[Top 10] Don't Starve Best Characters

Don't Starve Top 10 Best Characters
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*Contains Spoilers*

The battle ready. The haunted. The self-aware plant. The Pinetree Pioneer
looking for a friend’s home. The Best Don’t Starve Characters.

10. Wendy The Bereaved

Wendy Idly Pulling Petals

Be Wendy and fight alongside your ghost twin sister Abigail. Although a weak hitter, Wendy has the advantage of having Abigail to fight off any attackers. Abigail can outrun rabbits and devastate Pengull flocks for easier meat sources. Abigail, once defeated, drops her flower and can be reawakened in a few days. Making this spawn item with its infinite uses, invaluable. Wendy is voiced by the alto flute and examines life with the depressing knowledge of everything’s inevitable death and decay.

What Makes Wendy Awesome:

● Sister Sidekick

● Forgiving Beginner Character

● Available All Versions

Wendy’s Details.

9. Warly The Culinarian (SW & DST)

Warly Savoring Wafts

Warly’s aging mother Angeline is losing her memory. The only thing that sparks recognition of her son are his ‘’smells like home dishes’’. As her memory fades, Warly searches for anything to bring his maman back to him. That’s when he hears distorted music coming from the gramophone… His past career as a chef gives him the spawn item of a portable crockpot. This item allows Warly to cook unique recipes as well as keep his appetite for variety more easily satiated while exploring. He can also craft a chef’s pouch to slow food spoilage without needing to find gears for the Ice Box.

What Makes Warly Awesome:

● Portable Crockpot

● Chef’s Pouch

● Special Recipes

Warly’s Details.

8. Wolfgang The Strongman

Wolfgang Flexing Muscles

“I am mighty! No one is mightier!” With a staggering meter of 300 hunger, Wolfgang is a character to be reckoned with. At full might, Wolfgang hits harder and moves faster than any. However, staying strong requires vast stores of food so staying weak outside of battle can help with resources. His sanity is easily manageable by sleeping at night or picking flowers and shells while exploring. With the background of a circus strongman, Wolfgang embodies survival of the fittest.

What Makes Wolfgang Awesome:

● 3 Mighty Levels

● High Meters

● Available All Versions

Wolfgang’s Details.

7. Wormwood The Lonesome (H & DST)

Wormwood & Night Hand

One night a green gem fell from the moon. Vines encircled the gem heart and became Wormwood. Curious, the full of life Wormwood, tries to make friends but is only understood by the plants. His green thumb allows him to plant seeds without the use of a farm. This exclusive tab also comes with unique items only he can craft. Being a plant fertilizer is the best source of healing so a beefalo herd is extremely helpful. Since eating has no effect on his health, he can consume monster lasagna without heartburn. Bloom into this character and enjoy the unique gameplay.

What Makes Wormwood Awesome:

● Eats Anything

● Plant Seeds Wherever

● Green Thumb Tab

Wormwood’s Details.

6. Wickerbottom The Librarian

Wickerbottom Checking Out Book

“Knowledge is Power!” This librarian is in pursuit of any and all information. Spawning with 2 papyrus and a librarian’s knowledge of all things, Wickerbottom can craft items without initially relying on the science machine. She also has a book tab with 5 special books. When read, for an exchange in sanity, she can make crops grow faster, put enemies to sleep, summon birdies and more!

What Makes Wickerbottom Awesome:

● Crafts Items Using Less Resources

● Unique Book Tab

● Available All Versions

Wickerbottom’s Details.

5. Wigfrid The Performance Artist (RoG + DST)

Wigfrid Ready for Battle

Experience Wigfrid the spear-wielding carnivore. “She cultivated her strength and persona over many years through sheer force of will.” Wigfrid hits hard, gains sanity and health while attacking and then eats the flesh of her enemies. Spawning with helm, spear and some meat, this character can hunt while exploring without depending too much on resource gathering. With a crockpot, this picky eater can use veggies as fillers, thus still able to take advantage of farms. With a voice of the brass horn, this character is a strong brassy lass who will fight hard to survive!

What Makes Wigfrid Awesome:

● Battle Spear & Helm Items

● Hits Hard & Takes Less Damage

● Gains Health & Sanity During Battle

Wigfrid’s Details.

4. Webber The Indigestible (RoG & DST)

Webber's Spider Circus

Trapped inside the spider that tried to consume him, Webber is spider outside and child within. Being eaten would certainly ruin your day but Webber has a “We can overcome anything” attitude. A non-picky eater who can eat monster food and befriend a spider army, Webber is both an easy start character and long-term survivalist. While his sanity might be a bit on the loose side, Webber grows a silky beard that when shaved gives you all the silk you need to make top hat sanity buffers. Spawning with monster meat and spider egg, this character is primed to overcome anything.

What Makes Webber Awesome:

● Eat Monster Food

● Spider Friends

● Grows Silky Beard

Webber’s Details.

3. Winona The Handywoman (DST)

Winona rolling up her sleeves

Obsessed with the disappearance of her younger sister Charlie, Winona follows the clues of the case and is finally led to a suspicious radio factory where she secures employment. One day the factory catches fire and when Winona investigates, she comes across a portal and is dragged into The Constant by a shadow version of Charlie. Since Charlie is her sister, Winona gets 1 free hit when walking away from light sources. Spawning with some Trusty Tapes, Winona’s attitude is ‘anything can be fixed with hard work and elbow grease.” She also has an engineering tab for crafting gadgets. Tough and strong with an interesting backstory, Winona is a must try character.

What Makes Winona Awesome:

● Trusty Tape

● Free Darkness Hit

● Engineering Tab

Winona’s Details.

2. WX-78 The Soulless Automaton

WX-78 watching the flames

Being a robot is fun. Lightning gives you super speed while rain makes you short circuit. Upgrades to health, sanity and hunger are attained by eating gears. Eating stale or spoiled food doesn’t bother them and so food storage isn’t an issue. As the possible creation of Wagstaff, Wx-78 is just the invention you need to Don’t Starve.

What Makes WX-78 Awesome:

● Eats Anything

● Gear Upgrades

● Available All Versions

WX-78 Details.

1. Walter The Fearless (DST)

Walter & Woby Always Prepared

Meet Walter, a Pinetree Pioneer, who is “always prepared.” Walter spawns with a slingshot, ammo, and a furry companion named Woby. Determined to find Woby’s home, Walter explores The Constant, surviving one day at a time. Woby comes with inventory slots and can be ridden once given Monster Food. Cooking faster than other characters, Walter also loses less hunger when sleeping, and can even craft his own portable Camper’s Tent. The slingshot ammo tab, unique to Walter, has a variety of ammo options. Being prepared is good but having a furry companion to share the night with is better.

What Makes Walter Awesome:

● Friend Woby

● Sling-shot and Ammo Items

● Portable Camper’s Tent

Walter’s Details.

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