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Games Like Xcom
Fight for the humans’ survival in a futuristic alien apocalypse.

12. Dreadlands

Meet new and charming characters with an interesting art style.

This game creates a new style of turn-based RPG MMO. You have your base and your tribe, then you go outside and fight with other players. Explore rich maps and interact with other players, you can be a merchant or maybe the trigger happy guy that creates chaos all over the place.

Features of Dreadlands:

  • Explore a post-apocalyptic world and fight with dangerous creatures, gather resources to improve your base and your survival.
  • Stumble into other players on your travels, you can interact and work together to take down bigger enemies.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous visuals of this unique world.

Official Website: https://playdreadlands.com/

11. End State

Hunt down your target as a professional elite force team.

Feel the thrill of the fight on this Early Access title, manage a mercenary company with one job: dismantle a terrorist organization. You can be stealthy or walk-in guns blazing, however, you prefer as long as those terrorist meet their doom.

Features of End State:

  • Realistic physics, the bullets will pierce through walls depending on the material they're made of, use it to your advantage in battles.
  • Destructible environments for those who enjoy going over the top with the mayhem.
  • Create your elite forces team with a wide set of weapons and armors, plus, make them look classy with the character customization system.

Official Website: http://www.endstategame.com/

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNEA9q_oCVq190i9ezO4_A

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