[Top 15] Best Dragon Age Origins Mods For a New Experience

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Experience Origins in a new way.

Dragon Age Origins is known for its detailed storyline, expansive worldbuilding, and a set of unique characters that make it the start of a successful game series.

For those looking to add to their experience in Origins, detailed in this article are 15 of the best Dragon Age Origins mods guaranteed to add new areas to explore, plots to uncover, and a set of new characters.

Check out these top 15 mods to add fun, new content to the world of Dragon Age Origins!

15. Extra Dog Slot

The Mabari Hound from Ostagar and the human noble’s origin holds a special place in all origin’s player’s hearts. With the growth of your party, many players face the loss of having to leave your precious companion behind while you work to save Ferelden. The Extra Dog Slot mod allows your Mabari to be the fifth companion in your party, so you don’t have to leave your slobbering pal behind on your Darkspawn adventures.

  • This mod makes it possible for you to choose your favorite companions and include your loyal pup along for the ride as well.

Get the mod here.

14. A Year with Sten

It is obvious by Dragon Age II that Sten’s design in Origins falls short of the original Qunari design. However, this mod reveals what a year with Sten of Beresaad should really look like.

  • Players who enjoy the storytelling and worldbuilding aspect of Origins (or are big fans of Sten and Qunari) will appreciate the visual details of this mod.

Get the mod here.

13. Improved Atmosphere

It’s common knowledge among the Dragon Age community that Sir Cauthrien is one of the toughest opponents in the series. To add to the frustration of such an op battle is that it is almost entirely unavoidable, and exposing Anora’s betrayal afterward is a battle on its own. However, the improved atmosphere mod offers the chance to expose Anora and even provides players more than one chance to surrender to Cauthrien. In addition, this mod offers extended and fixed conversations, restores cut content, natural behavior from NPCs, an increase in party banter, new items, and an improvement in item appearance.

  • This mod works to improve worldbuilding and storytelling, giving players a better visual experience.
  • More importantly, this mod gives players a chance to expose Anora for the liar that she is (in true Mac Tir fashion).

Get the mod here.


12. Dragon Age Redesigned

Dragon Age Redesigned improves the texture and quality of characters and cutscenes in Origins. Now, when players come across the prisoner in Ostagar and City Elf characters rush to free Shianni from Vaughan, this mod redesigns characters to suit their situations.

  • This mod improves the appearances of characters, adding to the worldbuilding aspect of Origin player’s gameplay.

Get the mod here.

11. Raptures Lightsabers

Want to give that Dual-Weapons Sweep an added effect? Raptures Lightsabers mod brings Star Wars to Dragon Age with two lightsaber hilts and multiple color options for the blade(s) that your rogue is sure to love!

  • This option provides you with an array of colorful (glowing) weaponry that is sure to make the Darkspawn a bit jealous (before you behead them, of course).
  • And, with this mod, your rogue can now carry out their assassinations in style!

Get the mod here.


10. Party Recruiting Mod

We all have those characters that we love that prompt us to write a passionate email to their developer demanding to know why [insert favorite character name] has received the NPC curse. Fortunately, for players of Dragon Age Origins, the Party Recruiting Mod has answered their prayers (and their passionate emails, as well). This mod allows you to recruit some of your favorite and not so favorite (read: Anora Mac Tir) NPC characters to join your party.

  • This mod gives you the option to create a complex, unique party of your own.
  • King Cailan, after dying a horrible death on the battlefield, can come back and save the world, of course. And you will no longer be the desire demon’s punching bag, but instead, her ally.
  • This mod even gives you the option to have the Lady of The Forest as a party member, and who wouldn’t want a beautiful spirit of nature in their party?

Get the mod here.

9. Dance Party

Have you ever been in the middle of restoring world order and felt the sudden urge to break out into a musical number? Well, players who have tried the Dance Party mod would agree that it’s a refreshing break from the seriousness that being a Grey Warden calls for. This mod gives you the chance to see your favorite (and not so favorite) characters bust a move! Players can also go to the Gnawed Noble Tavern and have a real thriller night as well.

  • This mod brings music and dance to a medieval world (who doesn’t want to see people in heavy chainmail show their best moves?).
  • You have the option to dance with any character of your choice and even have your characters put on a performance together as well.
  • A quick trip to the Gnawed Noble Tavern will grant you a Medieval performance of a Michael Jackson classic that is sure to be thrilling.

Get the mod here.

8. A Hero’s Sacrifice

For those brave enough to sacrifice their Warden, Bioware rewards them with a funeral (and not much else). For the players who decided to romance Alistair and make the final sacrifice, A Hero’s Sacrifice offers a sweet, heart wrenching final cutscene between the romantic pairing.

  • This mod rewards one final cutscene between the Warden and Alistair that the original version fails to provide closure for.
  • It adds elements to the Warden’s story that improves the ending of Origins.

Get the mod here.

7. Faster Combat

Who has it harder than the Warden whose job it is to restore order to a world thrown into chaos? Players who choose to play two-handed warriors. For those who do not have the patience of a saint to watch their character only manage three hits in one fight, faster combat speeds up battles entirely. Now, players can avoid Origins’ slow, choppy battle system.

  • Boss fights are made even more fun as players must move tactically at a quicker pace.
  • Fights take less time which leaves players with more time to explore storylines and locations.

Get the mod here.


6. Return to Korcari Wilds

Not all were defeated at the Battle of Ostagar. Douglas, a member of King Cailan’s Royal guard, awaits the Warden in the Korcari Wilds to defeat the threat of lingering Darkspawn.

  • New characters are introduced.
  • Players are given new quests to complete.
  • The Warden is able to return to the Korcari Wilds, which has become overrun with darkspawn.

Get the mod here.

5. Pints and Quarts Tavern

To the east of Redcliffe Village sits the Pints and Quarts Tavern. Inside, players can find several more quests and adventures waiting that unlock new enemies, items, and 15 new locations to explore.

  • Pints and Quarts unlocks 15 new locations for players to explore.
  • New characters are introduced with quests and backstories of their own.
  • Pints and Quarts provides challenges sure to provide players with more game time and new opportunities, experiences, and adventures.

Get the mod here.

4. The Demon

As a standalone campaign, The Demon takes place in the city of Jader, a port between Ferelden and Orlais. In this mod, players follow the story of Ariana du Landreau, an Orlesian Grey Warden in Jader to track down her parents’ murderer.

  • This campaign introduces new characters, Ariana du Landreau, a rogue class Orlesian Grey Warden from Montsimmard and her companion, Chevalier Roquefort.
  • Players can explore new locations from Jader to the Richard mansion and the Grey Warden’s fortress.
  • Gain insight into Grey Warden politics and complete new quests such as unraveling the mystery of the missing Warden Nicole.

Get the mod here.

3. Shattered War

The blight has ended, but the Shattered War brings players back to the Frostback Mountains, where a threat remains. A new adventure begins with a new hero who must deal with the threat lingering from the Deep roads while lives hang in the balance.

  • Play as a member of a small military force meant to investigate the new Darkspawn disturbance.
  • This mod offers over 10 hours of gameplay, introduces 3 new party members, and several new locations to explore.
  • Face new enemies, acquire new items, and discover rewarding puzzles.
  • Shattered War offers a variety of options and endings that make it an adventure well worth playing.

Get the mod here.

2. Temple of Vulak

400 years after the blight, there are whispers in Ferelden of a ruined temple in the Amaranthine Ocean belonging to the Dragon High lord Vulak, Lord of the Scales. Brave adventurers gather and travel towards the Temple of Vulak in hopes of discovering what many believe to be a legend.

  • The Temple of Vulak is a dungeon where players can face a variety of new opponents.
  • This campaign calls for tactics and strategy beyond that of Origin’s regular gameplay. Its difficulty requires the best gear and tactics if players wish to survive.
  • Players face new bosses including Gigantus, General Commander to the Legion of Triumph, and of course, Vulak himself.

Get the mod here.

1. Thirst

Thirst is a standalone campaign with over 10 hours of gameplay. In the city of Arceris, a conspiracy is brewing. As a new arrival trapped in the city, players must work to solve the mystery of Arceris and decide its fate.

  • Thirst introduces 50 new areas to explore from bustling markets to the putrid slums.
  • This mod provides 10-20 hours of gameplay with new quests and opportunities as you decide the fate of Arceris.
  • Thirst introduces a new hero and new character backgrounds including a Retired Sword, Survivalist, and Swindler.

Get the mod here.

From busting out the moves in your chainmail to becoming the first Grey Warden Jedi, give these mods a try to bring a new gaming experience to Dragon Age Origins. Have fun! And remember to always mod safely.

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