[Top 3] Dragon Age Origins Best Mage Builds

Dragon Age Origins Best Mage Builds
The Queen Mage Morrigan At Work

What Are The Best Mage Builds In Dragon Age Origins?

DAO Mage Battle

Morrigan and Wynne in Battle

If we were to analyze and rank every class available in Dragon Age Origins for the best in group combat, Mages are definitely ranking at number one. Mages cannot only take down tough opponents, but they can also heal your other party members, extending fights and giving your party a better chance to take out darkspawn and other enemies in a shorter time.

Before we talk building though, you need to pick a race for your Mage. Unfortunately, the Dwarven race isn’t able to become Mages, so your only options are either Humans or Elves. While a Human Mage can be built up strong, Elven Mages are a better choice as their starter attributes are better for Mages. While yes a Human Mage may be stronger, a Mage's power isn't as dependent on strength, and playing as an Elven Mage can be better when it comes to overcoming tough challenges.

Now, with that out of the way, here are three best Mage builds that will upgrade your Mage character.


1. Blood Mage + Spirit Healer

Dragon Age Origins Spirit Healer Mage

Spirit Healing Mage

Something to note before starting this build is that if you are looking to build with a Blood Mage, you're going to need to complete the Arl of Redcliffe quest after your party finishes up in Lothering. After entering the fade as a Mage and making your way to the last demon, it will show its true form. You can then have a conversation with the demon and strike a deal that rewards you with the Blood Mage specialization. 

After gaining the ability to convert your Mage into a Blood Mage, you are now an absolute beast. Blood Mages can cast dark magic spells that corrupt enemies. Corruptions such as mind control and demon summoning are great ways to get one over on opponents.

But what can be stronger than a Mage that can use the inherited power of blood to fuel their magic? A Blood Mage that can also ensure their allies stay strong. Spirit Healers can heal and revive their allies, which is crucial for battles that take a lot out of a party. It’s truly a perfectly balanced Mage build.


What Blood Mage + Spirit Healer Excels In:

  • Dark Magic (Blood Mages are able to corrupt their enemies. They can forcibly control a target's blood, forcing them to fight alongside the Blood Mage, and ultimately, their party.)
  • Regeneration (A Spirit Healing Mage can both heal and revive a party member, extending the length of a difficult fight.)
  • Balance (With the combination of Blood Magic, which takes from the dead, and Healing Magic that can give a Mage and their party members a second wind, A build between these two specializations will create a balanced Mage that can be the perfect support for a  party.)

Blood Mage + Spirit Healer Talents:

  • Spirit Healer - Group Heal (A Mage will bathe allies in benevolent energy, instantly  healing them by a moderate amount.)
  • Spirit Healer - Revival (A Mage can now revive a fallen party member, restoring some of their health as well.)
  • Spirit Healer - Lifeward (The Mage will now place a protective ward on an ally, automatically restoring their health when said ally is close to death.)
  • Spirit Healer - Cleansing Aura (When active, waves of cleansing and healing energy will emanate from the caster, restoring health to nearby enemies every few seconds.)
  • Blood Mage - Blood Magic (When active, the Mage will sacrifice health to power spells instead of using mana.)
  • Blood Mage - Blood Sacrifice (The Blood Mage can now suck the life force from an ally to heal themself. Note there is potential to kill said ally.)
  • Blood Magic - Blood Wound (The blood of nearby enemies will now boil within their veins, inflicting severe damage.
  • Blood Mage - Blood Control (The Blood Mage can now forcibly control a targets blood, forcing them to fight alongside the Mage. Even if the target resists, they will still take on a great deal of damage due to the manipulation.)


2. Spirit Healer + Arcane Warrior

Dragon Age Origins Arcane Warrior Mage

Arcane Warrior Mage

As you progress through the Dragon Age Origins game, you may find yourself having trouble keeping up with your party's health. This is why having a healing Mage on your side is important. While you can have Wynne or even Morrigan heal up your team, why not build up your own Mage to not only heal and revive but also fight on the front lines?

With Spirit Healer, you can heal up yourself and party members mid-battle. You also gain the ability to revive fallen party members. Then with the Arcane Warrior, your Mage goes from a distance fighter to a powerful combat Mage that also can keep their party’s health up.


What Spirit Healer + Arcane Warrior Excels In:

  • Armor Up (Mages equipped with Arcane Warrior are able to wear heavier and more durable armor, as well as having a higher defense.)
  • Better Weapons (Arcane Warrior Mages can equip armor that is usually reserved for  those in the Warrior class. They also are able to use other weapons besides a staff, whether that be sword and shield or dual-wielding swords.)
  • More Lore (In order to gain access to Spirit Healing Magic, you will need to pursue Wynne’s personal story. This is a great addition that gives you a better look into the elder Mage Wynne’s past and a bit more information on the history of Mages and the Circle of Magi.)


Spirit Healer + Arcane Warrior Talents:

  • Spirit Healer Talents (*See Blood Mage + Spirit Healer Talents)
  • Arcane Warrior - Combat Magic (While active, an arcane warrior will channel magic inward, trading increased fatigue for an attack bonus with the ability to use spell power to determine combat damage. Aura of Might and Fade Shroud will improve the effects. Additionally, regardless of whether the mode is active, an arcane warrior who has learned this spell may use the magic attribute to satisfy the strength requirement to equip higher-level weapons and armor.)
  • Arcane Warrior - Aura Of Might (This Arcane Warrior combat magic will grow, granting additional bonuses to attack, defense, and damage when active.)
  • Arcane Warrior - Shimmering Shield (A shimmering shield of energy will now surround    the Mage, blocking most damage and granting bonuses to their armor. It is important to note however, this talent can consume mana rapidly.)
  • Arcane Warrior - Fade Surround (This Arcane Warrior Mage will now only partially exist  in the physical realm while combat magic is active. Because the Mage is split between the physical world and the fade, a bonus will be granted to mana regeneration, and you will have a higher chance to avoid attacks.)


3. Arcane Warrior + Blood Mage

Dragon Age Origins Blood Mage

Blood Mage

If you are a player who is looking to tank an opponent, look no further than this build. First things first, it is important to note that Blood Mages are seriously overpowered. The Blood Mage specialization allows you to use HP instead of mana when casting spells. You also gain access to abilities such as Blood Sacrifice, which allows you to pull health from your larger allies (don’t worry about their health, as you can heal them immediately after).

Then with the addition of an Arcane Warrior, which is essentially just turning your Mage from a background support fighter into a tank, you have a combination of a hardcore fighter, mixed with a Mage that can deal a hefty amount of damage. I do want to add that your spell-casting time can take a bit longer due to you having to switch between a magic staff and dual-wielding weapons. But that becomes less of a worry as you continue to build up your Mage.


What Arcane Warrior + Blood Mage Excels In:

  • Arcane Warrior Armor (Allows for a player to equip warrior armor sets, providing a Mage with more protection.)
  • Blood Magic Specializations (Blood Magic gives you access to specializations like Blood Sacrifice or Blood Wound, which paralyzes and damages enemies within large areas.
  • Seriously Overpowered (If players are looking to get through enemies without much issue, the combinations of Arcane Warrior and Blood Mage, along with higher level equipment such as Staff of the Magister Lord or Andruil's Blessing Belt, gives you a Mage that can run through enemies and progress through the game with less headaches.


Arcane Warrior + Blood Mage Talents:

  • Arcane Warrior (*See Blood Mage + Spirit Healer Talents)
  • Blood Mage (*Spirit Healer + Arcane Warrior Talents)

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