[Top 5] Don't Starve Best Food

Campfire Cooking with Friends

Don't Starve by eating these superfoods

Foods that defy spoilage. Fill your belly, not your naughty level. Heal your heart and warm your soul. The best foods to Don’t Starve!

5. Monster Meat

Don't Attempt if you suffer from Arachnophobia 

Fighting Monsters is basically inevitable so why not make the most of it? The equivalent of large meat in all recipes but easier to find. Just don’t double up or you’ll get monster lasagna. Available during all seasons and farmable with spider’s den.

Why Monster Meat Is Great:

●     Available All Seasons

●     Equivalent to Large Meat

●     50% Item Drop Rate

●     No Naughty Level Increase

Monster Meat Details:

●     -20 Health

●     +18.75 Hunger

●     -10 Sanity

How To Get Monster Meat:

Option 1:

●     Defeat Monsters

Option 2:

●     Defeat Level 3 Spider Den

●     Build Spider Den with Egg

●     Spider Farm

4. Jerky/Small Jerky

Don't Attempt if you suffer from Zoophobia

Chewy and delicious, jerky is one of the more popular trail foods. Easy to make, and easier to keep, jerky can also be used to meet your meat value in crock pot recipes. Good for all stats.

Why Jerky Is Great:

●     More Health & Sanity

●     Lasts 20 days in Inventory

●     Lasts Indefinitely on Drying Rack

Jerky Details:

●     Health +20/+8

●     Hunger +25/+12.5

●     Sanity +15/+10

How To Get Jerky:

●     Murder Animal

●     3 twigs, 2 charcoal & 3 rope

●     Science Machine

3. Honey

Don't Attempt if you suffer from Apiphobia

Sticky and Golden. And just like gold this food item is highly valuable. Long lasting and easy to farm, honey is a required ingredient in several recipes. Can also be used to craft Honey Poultice for healing purposes.

Why Honey Is Great:

●     Lasts 40 Days in Inventory

●     Ingredient in Recipes

●     Honey Poultice

Honey Details:

●     +3 Health

●     +9.375 Hunger

●     +0 Sanity

How To Get Honey:

Option 1:

●     Kill Bees/Killer Bees

Option 2:

●     Smash Hive

●     1 Honeycomb, 4 Bees, 2 Boards

●     Science Machine

●     Plant Flowers

●      Harvest Honey

2. Tallbird

Don't Attempt if you suffer from Ornithophobia

Use for food or a friend! Easily fulfills all egg requirements in crock pot recipes. Tallbird Eggs never spoil so they are great for food storage. Available during all seasons these eggs are ones you want to count in your basket.

Why Tallbird Eggs Are Great:

●     Doesn’t Spoil

●     Egg Value of 4

●     Hatch Smallbird

●     Available All Seasons

Tallbird Egg Details (Eaten Raw):

●     +3 Health

●     +25 Hunger

●     +0 Sanity

How To Get Tallbird Egg:

●     Search Rockylands

●     Steal Egg

●     Run Away/Kill Parent

1. Ice

Don't Attempt if you suffer from Pagophobia

Ice keeps forever in an icebox. Can be used as filler or specific ingredient in crock pot recipes. Keeps characters cool in summer. Ice is easily harvested in winter/spring. Running around the edge of the map can spawn Pengull flocks, causing more mini glaciers. Can also be used to craft survival items.

Why Ice Is Great:

●     Lasts Indefinitely in Icebox

●     Filler in Recipes

●     Craft Items

Ice Details:

●     +0.5 Health

●     +2.3 Hunger

●     +0 Sanity

How To Get Ice:

Option 1:

●     Wait until Winter/Spring

●     Craft Pickaxe

●     Mine Mini Glacier

Option 2 (SW):

●     Refining Ice in Hurricane Season

Option 3 (SW):

●     Ice Maker 3000

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