[Top 3] Dragon Age Origins Best Warrior Builds

Best Dragon Age Origins Warrior Builds
The Greatest Warrior, Duncan

[Top 3] Dragon Age Origins Best Warrior Builds

Dragon Age Origins Warrior Battle

Warrior In The Heat Of Battle

Within the Dragon Age Origins game, a player can be expected to go through a fair number of tough battles. From a tough creature found within The Deep Roads to the intense battle with a certain flying mythical creature, it’s important to have a balanced team as you make your way throughout the game, which is where the Warrior comes in handy.

Warriors are frontline fighters who usually take on the heavy load of most fights. They are perfect distractions for large battles, giving Mage’s a chance to attack and heal, as well as ranged weapon-equipped Rogues an opportunity to attack from a distance. 

With warriors taking on so much heat, it is important to give them a great build that both protects them and supports your other party members. Here are three builds that can help your Warrior support the rest of your party and clear house.


1. Sword and Shield + Champion

Dragon Age Origins Sword and Shield

 Warrior Shield Bash

A classic build, Sword and Shield + Champion is a great build for warriors looking to increase their defense and be a bit more strategic when it comes to fighting. With a large focus on strength, using a sword and shield weapon style allows players to take less damage, whilst increasing their own. 

Along with Sword and Shield, you can also add on Champion. Champions are skilled fighters who can easily overtake most enemies. Their varied abilities allow players to tank opponents, or provide a great distraction away from party members who may need more protection.

Warriors are great for distracting enemies, allowing other party members to stay safe and attack said enemies from more of a distance. Then with the added strength of a champion, this build ensures a great combination that can clear up those tough enemies.

What Can A Sword and Shield + Champion Build Excel In?

  • They Protect, They Attack (Champions are great at both defense and combat. Their natural fighting abilities give them a better chance at dealing more damage and shortening the length of a winded fight.)
  • A Perfect Combo (Warriors with this build are equipped with a sword and a shield. This combination is the best way of defending one’s self from oncoming attacks, whilst also bashing opponents, leaving your enemies vulnerable enough to strike when possible.)
  • Specialized Success (Champions have several great talents, like being able to grant extra buffs to your party. Another great one is War Cry, a skill that can reduce incoming damage from enemies.) 

Sword and Shield + Champion Build Talents:

  • Champion - War Cry (A Warrior will let out a fearsome cry that can reduce the impact of an incoming attack.)
  • Champion - Rally (The Champion's presence will inspire nearby allies, increasing their attack and defense while this mode is active.)
  • Champion - Motivate (Inspire allies to attack with renewed vigor. You also get an attack increase and a defense bonus.)
  • Champion - Superiority (A War Cry will now knock down nearby enemies unless they pass a physical resistance test.)
  • Shield Bash Tree (As You level up, you can increase the amount of damage you deal when hitting an enemy with your shield.)
  • Shield Defense Tree (Increasing this talent can take a shield from a basic protective piece to a protective fortress that can also assist in your warrior being knocked down less.)
  • Shield Block Tree (Increase shield defense over time, which also provides offense and defense. You will also receive additional benefits including; Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Assault, Overpower, Shield Defense, Shield Wall, and Shield Cover.)


2. Two-Handed Warrior + Berserker

Dragon Age Origins Oghren

 Oghren, The Berserker

Two-Handed Warriors, or Dual Wielding Warriors, are warriors that specialize in using two swords at once. While you won’t have a full-strength bonus, you can still attack and defend with both swords.  Obtaining Dual-Striking gives your character more damage to deal out, especially when using a higher-level sword and dagger.

As a bonus, your warrior can also access the Berserker specialization. Berserkers are hard-hitting warriors who harness their anger to increase their overall strength. The Berserker specialization can be learned from Oghren after advancing in his personal story. Combining the strength of a Berserker with the power of a dual-wielding warrior is sure to bring some much-needed muscle to any party combination.

What Can A Two-Handed Warrior + Berserker Build Excel In?

  • Another Layer (Using Dual Wielding Weapons is a great way to protect your warrior while also having double the chance to inflict damage. While one sword will be your primary attack weapon, your off-handed weapon can both be used to attack enemies and defend yourself.)
  • Increased Health (This one's probably self-explanatory, but Berserkers have extra health and resistance. This makes them more forgiving when it comes to being hit hard.)
  • Feel The Fury (Berserkers can enter a stage of pure rage that can deal a hefty amount of damage. Just the simple stench of blood and death will drive any Berserker Warrior into increased damage-dealing force.) 

Two-Handed Warrior + Berserker Talents:

  • Berserker - Berserk (The stench of blood will drive a berserker into a fury that increases their damage.)
  • Berserker - Resilience (Berserker will now focus their rage more effectively and gain a bonus to their health regeneration.)
  • Berserker - Constraint (This Berserker will now retain control during rages, reducing a stamina penalty.)
  • Berserker - Final Blow (All Berserker stamina will now go into a single swing. Shall the blow connect, the attack will inflict extra damage, proportional to the stamina lost.)
  • Dual-Weapon Training Tree (Leveling up this talent tree will increase the damage that can be done when using Dual Weapons. Not only will you gradually gain bonuses, but you will also, in the final stage, gain the ability to use two full-sized weapons instead of one full-sized sword and one dagger.)
  • Dual Striking Tree (This talent tree will gradually change how your Warrior will strike enemies. As you progress, you will also increase the damage dealt, as well as striking more critical hits.)
  • Dual Weapon Sweep Tree (WIth this talent tree, your Warrior will different ways to attack enemies more effectively. They will change up the pattern of their striking, increasing the damage being dealt.)


3. Champion + Templar Build

Dragon Age Origins Templar Battle

 Alistair, The Templar

Are you looking to tank your enemies? Does the idea of being an overpowered warrior appeal to you? Then friends, this is the perfect DAO warrior build for you. We’ve already covered how Champions can be a great addition to a warrior build, so now let’s cover Templars.

Templars are skilled when it comes to combat, and even better at blocking magic attacks. That’s right, when leveled up enough, Templars can harness anti-magic combat abilities. They are also great with defense, which is great since the weapons you are going to want to equip are dual-wielding. With the power of dual wielding, along with both of these specializations, you are given the opportunity to put down enemies swiftly, with less of a worry of being knocked down. 

What Can A Champion + Templar Build Excel In?

  • Anti-Magic (Templars are great when up against Mages. Their specialty training has helped them counter and in a sense deny magic attacks.)
  • Righteous Damage (Templars are symbols of the Chantry, so a lot of their power comes from their spirit. Talents like Holy Smite inflict spirit damage on a target and other nearby enemies.
  • Stylish and Effective (Having both Champion and Templar as your specialization gives you access to some amazing armor. While some specializations have limitations with certain armor, these two have a large range to choose from. From Cailan's armor set, to Andruil's Blessing Belt, There are a number of options that can really bulk up your Warrior.

Champion + Templar Talents:

  • Champion (*See Sword and Shield + Champion Talents)
  • Templar - Righteous Strike (Melee hits against enemy spellcasters will decrease said spellcasters mana.)
  • Templar - Cleanse Area (A Templar will now purge the area of magic and remove dispellable effects on those around them)
  • Templar - Mental Fortress (A Templar will now focus more on metal resistance, allowing to resist powerful spells cast on them.)
  • Templar - Holy Smite (Templars will now attack with righteous fire, inflicting damage upon a target and nearby enemies. A mental or physical resistance test will be done, and if the enemy does not pass they will lose mana and take on additional spirit damage.)
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