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Liyue's Delicacy
After all, who doesn't love good food, right?

Now this is a weirdly ambitious list.

Genshin Impact has a lot of food that varies in function. They are divided into four categories: Adventurer, which depletes Stamina Consumption; Warrior, which increases ATK/CRIT Rate/certain DMG; Sage, which increases DEF/Shield; and Guardian, which adds your HP or revives a fallen member.

By ver 1.2., there are a total of 59 foods, of which 27 of them have a version called Special Dish which you have the chance of obtaining through each of your Characters. These Special Dishes give an upgraded effect of the original ones.

There are 3 stages of cooking these dishes: Normal, Delicious, or Suspicious. Each would give you different numbers for the stats it’s supposed to boost.

As Special Dishes don’t actually have recipes and can only be obtained through special cases, the foods on this list are a part of the 59 general foods.

10. Teyvat Fried Egg

A very simple, easy dish that every Genshin player is aware of. 

The Teyvat Fried Egg is the first recipe we get once we have unlocked the cooking feature. It revives a fallen member by 50-150 HP. There’s really nothing special about this and it’s kind of mundane, but I’ve got a soft spot for this very first recipe of every player who plays Genshin Impact.

But the actual reason is because the recipe only consists of one thing: a Bird Egg.

If you’ve got Bennett, there’s a chance to get the Special Dish when you cook the Teyvat Fried Egg with him.

Teyvat Fried Egg details:

  • How to Obtain: Default Recipe
  • Star: 1
  • Effect: Revives a fallen member and restores 50-150 HP
  • Dish Type: Guardian
  • Special Dish: Teyvat Charred Egg by Bennett

Teyvat Fried Egg Recipe:

  • Bird Egg x1 

9. Cream Stew

If you’re a bit impatient (like me) and keep on making your Characters sprint (like me) because they aren’t walking fast enough (or just because), then this food is perfect for your party.

Cream Stew gives you strength to Sprint, a.k.a. it lowers the Stamina consumed when you’re Sprinting up to 25% for 15 minutes. This goes for everyone in the party except when you’re on Co-Op Mode, then it only affects your Characters.

You can buy this recipe from the Good Hunter for 2,500 Mora once you’ve reached Adventure Rank 25.

Cream Stew details:

  • How to Obtain: Purchasable from the Good Hunter (AR 25)
  • Star: 2
  • Effect: Decreases all party members’ Sprinting Stamina Consumption by 15%-25% for 900s (15 minutes)
  • Dish Type: Guardian
  • Special Dish: Spicy Stew by Barbara

Cream Stew Recipe:

  • Meat    x2
  • Cream x2
  • Snapdragon x1

8. Moon Pie

This traditional staple food from Monstadt raises the Shield strength of everyone in the party by 25%-35% and the DEF by 165-234 for 300 seconds. In Co-Op Mode, only your Characters get the effect of the food.

It is understandable that the bigger the boost, the more ingredients it requires. This is the reason why this food is pretty low on the list. Furthermore, not everyone plays Shield, so the Shield boost would be a bit of a waste if you’re just using it for defense.

Moon Pie details:

  • How to Obtain: Lv. 7 of Monstadt’s Reputation.
  • Stars: 4
  • Effect: All Party Strengthen Shield by 25%-35% and increases DEF by 165-235 for 300s
  • Dish Type: Sage
  • Special Dish: -

Moon Pie Recipe:

  • Meat         x4
  • Butter        x3
  • Flour         x2
  • Bird Egg    x4

7. Crystal Shrimp

To get your hands on this dimsum’s recipe, you have to reach Adventure Rank 25 and then buy it in Wanmin’s Restaurant for 2,500 Mora. 

Crystal Shrimp is made of ingredients that are fairly easy to find: you can simply buy everything in shops, or find the Carrot in the wilderness.

Because it restores up to 22% of your max HP and then regenerates up to 470 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds, you can get up to 2,820 HP from the regeneration.

Crystal Shrimp details:

  • How to Obtain: Purchasable through Wanmin Restaurant (AR 25)
  • Effect: Restores 18-22% of max HP and regenerates 300-470 HP every 5s for 30s.
  • Dish Type: Guardian
  • Special Dish: All-Delicacy Parcels by Xingqiu

Crystal Shrimp Recipe:

  • Shrimp x3
  • Rice    x3
  • Carrot x2 

6. Lotus Flower Crisp

You’d think the Lotus Flower Crisp uses Lotus Head as an ingredient. It doesn’t. This pretty looking food will raise all of your party member’s DEF up to 235 for 300 seconds. As always, during Co-Op Mode, only your Characters get the boost.

While the ingredients aren’t always easy to find, the Lotus Flower Crisp is still easier to make with a good DEF boost compared to the Golden Crab, which requires arguably harder ingredients to find despite its high boost.

Lotus Flower Crisp details:

  • How to Obtain: Lv. 4 of Liyue’s Reputation
  • Star: 3
  • Effect: Increases all party members’ defense by 165-235 for 300s
  • Dish Type: Sage
  • Special Dish: -

Lotus Flower Crisp Recipe:

  • Flour        x2
  • Butter       x2
  • Sugar       x1 
  • Almond    x4

5. Golden Shrimp Balls

The Golden Shrimp Balls gives considerably a lot of HP as a revival food. It’s also pretty easy to get your hands on the recipe, as you only need to reach Level 1 of Liyue’s Reputation.

What’s really good about this dish is the fact that it consists of ingredients that are easy to find. You can simply buy everything in certain shops in Liyue. And, no, you don’t have to catch the shrimps by yourself like the other type of meat. (Well, you can’t catch shrimps in Genshin Impact even if you want to.)

Golden Shrimp Balls details:

  • How to Obtain: Lv.1 of Liyue’s Reputation 
  • Star: 3
  • Effect: Revives a fallen member and restores 900-1500 HP
  • Dish Type: Guardian
  • Special Dish: -

Golden Shrimp Balls Recipe:

  • Shrimp Meat x5
  • Potato  x4
  • Flour    x3

4. Tianshu Meat

Yet another meat dish. The Tianshiu Meat is a delicacy originated in Liyue; it boosts your party’s Physical damage and CRIT Rate for 300 seconds. Like the other food, this only affects your Characters in Co-Op Mode.

Considering the stat boost the food gives, the ingredients are quite easy to find, too.

A little fun fact here, the in-game description of the dish might have hinted that Uncle Tian invented this food. 

Tianshiu Meat details:

  • How to Obtain: Lv. 7 in Liyue’s Reputation.
  • Star: 4
  • Effect: Increases all party members’ Physical DMG by 25%-45% and CRIT Rate by 6-10% for 300s.
  • Dish Type: Warrior
  • Special Dish: -


  • Meat         x4
  • Sugar        x2
  • Qingxin     x1
  • Matsutake x1

3. Adeptus’ Temptation

As the only 5-starred dish in the Genshin Impact universe, it is only right that Adeptus’ Temptation gives an incredible push to all party members’ ATK and CRIT Rate. Just like the other foods, this only affects your party in Co-Op Mode.

However, this dish requires quite a lot of ingredients, and a tough one (I can’t be the only one having a problem getting crabs, right?). It is understandable, though. Good food comes with good ingredients.

Adeptus’ Temptation details:

  • How to Obtain: A Chest on the floating island above Qingyun Peak or reward from the Nine Pillars of Peace quest.
  • Star: 5
  • Effect: Increases all party members’ ATK by 260-372 ad CRIT Rate by 8%-12% for 300s
  • Dish Type: Warrior
  • Special Dish: -


  • Ham          x4
  • Crab          x3
  • Shrimp       x3
  • Matsutake  x3

2. Northern Apple Stew

The Northern Apple Stew supplies you with up to 34% of your Max HP and then an additional HP up to 1,900. For a recipe that can be obtained through the first level of Monstadt’s Reputation, I believe it’s a pretty good deal.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are rather easy to gather, too. That being said, this particular food is, perhaps, one of the easiest food to make that regenerates HP.

Northern Apple Stew details:

  • How to Obtain: Lv.1 of Monstadt’s Reputation.
  • Star: 3
  • Effect: Restores 30-34% of Max HP and another 600-1900 HP to the Character
  • Dish Type: Guardian
  • Special Dish: -

Northern Apple Stew Recipe:

  • Meat       x3
  • Apple      x3
  • Butter      x1
  • Pepper    x1

1. Jade Parcels

If you’ve got this recipe, you’ll know the famous cook Xiangling teaches this to the MC firsthand. 

The ingredients needed for Jade Parcels is arguably considerate as this food boosts your party’s ATK up to 320 and critical rate up to 8%. Plus, we basically get this recipe for free.

As usual, if you’re on Co-Op Mode, only your Characters get the boosts.

Jade Parcels details:

  • How to Obtain: Cooking Showdown quest
  • Star: 4
  • Effect: Increases all party members’ ATK by 224-320 and CRIT Rate by 6%-8% for 300s.
  • Dish Type: Warrior
  • Special Dish: -

Jade Parcels Recipe:

  • Lotus Head     x3
  • Jueyun Chili    x2
  • Cabbage     x2
  • Ham            x1

Now how was that list? I'm sure there are things you agree with, and some that you don't. Comment down below and tell us which food you make the most in the game!

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