell Armor Details:

●     1050 Durability (735 DST)

●     60% Damage Absorption

●     100% Damage Absorption While Hiding

●     Hiding Protects Against Deerclops & Blue Hound Freeze Attacks

●     Hiding Protects Against Volt Goat Electric Attacks

How To Get Snurtle Shell Armor:

Option 1:

●     Kill Snurtle (Caves)

Option 2:

●     Hammer Ancient Pseudoscience Station (0.056 % Chance)

2. Thulecite Suit

Wes Suiting Up With The Thulecite Suit

Increase your sanity and protect your heart with this super suit. With high damage absorption and high durability this armor is some to consider keeping around. Suit up!

Why The Thulecite Suit Is Great:

●     High Durability

●     High Damage Absorption

●     Sanity Increase

Thulecite Suit Details:

●     1800 Durability (1260 DST)

●     90% Damage Absorption

●     +3.3 Sanity/Min

How To Get The Thulecite Suit:

Option 1:

●     4 Nightmare Fuel, 6 Thulecite

●     Fully Repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station (Ruins)

Option 2 (SW):

●     Slot Machine

●     X Marks The Spot

●     Chest Of The Depths

Option 3:

●     Large Ornate Chest

1. Thulecite Crown

Wigfrid Adorned With The Thulecite Crown

This crown isn’t just a fashion statement. With the amazing damage absorbing force field, you can take on anything. You will be so royally flushed with pleasure wearing this crown that your sanity will increase.

Why The Thulecite Crown Is Great:

●     High Durability

●     High Damage Absorption

●     Produces Force Field

●     FF Emits Light

Thulecite Crown Details:

●     1200 Durability (840 DST)

●     90% Damage Absorption

●     33% Chance of Force Field

●     FF Blocks 100% Damage for 4 seconds (Except Fire)

●     FF Drains Sanity 5% Damage Absorbed

How To Get The Thulecite Crown:

Option 1:

●     4 Nightmare Fuel, 4 Thulecite

●     Fully Repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station (Ruins)

Option 2 (SW):

●     Slot Machine

●     X Marks The Spot

●     Chest Of The Depths

Option 3:

●     Large Ornate Chest

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