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Dragon Age: Inquisition is about as close to perfection as any game can be in my eyes. It’s my all-time favorite game, but even I can admit there are some areas that can be improved upon. That is why mods exist! Check out this list for the top 20 DA:I mods to make your gaming experience the best it can be!

20. War Table - No Waiting

True to its name, this mod removes the wait time when going to the war table. No more spending what feels like forever staring at the loading screen every time you need to progress or start a new quest. Need I say more? 

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19. More Banter

Party banter adds depth to the story and your companions. In the original game, you may or may not hear some new banter every 10-20 minutes. This mod removes the “may or may not” and guarantees you will hear banter every 15 minutes. No more waiting and wandering around for hours in an enemy-free area hoping to trigger Iron Bull and Dorian’s romance! 

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18. Open All Halla Doors

Ah, the Winter Palace: home to an abundance of halla doors with one too few halla statues! During the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest, you may have made the common mistake of opening that first halla door thus ensuring you cannot get Empress Celene and Briala to work with Gaspard. Why? Because by using that halla, you cannot get into another halla door later that will give you some juicy gossip with which to blackmail them. We’ve all been there. Luckily, there’s a mod for that! This mod opens ALL halla doors so you no longer have to worry about accidentally committing to an outcome you didn’t agree to! 

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17. Increase Inventory Capacity

As the name suggests, this mod will increase your inventory capacity. It defaults to a space of 400, but you can decide how much space you’d like as long as you stick to between 60 and 32,767. That should be enough, right? 

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16. Hair Re-texture

This game has some seriously great graphics, but even great things can be improved! This mod takes whatever hairstyle you give your character and re-textures it to make it look more realistic. Keep the same style you chose and bring it to life. This mod looks best when combined with the other character appearance mods in this list. 

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15. Hair Pack

While the character creation in DA:I is excellent, the hair style options are lacking, if we’re being honest. This mod gives you several new hairstyles to choose from that are available for both male and female characters. This mod looks great when combined with the hair re-texture mod previously listed. 

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14. HD Eye Textures

Adding to the trend of enhancing your character’s appearance, this mod will make the eyes really stand out. With HD retexturing, your eyes will glisten in the light of Dorian’s fireballs.

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13. Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face Texture

Get two-for-one in this mod: a better eyebrow selection and a sharper, fiercer face texture. It is recommended to use this mod with the Hair Re-texture mod for maximum feature enhancements. It works well with the other appearance mods in this list as well! 

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12. Improved Lashes

Top off your appearance enhancements with this volumized lashes mod. Lashes are in 2k resolution (normally in .5k). It can be used on all races and genders. It will affect some of the companions and advisors as well. 

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11. Armor - No Class Restriction

With this mod, you are free to use whatever armor you want regardless of your class. Playing as a warrior but really want to use the enchanter mail? Maybe you’re a mage that likes to run headfirst into your enemies and need the protection offered by heavy mail. No problem! This mod removes all class restrictions to maximize your playstyle.  

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10. Fall Damage Nullified

Do you love the freedom of jumping off the balcony in Skyhold without fear of hurting your dear Inquisitor? Do you sometimes forget you can’t do that when out with your companions and nearly kill said Inquisitor? Well, with this mod, you can have Skyhold’s freedom everywhere. It removes damage taken from falling so you can leap and jump from wherever your heart desires! 

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9. Search Radius Increased

This mod will increase the search radius by 50-100% while tripling the time that items found are highlighted. It also removes the Line of Sight requirement that hides items that are out of reach or on the opposite side of a wall. 

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8. No Perk Requirements

We’ve all felt the frustration of seeing a great perk we want only to be told we can’t have it until we have spent more points in this category. This mod removes that requirement. Pick whichever mod you want anytime you gain a new perk! 

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7. Party at the Winter Palace

One of the toughest decisions of the whole game is who to bring during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest. This mod removes the need to make a hard choice by bringing everyone with you to Halamshiral!

It does not affect your active party for combat sections.

With this mod, even if Sera is not in your active party, Red Jenny caches will spawn and you will gain her approval. You will also still get to dance with your love interest even if they are a companion that you do not include in your active party. It’s perfect! 

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6. Multiple Romances

Do you have too much love to give and struggle to decide which companion or advisor to is The One? Struggle no more because this mod allows you to have your cake and eat it too. If you dig both Blackwall’s bushy beard and Solas’s egghead, worry not! You can have both without either being bothered with this poly-friendly mod. 

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5. Reshade

This mod eliminates the blurring that is persistent throughout the game. It also brings a sharper image to the game by adding more depth and bringing out the colors for a more vivid look.

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4. More Inquisition Levels

Ordinarily, the game only allows you to reach level 20 in Inquisition levels and gain 19 perk points. This mod allows you to reach level 30 and gain a total of 34 perk points instead.

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3. Conversation Camera Zoom

Enhance the cinematography of your gaming experience by using this mod which will change your view of standard non-cutscene conversations.

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2. Weapons - No Class Restrictions

Have you ever been playing as a warrior and thought “I’d love to throw a fireball right now!” or needed to play as a rogue for the door unlocking ability but wished you could still wield your battleaxe? Well, this mod is the answer to your prayers! You can use any weapon regardless of your class.

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1.Sweet FX

The goal of this mod is simple yet effective: make the game appear less saturated and more atmospheric. It is the perfect mod to top off your cinematic enhancing gaming goals.

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