[Top 15] Best Free Indie Open World Games

15. Unturned - 2017 (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBO )

Unturned is a survival sandbox set in an apocalyptic world. You must survive in a dangerous environment infested by zombies. The first move is to look for a shelter. In time, you can build a strong fortress. Gather resources, food, hunt, and harvest your plants. Not only the zombies and nature can be dangerous. Other players might be aggressive too. You can also play by yourself and enjoy the NPC's interactions. Travel by sea or take a ride in a tank. Or if you prefer, use a combat airplane to explore the five active communities. 

The magic of Unturned is that you can modify everything. You get the chance of creating maps, weapons, and anything you want. Upload your creations for other players to try it. Download other players' creations and enjoy creativity at its best. Plus, the developers consider the player's creations for official usage in the game.   

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Simple survival zombie shooters.
  • Moding. Unturned gives a chance of creating stuff for the game to those who have the skill.
  • Building and exploring as in Minecraft.

Fun factor score: 80/100

A dark room with a threatening aura. There’s a symbol on the wall that looks like a scorpion with the number seven. 


14. Eldevin - 2014 (PC)

Eldevin is an award-winning MMORPG. More than 160 realms give shape to the great Eldevin Kingdom. Unique and charismatic characters and creatures are found in these vast realms. With over 200 talents, there’s much to be learned in Eldevin. Choose between 14 professions and play as long as you want. One of the greatest things about Eldevin is how your decisions affect the world around you. The lore and the little stories you find in this Kingdom are completely charming and will keep you interested for long enough. Merge yourself in this epic world where all kinds of adventures are awaiting!  

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Cute fantasy adventures.
  • Epic designs for bosses and enemies in general.
  • Quests with great stories.

Fun factor score: 70/100

One of the many grand bosses fights you’ll encounter in this world.


13. Nehrim: At Fate's Edge- 2010 (PC)

This game is a fantasy RPG self-driven adventure. Nehrim is a total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Meaning, although it’s a mod, it’s completely different from Oblivion. The story, races, quests, skills, and XP-based leveling system. The map was used to create a unique world. Explore the delightful lands of Nehrim with its hundreds of dungeons filled with enemies and bosses. Designed in a gothic style, Nehrim has some pretty locations that will attract you to explore. Discover one of the greatest mods ever made by the community. A rich story is what makes this game so interesting. Try it, maybe you'll like it better than Oblivion. My only recommendation is not to download it from Steam because it will crash a lot. Go to the official company's page and download the game directly. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Mod conversions. If you’re a nostalgia gamer, you’ll love this one.
  • Gothic, dark atmospheres. Most landscapes are like this.
  • Very interesting stories. This is where the game shines. 

Fun factor score: 80/100

The color palette is on the warm side to give shape to a very dark and gloomy atmosphere. A common feeling while playing.


12. Blockade - 2014 (PC)

Blockade is a pixelated FPS in an editable cubic world. A mix between Minecraft and Fortnite. Change the world around you as you please while fighting against other players or enemies. With features like creating your base, weapons, character customization, clan battles, and competing with other players. Blockade is an unlimited game. A shooter like no other. There are other modes like survival; 4v4; and all vs all. Try them all and become the best.

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Building. If you have a creative mind and you like cubic shapes, this world is for you.
  • Pixelated graphics.        
  • Minecraft and Fortnite gameplay mechanics. In Blockade, you also have to build on the battlefield.

Fun factor score: 90/100

Players on the battlefield. One of them lays death on the floor while the other holds a kitty shield. Impressive.


11. Spiral Knights - 2011 (PC)

Spiral Knights is an adventure MMO with an isometric view. A cooperative game set in an ever-changing world. The player will embody a knight of the Spiral Order who has crash-landed on the planet Cradle. Help the knight and fellow companions to explore and survive in the alien world. Defeat creatures, solve puzzles, and discover the many treasures hiding in Cradle. The most interesting feature of Spiral Knights is how the world can be explored in real-time. This means the map will change as time passes and you can experience that while it's happening. Spiral Knights has a beautiful design for every single little thing. All the experience is just perfect! 

Choose this game if you like...

  • Dungeons and living worlds. 
  • Complex game mechanics and leveling up system.
  • Strategy and tactical combat.

Fun factor score: 100/100

Look at those cute little creatures! I bet you want to play already.


10. Pixel Worlds - 2017 (PC / Android / iOS)

Pixel Worlds is a multiplatform online MMO social sandbox. Create unique pixel art and set the path of your adventures. Customize your character as much as you like. Complete the many dungeons available and collect the loot. Build anything you want. Blocks, furniture, tools, items, weapons, and clothes. The game's main focus is the social activities you can do. Because the economy is run by the community. You can trade items or worlds with other players. The community also makes mini-games and free worlds where you can play and compete too! 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Pixelated art design. This is the main key of the game.
  • Fantasy adventures.
  • 2D platformers.

Fun factor score: 90/100

Each character is unique in this shot. We love that!


9. Robocraft - 2017 (PC / XBOX)

Robocraft is an online vehicular battle game. A full of action game with many interesting features. Start building your robot vehicle with over 250 cubes to choose from. Arm your robot with powerful weapons and test your creations. Sink into battle once your robot is ready. This game is set on different planets where you can fight. 

Defeat other players in the arena and try the different modes for a new experience. You can also share your creations with other players online. Bring out the robotic architect in you in this great game!

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Robotic, futuristic designs.
  • Transformers. The game is not exactly like Transformers but it’s a close approach when building and fighting with your robotic creations.
  • Frenzy action. 

Fun factor score: 80/100

The game is also an FPS experience as we can see here. Quite catching.


8. Captain Bones: Prologue - 2021 (PC) 

Captain Bones is a first-person survival game. You play as Captain Bones in a pirate-themed world. Here you'll travel the seas to find new islands. Collect materials to create useful tools to survive and travel. Captain Bones carries a curse, which adds difficulty to the experience. The goal of the game is to become an actual Captain of a ship with your troop. To achieve this you must make the right decisions. Be careful with the dangers of the high seas, and if you dive into the depths you can find many treasures and interesting areas. A great and fun experience awaits you in this vibrant world. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Pirates and sea-related environments.
  • Exploring the sea. 
  • Crafting, farming, and learning skills to survive and fight.  

Fun factor score: 70/100

Captain Bones in front of a raft. This is how you start. Later, you can build your ship. 


7. Wurm - 2012 (PC)

This funny game is a sandbox MMORPG. With slow-paced gameplay and complex mechanics, Wurm promises to push the boundaries of an open-world game. The objective of the developers was to give ultimate freedom to the player. You can build and create anything from the resources available. Metal ores, wood, crops, and clay. Craft and trade your creations with other players. Learn over 130 skills, if you dare. In Wurm, the decisions you make affect the world around you in real-time. The goal is to find a kingdom and conquer other players' lands. Although Wurm is a dated game, it still has an active community. It's a game that requires a lot of time, patience, and understanding. It's highly recommendable to watch a few gameplays and use them as guides before beginning. Otherwise, you might find yourself lost.

Choose this game if you like…

  • Slow gameplay. Wurm is a game where if you want to grow you’ll have to spend several hours to do so.
  • Survival games.
  • High level of freedom to move around the world. 

Fun factor score: 70/100

A beautiful snowy landscape with two medieval characters on top of a mountain.


6. Alpaca Stacka - 2021 (PC)

Alpaca Stacka is a beautiful 3D adventure platformer. You play as Paz the Alpaca. The goal is to help their animal friends. Explore the island, help the other little buddies, and collect Mama Hen's lost chickens. 

This game is a peaceful experience with its pastel colors and cute character design. Perfect for a relaxing break.  

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Cute, colorful, squishy characters and general design.
  • Simple platformers.
  • Relaxing and calming experiences.

Fun factor score: 90/100

The design is extremely beautiful and satisfying. The color palette was a great choice.

5. The Expendabros - 2014 (PC)

A 2D action game described as a mashup between the movie The Expendables and the game Broforce. The game plot follows the movie script. We will fight against Conrad Stonebanks, a gun-runner. Fight in a frenetic battlefield and save your bros! The player can choose among seven characters to play with after saving them on the run: Bro Caesar, Bro Christmas, Broney Ross, Trent Browser, Bronar Jension, Broc, and Toll Broad. Each one with unique skills. 

The game is located in the forests of Eastern Europe. Which gives the perfect vibe for a gory battle. Plus it has a multiplayer cooperative mode. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Gory frenetic action as in Metal Slug (an oldie). 
  • Pixelated art designs. 
  • The Expandables and Broforce. This game is a great tribute to both the movie and the game.

Fun factor score: 100/100

One of the scenarios where you’ll play. There are several enemies and obstacles that you must overcome to save those who need it.  


4. Endless Sky - 2015  (PC)

An amazing 2D space trading and combat game. Endless Sky has many types of spaceships that you can also customize. Use it to explore, battle, and work. You can earn money in the game by carrying passengers or cargo; bounty hunting; capturing enemy spaceships; among others. Enjoy the story and dive into a civil war or just explore a rich galaxy with beautiful scenarios, hundreds of cosmic elements, and alien enemies. 

The game comes with a Galaxy editor where you can add a new star system and planets. You can also create new weapons, spaceships, and even missions. The game promises to expand in the future. As contributors add new interesting content. 

Choose this game if you like... 

  • Retro spatial shooting games. Endless Sky is a modern version of them. Its essence resides in it.
  • Building space-related elements and ships.
  • Exploring the cosmos. 

Fun factor score: 90/100

Just take a look at this epic battle near a cosmic object that looks like the Helix Nebula. It has the shape of an eye.


3. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt - 2016 (PC / Android / iOS) 

An authentic pirate adventure. In this third-person game, you’ll be the Captain of a Ship. Choose among 20 classes of ships and sail to the seas to experience a realistic approach to what it means to be the Captain. Complete the different quests; Knock down enemy ships; Pick up cargo; Learn the Captain skills; And visit a hundred islands and ports available. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is a game that requires time to understand. It has many features that make it a complex game. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • If you’re passionate about pirates you’ll love this one.
  • Complex sea battle mechanics. The tactics can take a while to learn. 
  • Ships, sea traveling, and naval battles. 

Fun factor score: 80/100

A stormy night in the sea. The ships are getting ready to battle under dangerous weather. 


2. CHKN - 2016 (PC)

CHKN consists of creating creatures of all kinds. This open-world sandbox allows you to create unique creatures. You can create life and build anything you want block by block. Battle in the arena with your creations against other players or invite your friends. Explore this world, gather resources, craft, and survive. An entertaining and visually magnificent game to play.  

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Crafting and building to survive.
  • Creating and customizing your characters.
  • Bizarre visuals. The creatures can be exotic. Players have the chance to create anything they imagine.

Fun factor score: 90/100

Wait… what is that thing again?


1. Darwin Project - 2018 (PC / XBOX / PS4)

Darwin Project is a first-person online multiplayer battle royale. An intense game where 10 players will have to fight each other for survival. It takes place in the Northern Canadian Rockies. A dystopic post-apocalyptic world where the players will have to understand and learn the survival conditions. Gather resources to fabricate your clothes, traps, and tools. 

The key features of this title are the possibility to spectate the game and host it. The show director or host will do exactly what its title says. Control the arena by casting powerful attacks like nuclear bombs and gravity storms. Use the power of your voice to make every show a blasting experience. As a viewer, you can take action in the game by voting for the target of the power activated by the host or Show Director; Place bets, and bid for powers reserved for the show director. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Extroverted activities involving speech and creativity. The best feature of the game is the chance of hosting a game. Something that no other game offers.
  • Dynamic and tactical gameplay. Since your goal is to survive, you should think carefully to make the right decisions. 
  • Survival games. Darwin Project is a battle royale but the survival elements should be mastered to win. 

Fun factor score: 100/100

The game visuals in the night with a bonfire warming the place.


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