Disney's Dreamlight Valley Best Roles For Each Character

What are the best roles for each character in Disney's Dreamlight Valley?

1. Foraging

One of Disney's most Iconic themes picking berries and wild herbs

Foraging is a fun way to search each of the biomes for various wild growing herbs, fruits and even shells all over your valley. Each item you forage can be used in various ways. Whether you use them in crafting cooking or as gifts to give to characters in your valley. Here are in my opinion the best and most fun choices for that role.

Mother Gothel: Anyone familiar with this vain villain of Tangled will remember she spent most of her time gathering wild plants, nuts, berries and the like whenever she left the tower. So for keeping with this theme she is a good choice for this role. Plus I personally find no greater joy than having her follow me around all over the valley helping me gather said fruits and herbs.

Remy: As we all can remember from the movie one of the very first things our Little Chef did was try to make a new dish using a wild mushroom and a few other ingredients he found around the yard of the house he lived in. So again perfect for our Little Chef to help you go around and gather all the fruits and herbs and berries you could ever need to make yummy dishes to impress our resident Little Chef with.

Anna: Our Queen of Arendelle and Summer Princess is such a bright and outgoing lady spending time with her going around gathering fresh herbs, fruits and berries is very much something I can see her doing with you. So she is another good choice to be a foraging partner for you.

Merlin: This one is for all those who grew up with the older movies of Disney Merlin was always fond of cottages in the woods and I even put his home in the forest biome the game has to offer therefore it makes the most sense to also have him as a foraging partner.

Mirabel: You heard that right folks Dreamlight Valley certainly wishes to keep itself up to date and this newest icon to the Disney lineup was added some updates ago to the game. Giving you the chance to hang out with this dancing singing latina lass to your heart's content. As such she seemed to me to be the all around character so having her help you with Foraging and perhaps one other role will always be fun.

2.  Mining

Dig up those gems by the score

Nothing like digging for buried treasures and the deposits in your valley deliver. Each biome comes with its own pair of beautiful gems each and with the help of your friends or tagalongs in some cases. It not only rewards you with amazing gems and ore to craft with or sell at our friendly goofy stall owner you can have fun while you do it.

Maui: I hear you out there saying why Maui? Isn’t he the famous demigod of the wind and seas and more suited to other roles? And while yes you would indeed be correct it was actually Dreamlight Valley that gave me this choice. One of your quests involves helping Maui and Moana recover a trip down memory lane that they spent with you. In one of the clues to this quest you see Maui mining gems. As such I felt it different but fitting to make our big man of the skies and the seas a mining partner besides he’s a very fit demi god might as well put those muscles to use right?

Scrooge Mcduck: Now this business duck, anyone even remotely familiar with this ornery scottish duck knows that he’s hardly above getting down and dirty to get items of value. So of course helping you to gather gems is no problem for him whatsoever and truly suits his character to a T. Plus for nostalgia’s sake it reminds me so much of the Ducktales cartoon show growing up and all the adventures he went out treasure hunting for, an additional bonus point for the nostalgia.

Kristoff: Again not the most obvious of choices because the only thing this man ever swung a pickaxe at is ice. But I also figured because of that and his outdoorsy nature helping you to mine gems would be something different but fitting for him. On top of which he does run a stall that also helps with your mining ventures with him so another bonus point to consider.

Scar: Now this one is what I mean by tag along instead of a friend lets face it we all either love or love to hate this vindictive cowardly big brother issue carrying lion. I’m strongly of the latter so for my personal brand of petty nothing makes me happier then making him come along with me to mine for gems so another tidbit for you all if you have a character your not overly fond of make them your tagalongs it's very rewarding

Mirabel: Again this helpful lady who loves to help out wherever and however she can and all around is a lot of fun to hang out with is also a good choice for mining with so another option to consider with this character as well.

Prince Eric: Now our resident seafaring prince was another unique choice on my part since again like with Maui another role seems to be more suited to him but I figured why not change it up a bit as well besides one of the biomes to mine deposits in is by the ocean so he still gets to be near it every time so there is also that as well.

3.  Fishing

Working making that perfect cast

This one is both fun, challenging and unique. Yes you heard me right, unique. How this works is the set up for fishing is a mini game for you to get the rhythm down and comes in three layers of difficulty. Each layer tells you which one will reward with what level tier fish you will catch when you are successful at reeling in your catch. As such these characters can best make the experience enjoyable.

Moana: Fairly obvious choice right? After all, the entire reason she left on her journey was to fix the fishing and food issue for her island home and more and since her people are polynesian and therefore fishing people by culture and necessity it makes sense to make her my fishing companion. It also helps that she eventually after you help her opens up a boat that looks exactly like the one she used on her adventure to bring in fish for you so if you don’t have much luck finding the fish you need she can help you with her boat load of them on occasion. And vice versa so over all she is definitely meant to be a fisherwoman.

Goofy: Anyone familiar with the first Goofy movie and any of the Goofy cartoon shorts we used to watch growing up knows this funny warm hearted character loves the outdoors and anything sport related. And with the Perfect Cast from his own movie and the whole point of said movie was him wanting to take his son fishing can we ask for any other role for our loveable goof then fishing? In my opinion not really unless they decide to let you cook with your friends. On top of which when you are running around to get your Royal Tools he is the one holding your fishing rod so I think that speaks for itself. And personally I find it fun that one of the quests he asks of you is to help him get the ingredients to make a sea based dish so why not have him help you get the ingredients he needs right?

Simba: This choice was based on what Simba is and no I don’t mean a lion I mean a hunter and since there's not a lot in terms of meat for him to hunt, Fishing with you is the best option for our wonderful King of Pride Rock. And since he is a cat even if a larger and fiercer one I figured it would work for him as well.

Nala: Same reason for Simba and in fact one of the quests she asks for your help with is find food for the valley she really takes her role as guardian and provider for the village very seriously nothing less from the Queen of Simba’s Pride so again as with her husband and King what better role for our lioness huntress then fishing.

Donald Duck: As with his long time friend Goofy this choice also spoke for itself he is a sailor always wearing his sailor attire and even lives in a boat in the game and by the shorelines of the beach biome. As such having him be your fishing partner was as meant to be for him as it is with Goofy. So again like with his friend Donald and fishing truly go together.

4. Gardening/Farming

Nothing more relaxing and rewarding then tending to your own garden with a friend

One of the most rewarding and lucrative of the tasks you can do in your valley that while not as methodically routined as mining still affords you an easy set up and process to growing beautiful crops that you can use in cooking, decorating and of course selling to Goofy. And here are in my opinion the best ones to fulfill those roles.

Mickey: It has been done in so many cartoon shorts and even in the game he himself says his favorite pastime to spend with his sweetheart is gardening so why not let the mouse enjoy what he loves as he spends time with you. So naturally I made our Icon of Disney himself my Farming/Gardening partner for my valley.

Minnie: Same as the King his beautiful Queen is also a great choice for a gardening partner especially if you take your harvest and turn into great dishes in the kitchen just like she would so perfect all around plus I do enjoy making fresh dishes for her and Mickey to enjoy together for one of their quests so again best choice to make for her as it is for Mickey.

Elsa: Now it may seem odd that I would pick little Miss “the cold never bothered me” Queen to be a gardening partner but as shown in the second film looking after nature is something she’s quite good at so having her help with the gardening is why I gave her that role.

Wall-E: Need I even say more with this adorable shy cutie on mini tracks. Anyone who knows his story knows all he wanted was to see life come to his planet after heaven knows how long he spent working by himself all that time. And just like with Moana and her boat with Wall-E’s help you can set up a mini garden patch just for Wall-E to enjoy and every day it's tended to you get random crops every harvest. So of course I couldn’t help but make this adorable little guy my Gardening Partner he was meant to be one plus as an added bonus every character has a signature jingle from their movies play as you work with them so having his chipper classic music playing as you work your garden with him is quite a plus for me.

Remy: That's right everyone our Little Chef is my gardening partner as well because just like with Mickey Minnie and Wall-E he fits this role so well. After all, as Colette herself said, to be the best restaurant you need first pick and there are only two ways to get it: grow it yourself or bribe a grower. Luckily he doesn’t need to bribe me. All he needs to do is help me and I can have all the best crops ready to be made into great dishes for his restaurant which is also a great way to earn higher friendships with the other characters who visit his Restaurant. So there you have the best role for him to be in.

5. Digging

Trust Disney to make even such a mundane chore fun

Yes you heard that right digging with the Royal shovel not exactly the most thrilling of the tasks you can do but it is helpful with making the rows for your garden as well as digging up occasional barriers when needed and when you unearth the ground for either of those reasons you will be given more materials to use for crafting.So there is that one bonus to the game that even something as simple as digging a hole can still be useful to you despite how it looks.

Anyone/No one: As stated there isn’t a whole lot to this role so it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to put anyone not even your least favorite characters into this role for how often will you even need to go find said character just to go around and maybe dig up some holes if you don’t have or need a new garden set up. So all in all this is definitely one Role that while you could give it to anyone if you wished to it really isn’t all that needed.

And so there you have it people here are the Five roles you can give to Disney characters of Dreamlight Valley and with the newest expansion to the game there are more friends to invite along for whatever task you wish them to join you in. 

Even prior to the big release they invited new characters for you to decide who to put where such as Stitch, Belle and Beast, as well as Olaf and Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph and I’m sure more characters will be invited before long so take your time and just have fun. 

To make it even better the developers gave you a way to change a character's role if you decide to give them something else you wish for them to do with you. This way you don’t have to start your game all over again because you changed your mind. So again have fun and I hope to see you all use your imaginations to the fullest in Dreamlight Valley.

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