Top 10 New Indie Games 2019

Top 10 Indie games 2019
10 Indie games you'll be giving up all your money for.

10. Void Bastards

Void Bastards Gameplay

Lead a ragtag group of prisoners through the dangers of the Saragasso Nebula. Decide what to do at every turn. Run, shoot, and use the environment to your advantage. You’ll have to keep your prisoners alive and well, but if you don’t manage to do that, a dead prisoner will be replaced by a live one, raring to go! This ain’t your ordinary point and shoot.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Craft fun things with the items you find, including a cute robot kitty to distract the enemy.
  • Different prisoners have different pros, cons, and quirks..
  • You can trap an enemy in an airlock and blast it into space.

Shoot some dudes with some neato gizmos.

Keep an eye on the layout of the ship you’re on, and don’t forget to have an exit strategy for when things go south.

9. Sable

Explore a desert planet with Sable, a young one going through a rite of passage. As they learn about the world, they learn about themselves, too. Explore the open world, help nomadic people and learn their stories. Explore ancient monuments and try to piece together the history of the planet around you.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Unique rendering style.
  • Open world oozing with mystery...and sand.
  • You have a hoverbike!

Look how cool! Zoom through the desert on a hoverbike with a cape, and a mask made from an animal skull. This is some Mad Max level stuff!

Solve mysteries like what left this skeleton and dear lord, are there any of them still alive?!

8. Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude Gameplay

Explore a flooded city on the sea with Kay, a young woman working through her own loneliness. In this metaphorical world, the water levels will rise and fall, allowing you to reach new areas. Solve puzzles, interact with the red-eyed monsters, and figure out why Kay has turned into one of these monsters, herself.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Absolutely gorgeous graphics!
  • Meaningful story exploring mental health and the effects of loneliness.
  • The monsters all have a story, they aren’t just enemies.

A flooded city, do you dare to find out what is below the surface?

Face yourself in giant creepy bird thing form.

7. Indivisible

Indivisible gameplay

A side scrolling RPG with a 3d rendered world and beautiful hand-drawn sprites. Indivisible follows Ajna, a spirited tomboy who’s home has been attacked. She wakes to the mysterious power to absorb creatures called incarnates into her body and summon them during battle. Join her as she travels the world in order to save everything she ever knew.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Gorgeous graphics with slick hand drawn animation
  • Some banging tunes from the composer of Secret of Mana 
  • A central hub inside Ajna’s mind that largely gets rid of the need to backtrack

Totally overpower a tiny dragon creature!

Help people out and let them become your power!

6. My friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Gameplay 

Kill a bunch of guys for the sake of a sentient banana. That’s what kind of game this is. It is described as a gun ballet, and has fast paced action, or you can slow it down with a physics puzzle or two. There are as many ways to kill as your imagination allows!

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Fantastic control over your body and guns makes for a great feeling game.
  • If things are two fast, you can turn on bullet time for a better shot
  • There’s a talking banana! What’s not to love!


Bloodshed! Mayhem! Banana!

Pew pew with the plantain!

5. Ooblets

Ooblets Gameplay 

An adorable game that’s like Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing mushed up into a cute little ball. You take care of a run down farm and raise these little critters called ooblets and train them to battle. Except in this game, instead of a battle battle, you face off in a dance battle! Explore the world and make friends!

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Cute cartooney style
  • Combination of the farming and battling styles of game.
  • It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.


Cute friendship with lil critters!

The different species of ooblets so far!

4. Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game gameplay

You are a horrible little goose and you’re out to give random citizens a bad time. It’s a stealth/puzzle game with a to do list, though I’m sure you can deviate from the list and just mess with people however you want. And why are you doing this? Because you can.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • A button just for honking!
  • Live your fantasies of being a jerk with no repercussions!
  • A game with a sense of humor


Annoy an innocent man by stealing his radio!

Steal a sandwich!

3. Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 gameplay

A cute platformer roguelike where you can play one of several characters in one of several environments. Pick up all sorts of items to help you explore and defeat enemies. It’s like the first Spelunky, but with even more stuff!

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Multiplayer!
  • Explore caves, how long can you survive?
  • A randomly generated experience for endless play.


Multiplayer with a bunch of cute, unique characters.

You can even spelunk on the moon! And what a good puppy that isn’t asphyxiating for some reason!

2. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 gameplay

We rejoin Razputin after he has become a full fledged member of the Psychonauts, but now the team is in trouble. Something has beenoff about their leader ever since he was kidnapped, and someone has betrayed the Psychonauts.. And there are bad guys trying to resurrect the big baddie from before!

What Makes This Game Fun

  • Fun characters
  • Continuation of the story
  • Character development

Fight off enemies with your amazing psychic powers.

Float your way through a world of...teeth?

1. Afterparty

Afterparty gameplay

Go on one hell of a bender, literally. You play as Milo and Lola, best friends who recently died, and you are in the outer reaches of Hell. Play bar games, go on quests, have conversations that affect the game, and ultimately try to drink Satan under the table. If you manage to do it… he’ll send you back to Earth.

What Makes This Game Fun

  • You can flirt with Satan.
  • Uncover the sordid past of these two friends.
  • All the fun of going out to bars without ever leaving your home! 

Only the finest of drinks for your stay in hell, with the most delightful names. 

Who knew Hell looked like a party town? Unsure what it would be called, but not what you usually think of as Hell, creative!

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