[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Heavy Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

The best of heavy weapons.

The Heavy Hitters of Elden Ring

When playing games in the Souls series, I’ve always gravitated towards heavy weapons. I like dealing large amounts of damage, while tanking or dodging attacks. Also, holding a big sword on one shoulder just looks cool.With this list, I intend to find the strongest of strength weapons, highlighting the best qualities in each.

Not every heavy weapon is a sword, but a lot of them are. Each weapon also has  similarities, but I tried my best to highlight the stuff that is unique. This is also my list, so please, don’t take this too seriously.  

10. Jar Cannon

Point and shoot.

You don’t always have to get up close and personal in combat. Sometimes, the best option is to hit the enemy hard when they’re not even looking. The jar Cannon is one of the most unique weapons in Elden Ring, giving you high damage that rains down from afar.

The Jar Cannon acts like other ranged weapons in the game, requiring both hands to fire. There is no light attack to the weapon, only firing with a heavy attack. It’s the definition of a heavy weapon.To wield the Jar Cannon, it requires a 34 in strength, and a 12 in dexterity. However, because you are two-handing the weapon, it only requires a 23 in strength.

Ammunition includes the ballista bolt, bone ballista bolt, explosive greatbolt, and the lightning greatbolt.At max level, the weapon does 672 points of physical damage, but it does not scale with any stats. You can boost the damage by using the Arrow’s Sting Talisman. You can boost the range with the Arrow’s Reach Talisman.

The jar Cannon is dropped by the Demi-Human Queen Margot once defeated. You can find the location of the boss here:

Learn the location so you can blast enemies away.

Why Jar Cannon Is Great:

  • Heavy damage from far away.
  • Multiple ammo types
  • Low stat requirement while two-handing.

Jar Cannon Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 192
  • Strength: 34
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Weight: 15

9. Greatsword

Takes some guts to weild this.

A staple in every FromSoftware game, the Greatsword is my go to weapon in every Soulslike game. Molded after Gut’s greatsword from the manga Berserk, take out your foes with wide sweeps and a huge overhead swing.

At base level, the sword does 164 points of physical damage, scaling at a C in strength and E in dexterity. When fully upgraded, you’ll start dealing 401 points of physical damage, and the weapon will scale with a B in strength and D in dexterity. To wield it, you’ll need a 31 in strength, and 12 in dexterity. I recommend putting points into those stats as both ways of scaling are great.

What’s cool about the Greatsword is the ability to useAshes of War. You can apply several different Ashes of War, each adding different buffs like turning your weapon into a bleed weapon, or a magic weapon, and so on. This makes the weapon viable in almost every circumstance.

You can find the greatsword in a chest on a stationary carriage in Caelid:

Watch for the cosplay.

Why Greatswrod Is Great

  • Large sweeping attacks.
  • Ability to add Ashes of War can change the weapon for different builds.
  • Easy to find.

Greatsword Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 164
  • Scales with a C in strength and E in dexterity.
  • FP cost of 5.
  • Weight: 23

8. Axe of Godrick

Axe on a sticl.

The Axe of Godrick is one of the first boss weapons you can get in the game. Unlike other heavy weapons, the light attack acts as an overhead, with the heavy attack acting as a large sweep, followed up by an even larger sweeping attack. The charged heavy is an upward swing that can launch certain enemies in the air.

This weapon requires a 34 in strength, and a 22 in dexterity. These are somewhat high stats for the early game, but if you’re running a strength and dexterity build, it should be no problem. At base level, the Axe of Godrick does 142 points of physical damage and scales with a D in both strength and dexterity.

Fully upgraded, you’re dealing 347 points of physical damage as well as scaling at a C in both strength and dexterity. The weapon's unique skill, I, Command Thee, Kneel, is an area of effect attack as you plunge your axe into the earth, pushing rocks and debris up from the ground.

You can acquire this weapon by turning in Godrick’s remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold:

Boss guide on Godrick.

Why Axe of Godrick Is Great:

  • Unique light and heavy attacks.
  • Weapon skill is great for crowd control.
  • Not hard to find, just beat Godrick.

Axe of Godrick Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 142
  • Scales at D in both strength and dexterity.
  • FP cost of 15.
  • Weight: 11

7. Troll Knight Sword

It's the troll who makes the sword.

I always like to include magical weapons for those who don’t primarily subscribe to only melee in these types of games. In terms of the Troll Knight Sword, you will need an 18 in intelligence to wield it, as well as a 20 in strength and a 14 in dexterity.

At base level, the sword does 124 points of physical damage and 80 points of magical damage. It scales at a D in strength, intelligence, and dexterity. Upon fully upgrading the weapon, it eals 303 points of physical damage and 196 points of magical damage. It then scales a C in strength and dexterity.

With the sword’s unique skill, let out a fearsome roar that can push enemies back, allowing breathing room in dire situations. You can also follow up with a heavy attack after the roar, bringing the weapon down with great force, dealing tons of damage to several foes. When using the skill, be aware of your poise, as you  may be hit out of the attack.

The Troll Knight Sword is randomly dropped by the Troll Knight in Caria Manor, or from the two spectral Troll Knights near The Four Belfries:

Watch this under a bridge.

Why Troll Knight Sword Is Great:

  • Great for strength and magic builds.
  • Thrusting attack allows range and knockback.
  • Unique skill sounds cool, and follow-up attack does massive damage.

Trol Knight Sword Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 124
  • Magical damage: 80
  • FP cost of 22.
  • Scales at D in strength, intelligence, and dexterity.
  • Weight: 18

6. Helphen’s Steeple

Paint the skies.

Another great magical weapon, Helphen’s Steeple is a more balanced  weapon, as the physical and magical damage stay the same number each upgrade. As well as same damage numbers, the light and heavy attack are both sweeping strikes, just the heavier version having more weight to it. It requires a 19 in strength, 10 in dexterity, and a 22 in intelligence.

Like stated above, the numbers of physical and magical damage stay the same, so at base level the sword does 101 physical and magical damage. The scaling is somewhat different, at a D in strength and intelligence, with an E in dexterity. At max level, the sword does 247 points of physical and magical damage. The scaling changes, with a C in strength, B in intelligence, and stays an E in dexterity.

Helphen’s Steeple has a very cool unique skill. Once used, your sword is consumed in ghostflame. It’s not fire. Instead, it adds 80 points to magical damage and inflicts frostbite buildup. This is great for magic based builds and for slowing down stamina regeneration. The buff to the sword doesn’t last forever, but can be reapplied as long as you have FP.

The weapon is dropped by a Tibia Mariner on a ledge. The specific location can be found here:

Don't overlook this video.

Why Helphen’s Steeple Is Great

  • Does even amount of physical and magical damage.
  • Solid pick for magic builds.
  • Unique skill inflicts frostbite and boosts magical damage.

Helphen’s Steeple Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 101
  • Magical damage: 101
  • Scales a D in strength and intelligence, an E in dexterity.
  • FP cost of 20.
  • Weight: 11.5

5. Dragon Greatclaw

Now that's a Greatclaw.

Dragons are everywhere in Elden Ring. From boss encounters to normal enemies, they are not only abundant, but hard to kill. Luckily for you, the Dragon Greatclaw is the perfect weapon for dealing with these creatures. You will need a 30 in strength and a 14 in dexterity, but it’s totally worth the commitment.

In terms of scaling, the weapon starts at a D in both strength and dexterity. Without upgrades, it does 120 points of physical damage and 78 points of lightning damage. Fully upgraded, you’re looking at 294 points of physical damage and 191 points of lightning damage. It also scales with a C in strength at max level.

The unique skill the weapon comes with is great for strength builds. Called Endure, you buckle down, bracing yourself for incoming attacks. This does not only raise poise, but also reduces damage taken from strikes. This is great for those who want to tank damage as well as dealing damage.

You can acquire the Dragon Greatclaw by defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel at the Capital Outskirts:

Check this out before fighting some dragons.

Why Dragon Greatclaw Is Great;

  • Deals lightning damage.
  • Great against dragons and dragon-like enemies.
  • Can tank strikes by using the weapon's unique skill.

Dragon Greatclaw Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 120
  • Lightning damage: 78
  • Scales a D in strength and dexterity.
  • FP cost of 9.
  • Weight: 16

4. Grafted Blade Greatsword

It's like a bunch of mini swords, making one big sword.

The definition of a heavy weapon, the Grafted Blade Greatsword is a giant piece of metal meant for only the largest of beasts and enemies. To even wield the weapon, a base stat of 40 strength is required, as well as a 14 in dexterity. It’s a behemoth, but the damage is pretty high. It comes with the normal greatsword moveset, just heavier than some of the other weapons on this list.

At base level, the sword does 162 points of physical damage. It also scales with a C in strength and an E in dexterity. This sword heavily relies on strength based builds. Once fully upgraded, the sword deals 396 points of physical damage and scales with a B in strength, and a D in dexterity.

I believe the Grafted Blade Greatsword is very strong, but it becomes even stronger with its unique skill, Oath of Vengeance. Once activated, it raises all stats for a certain amount of time. This also temporarily raises poise, allowing the user to tank certain attacks without being staggered. 

You can get this weapon by defeating the Leonine Misbegotten boss at Castle Morne:

A great video for everything on this blade.

Why Grafted Blade Greatsword Is Great:

  • Strong damage output.
  • Great for staggers.
  • Unique skill raises all stats and poise.

Grafted Blade Greatsword Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 162
  • Scales with a C in strength and E in dexterity.
  • FP cost of 20.
  • Weight: 21

3. Ruins Greatsword

Another familiar favorite.

If you wanted an even bigger sword than the Grafted Blade Greatsword, look no further than the Ruins Greatsword. Modeled after the Fume Knight’s Greatsword from Dark Souls 2, this is by far the biggest greatsword in the game. Why is it at number three? Well, you need 50 strength to wield this slab of rock, as well as 16 intelligence. Yes, this is another magic weapon. What can I say, I like what I like.

Before upgrades, the sword does 124 points of physical damage, as well as 37 points of magical damage. It scales off the bat with a B in strength, with an E in intelligence. The base strength scaling alone makes this weapon powerful. After fully upgrading the sword, it deals 303 points of physical damage, and 90 points of magic damage. It also scales at an S in strength, the highest scaling possible.

With the average greatsword moveset, I believe the best way to use this weapon is by two-handing it. You still keep the sweep attacks, but you also gain access to the unique skill Wave of Destruction. This shoots a straight line of gravitational force, dealing mad damage as it shoots rocks in the air.

To get the Ruins Greatsword, you must defeat the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight before the festival in Caelid:

Don't be in ruin. Watch the video.

Why Ruins Greatsword Is Great:

  • Great weapon for two-handing.
  • Powerful unique skill.
  • Great range compensates for slow swing.

Ruins Greatsword Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 124
  • Magical damage: 37
  • Scales a B in strength and E in intelligence.
  • FP cost of 25
  • Weight: 23

2. Great Stars

By my great stars.

These last two weapons deal primarily with the meta of the game; bleed. Unlike other weapons on this list, it not only does bleed damage, but you can put Ashes of War onto the weapon. This can change the damage output drastically depending on the build. The base stats of 22 in strength and 12 in dexterity, are perfect for those wanting to test out a heavy weapon without committing too much into the strength stat.

The moveset is a mix of sweeps and overheads, adding depth in combat, making it a guessing game for opponents in PVP. In terms of regular enemies, the weapon has a base of 135 points of physical damage, scaling with a D in strength and dexterity. Fully upgraded, it scales a B in Arcane and deals 330 in physical damage. You can’t stack a bleed Ash of War, but other elemental Ashes of War do stack with bleed.

Like the Dragon Greatclaw, Great Stars comes with the unique skill of Endure. With the pairing of a passive bleed buildup of 55, you can add massive pressure to an enemy, negating most damage from enemies while dealing blood loss several times.

You can find the weapon in a chest on a guarded carriage pulled by two giants. They ravel southwest from the Road of Inquiry site of grace:

It's a great idea to check out this video.

Why Great Stars Is Great:

  • Fits the current meta.
  • Great damage. 
  • Unique skill is just as good as it is on the Dragon Greatclaw.

Great Stars Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 135
  • Scales a D in strength and dexterity.
  • Fp cost of 9.
  • Passive bleed effect of 55.
  • Weight: 10

1. Ghiza’s Wheel

Imagine a giant pizza cutter as a weapon.

This is the strongest heavy weapon in terms of bleed output, dealing quick damage with its unique skill. It requires a strength of 28, and a dexterity of 18. It’s a low strength requirement compared to the other weapons on this list. 

Ghiza’s Wheel starts at a base physical damage of 156, and scales a D in both strength and dexterity. Fully upgraded, it dea;s 382 points of physical damage. This seems to be less damage than some other weapons, but you haven’t factored in the 70 points of passive bleed damage, or the unique skill.

I compare the weapon’s unique skill to a weapon in BloodBorne called the Whirling Saw. Both weapons have the unique feature of spinning the saw on the end, dealing fast and consecutive points of damage. With high FP, this weapon shreds an enemies’ health bar, building on bleed buildup with each attack. It also just feels the coolest to use the unique skill to mow down enemies, reminding me on how great BloodBorne was.

Defeat the invader Inquisitor Ghiza in the Volcano Manor:

Why Ghiza’s Wheel Is Great:

  • High consecutive damage.
  • Great bleed buildup.
  • Fun to use.

Ghiza’s Wheel Base Stats:

  • Physical damage: 156
  • Scales a D in strength and dexterity. 
  • FP cost of 3.
  • Passive bleed effect of 70.
  • Weight: 19


If you were tired of reading “great” several times, the list is over! Each weapon has its strengths tailored to strength builds, but I feel Ghiza’s Wheel is the strongest of the bunch. I hope you enjoyed the Top Ten Elden Ring Best Heavy Weapons That Are Powerful, And How To Get Them.

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