15 Best Indie Games in 2015

best indie games 2015

Another great year for the Indie video game industry.

As we enter the final months of 2015, let’s take a look back over some of the great Indie titles that have been released. 

1. I Shall Remain

Every day is a struggle to survive. 

I Shall Remain is an action role-playing game mixed with elements of survival horror. The title is set in an alternative ending to WW2 – where the Nazis have won by unleashing a deadly biohazard that transforms people into monsters. Now two brothers must together with other survivors to find a safe haven before they overwhelmed by the everyday horrors they now face.    

2. Her Story

Her Story is a unique game done in the format of a FMV – a genre that was popular in the ‘90s but soon faded away after most of them were of poor quality. But many years have passed and technology has gotten much better – thus Her Story is a really good return to an old school style of gameplay. 

Pay attention to the videos – they will contain important clues. 

One of the biggest problems with classic FMV titles – besides silly, over-the-top performances – was the quality of the camera. Now this isn’t as big of a problem because image quality has vastly improved, and it shows when you compare Her Story to older FMV titles.   

I recommend Her Story for fans of FMV or for people who never tried one out. Even if you had bad experiences with FMV games in the past, I would still consider this game because it just may redeem the value and potential of this stylized genre. 

3. Party Hard

Party Hard is a…controversial game to say the least, since your goal in the title is to brutally murder party raging neighbors. And your motivating for doing so instead of calling the police? Because it’s more fun to kill. 

It’s time to teach those annoying party nighters a lesson. 

As you can sense by the game’s overall objective, Party Hard is a really dark but really also really silly adventure. What’s more interesting is that the developers have regularly worked on family-friendly games so it’s fascinating to see them tackle a game with a much darker subject.  

4. Rack N Ruin

Who planted these ice crystals in the middle of a forest? 

Rack N Ruin is a unique combination of top-down action adventure and arcade shooter. In the title you play as a magical demon bent on destroying the world. You are Rack – the creature that will bring doom to us all. But to complete your quest on total world destruction you must face against the forces of good – who will do anything and everything they can to stop you. 

5. Deliverance

Deliverance is a first-person survival horror game. In this grim adventure you take the role of Victim #3 – and must escape the base of your captor with only your flashlight, stealth skill and nothing else. 

This is the worst welcome party ever. 

The setting is an abandoned asylum with a confusing maze-like build. The environment is also lettered with notes to help you learn more about your captor and his previous victims – but be careful that he doesn’t catch you. 

6. Hoven the Sages Spinel

We’re having a very bad magic storm tonight. 

Hoven is a simple game with a simple premise. But it’s what ultimately makes the game an enjoyable worthwhile time. In the game you and your party must safe Hoven from the threats of a dangerous mage. This journey will last you a good while – but Hoven also includes several secrets and side quests to extend the length of your adventure.   

7. Immortal Defense 

Immortal Defense features a unique narrative twist on the tower defense gameplay. The storyline of Immortal Defense, written by Jeanne Thornton, is one of the game’s strongest hooks as it turns the formal form of tower defense upside down on its head. In addition, the Steam version comes with level editor where you can produce your own content and share it online with others.

This is a tale of an epic war between muti-colored rings in the cosmos. 

Immortal Defense is definitely one tower defense game you will want to try out – especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

8. Satellite Reign 

It’s time to upgrade you to something more…powerful. 

Set in an open cyberpunk world, Satellite Reign has you taking the reins of an elite squad of agents. As the player, you have control over your squad’s style and approach to situations – either as a whole or for specific members. The levels and areas are designed to handle scenarios in multiple ways – so don’t feel pressured about your path being wrong or right, because at the end of it all, it’s about your party making its way to the top of the corporate hierarchy.  

9. Port of Call

All onboard!  

Port of Call is a free to play first-person adventure game. As your tale begins you awaken on a small deck with no previous memory on how you got there. You are shortly greeted by a mysterious captain who orders you onboard his ship. Port of Call is a short experimental title focusing on story more than item collecting and its unique style is what gives the game an interesting edge above other full length adventures.  

10. One More Line

May the best man (or woman) win. 

One More Line is an indie title developed by SMG Studio and promoted as a highly addictive, one button, one disco, skill timing game. This perfectly sums up the game as it is a straight ford – but very engaging title with 2-4 local multiplayer and a few different unlockables.  

11. Calvino Noir 

He’s no Detective Cole Phelps, but he’s just as flawed and determined.  

In the world of Calvino Noir, everybody is broken and has something to hide. Even the architecture and environments look as if they’re hiding a dark secret. In this world, there is no right or wrong, only doing what’s needed to stop things from getting worse. 

12. Apt

Leap to freedom! 

Using the abilities of your Test Suit, in Apt your mission is to reach the goal door by interacting with the environment and changing objects to help you get to the finish marker. As a first-person platformer, you’ll mostly be exploring environments and trying to finish each stage as fast as you can. As expected, the game includes a Leaderboard where you can compete to earn the best ranks.  

13. Dead in Bermuda 

Dead in Bermuda is a survival management title mixed with elements of role-playing and adventure. This game is a true survival simulator as members of your party can die from various hazardous elements so it’s up to you in making sure everybody is in top condition. Character development is another big pillar of the game as different members of the group can either become friends or enemies.

Everyone, please get together – and please no singing at all times. 

Lastly, the world in the game is huge and can be a fun place to explore…but also extremely dangerous. So stay cautious.    

14. Fran Bow

I’d always had a soft spot for any media that has a dark, creepy aesthetic. And if you’re like me, and you enjoy adventure games, then I think Fran Bow has you covered. The title is a psychological horror piece with 2D art and animation.

I hope there’s bug spray in your inventory.

For most of the title you’ll be interacting with a large cast of characters and solving puzzles of different difficulty as you make way through in the journey to find your cat.  

15. Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients 

Soon my army shall become the most powerful in the lands! 

Set during a time period long before Caesar, Alexander or Phillip you take control of a large army as attempt to gain control over the battlefield against your enemies. But to become a true conqueror you must carefully manage your resources – otherwise you may find yourself with nothing left to use in battle. Hegemony III also includes over 25 factions, 4 cultures, a dynamic battlefield, and a level editor to let you create your own worlds.  

With the year not yet over there’s always a chance for this list to change. But for now comment below and tell us your favorite Indie games of the year.   

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