[Top 10] Dota 2 Ember Spirit Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Ember Spirit in Dota 2, Ranked)

The fiery spirit of this warrior is unparalleled and he is back into the meta! His immense knowledge and capabilities are surely a sight worth witnessing.  Ember defies all odds and is considered to be a great counter simply due to his AoE damage output along with the ability to soak up some serious damage. His flexibility allows him to obliterate enemies of all different kinds. 

To help you counter this fiery warrior, we bring you the Best 10 Ember Counters in the current meta. These heroes vary in roles but they all serve the same purpose, to disrupt the gameplay of Ember!

10. Queen of Pain

Behold the Queen of dominance! Queen of Pain is a very annoying hero to lane against for Ember Spirit. It is irritating facing constant spam and harassment, if overlooked then it can result in his death! She has the perfect skillset to both harass and kill Ember, her mobility makes her even harder to catch. QoP is active as soon as she gets her level 6, allowing her to gank other lanes. You’re at the wrong end of the leash if you face off against her!

Why is QoP a great counter to Ember Spirit?

  • She can use Orchid Malevolence, her pure damage nuke in Sonic Wave and the slow in Shadow Strike. However, Queen of Pain can be punished by Ember Spirit, as his Searing Chains prevent her from getting Blink off.
  • Active hero and a decent early game ganker.
  • Items supplement her ability to kill.

Items to buy on QoP

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Refresher’s Orb
  • Bloodthorn
  • Black King Bar
  • Eul’s Scepter


9. Storm Spirit

This charming and electrifying hero is a top pick in this meta. This is due to his highly active play style and fast farming speed against the likes of Ember Spirit and Queen of Pain. He is widely regarded as one of the best mid-laners in the game. Storm is mostly played as a fast tempo mid hero, meaning he usually rotates to gank other lanes and quickly goes back to farming or taking towers. His high mana pool enables him to jump onto Ember and catch him off-guard. Late game Storm is a disaster for the enemy team!

What makes Storm Spirit a great counter to Ember Spirit?

  • Storm Spirit is not only a potent Orchid Malevolence carrier, his Electric Vortex provides an additional disable and Overload provides a great slow. When paired with Static Remnant, they can cut through Flame Guard fast.
  • Ball Lightning not only provides great initiation upon Ember Spirit from any position anytime but also helps dodge Sleight of Fist.

Items to buy on Storm Spirit

  • Bloodstone
  • Orchid of Malevolence
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Sange and Kaya
  • Black King Bar


8. Shadow Fiend

This spine-chilling beast induces fear into his enemies. His presence weakens Ember Spirit and makes it easy for him to pierce through his feeble armor. He embodies all that is evil and none shall escape him! The almighty Shadow Fiend. Shadow Fiend rarely appears in the pro scene but he is vastly picked in pub games against Ember Spirit. This is mostly due to his farming capabilities and massive damage output. His early game prowess is unmatched since he can solo kill his fiery mid counterpart easily. Shadow Fiend can go both Physical or Magical build.

Why is Shadow Fiend a great counter to Ember Spirit?

  • Shadowraze can easily remove the protection from Flame Guard and kill Ember Spirit due to his low health.
  • Ember Spirit is very vulnerable to physical damage from Necromastery.
  • Passive abilities provide armor reduction and increased physical damage which can supplement your physical damage item build.

Items to buy on SF

  • Eul’s Scepter
  • Silver Edge
  • Black King Bar
  • Eye of Skadi
  • Monkey King Bar



7. Lion

Considered to be sent from the deepest hells, Lion is considered to be the best disabler hero in the game, which counters Ember Spirit immensely. Lion is a favorite for all support mains, primarily due to his ease of spells and high burst damage potential. He can often rotate and gank other lanes at early levels. He is known for his chain-disable, which makes him a threat to Ember even in the late game. His Hex into Earth Spike is quite the deadly combo that can cause lethal damage with follow-up from his allies! 

What makes Lion a great counter to Ember Spirit? 

  • Lion possesses two strong disables in Earth Spike and Hex and heavy magic bursts with Finger of Death which help lock him down and prevent him from escaping with Fire Remnant. 
  • Blink Dagger Lion can punish Ember Spirit's overextension immediately, or initiate a fight on him with disabilities.

Items to buy on Lion

  • Blink Dagger
  • Force Staff
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Aether Lens


6. Silencer

Silence is one aspect that counters most spell-casting heroes in the game!, including the mighty Ember Spirit And well, Silencer… you know it’s kind of self-explanatory. Having spells that silence or prevent him from using any items makes him very powerful. The best part is that laning is not fun for Ember against a Silencer, frequent right-click damage, and low CD spells shove him out of the lane. Global Silence disables all the power they have and renders them useless.

Why is Silencer a great hero against Ember Spirit? 

  • Global Silence and Last Word can prevent Ember Spirit from casting Activate Fire Remnant to escape.
  • Glaives of Wisdom also provide high pure damage that is not negated by Flame Guard.
  • Arcane Curse is also a potent harassing tool in the laning stage as its cooldown is lower than Flame Guard's.

Items to Buy on Silencer

  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Hurricane Pike
  • Silver Edge
  • Black King Bar
  • Aghanim’s Scepter


5. Omniknight

People often ignore and fail to understand the importance of a healer in their games. Omniknight is not only known to provide heals but he also can dispel most debuffs and provides himself and his allies with increased strength for a decent duration, which is exceptional against Ember Spirit. His ultimate is also the saving grace for his team, as it blocks physical damage for the whole team which is great for protection against the high damage inflicted by the nefarious Omniknight. 

What makes Omniknight great against Ember Spirit?

  • The pure damage provided by Purification is a great addition for killing Ember Spirit, as well as a good way of saving teammates.
  • Guardian Angel will temporarily save his allies from Sleight of Fist's physical damage, and Ember Spirit is not a hero that will get Orchid Malevolence to counter it.

Items to buy against Ember Spirit

  • Aether Lens
  • Guardian Greaves
  • Force Staff
  • Lotus Orb
  • Aghanim’s Scepter


4. Outworld Destroyer

Being a ranged hero does wonders especially if you’re against melee heroes in the mid-lane. Ember does not fare well if he is facing Outworld Destroyer. The INT disparity damage is simply too much to handle for him, combined with the magical damage output, and Astral save can turn around team fights. OD is essentially a beast against most mid-laners in the late game, including against the fiery Ember Spirit. With so many item builds to choose from, Outworld Destroyer is one of the most flexible mid-heroes in the game.

Why is Outworld Destroyer a great counter to Ember Spirit? 

  • The pure damage provided by Arcane Orb is a great addition for killing Ember Spirit.
  • Astral Imprisonment fully negates all magic damage of Flame Guard and Searing Chains and will temporarily save himself from Sleight of Fist's physical damage, and Ember Spirit is not a hero that can counter these skills.

Items to Buy on Outworld Destroyer 

  • Black King Bar
  • Force Staff/Hurricane Pike
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Eul’s Scepter


3. Nyx Assassin

Hated passionately by Ember Spirit mains due to his first pick potential. Nyx Assassin is known to be one of the most annoying heroes in the game against the fiery warrior, regardless of the patch, he is the most relevant support in the game. Especially against high AoE and damage heroes, Nyx can do wonders with his powerful toolkit. One Spiked Carapace is enough to lock him down, and the best part is that it does not break invisibility from your ultimate. Ember mains consider him to be a nightmare to play against.

Why is Nyx Assassin a great counter to Ember Spirit? 

  • With Vendetta, Nyx Assassin can move closely to Ember Spirit when he's farming with his Flame Guard and use Spiked Carapace with Impale to provide a reliable and long disable.
  • Mana Burn is also good, as Ember Spirit relies on his limited mana pool for the early to mid-game.

Items to buy as Nyx Assassin

  • Blink Dagger
  • Force Staff
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Lotus Orb
  • Spirit Vessel


2. Kunkka

The Admiral almighty himself! Kunkka is known to be a great counter to Ember due to his strength and physical damage both of which is naturally high from the early levels. He can effortlessly survive ganks as his high-status resistance and HP pool come to the rescue. His ultimate proves to be of great use as well as it makes sure he and his allies take the least damage in fights, allowing the fight to be in their favor. The tanky nature of Kunkka is only amplified further by high armor and high HP items. 

Why is Kunkka such a great hero against Ember Spirit?

  • High AoE physical damage with Tidebringer, which can kill waves in one hit!
  • Using X Marks the Spot Kunkka can prevent Ember Spirit from escaping with Activate Fire Remnant, until he purchases Eul's Scepter of Divinity or Linken's Sphere.

Items to buy on Kunnka

  • Daedalus
  • Assault Cuirass
  • Armlet of Mordiggian 
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Black King Bar



1. Faceless Void

Not all can master Faceless Void the way he has mastered manipulating time. His ultimate can quickly turn the game around for good or for worse against Ember Spirit! The hero requires immense practice and patience. Void is heavily picked in the high-ranked games, not all enemies can match his efficient and fast-paced farming skills. He works best if paired with heroes that supplement his Chronosphere ultimate ex. Kunkka, Invoker, Skywrath Mage. His mid-game potential is unmatched because all he needs to brawl is his ultimate and a few items.

What makes Faceless Void a great counter to Ember Spirit?

  • Faceless Void is one of the best heroes against Ember Spirit, providing a lot of ways of dealing with him. Ember Spirit becomes a lot weaker if affected by Time Dilation, as he can no longer spam Sleight of Fist.
  • Chronosphere is also a reliable lockdown for Ember Spirit, although it can be evaded sometimes by Activate Fire Remnant. 
  • Additionally, Void can easily negate Sleight of Fist damage with Time Walk.

Items to buy on Faceless Void

  • Mjolnir
  • Black King Bar
  • Butterfly
  • Eye of Skadi
  • Monkey King Bar
  • Satanic


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