GTA Online Best Armored Cars (Top 5)

   Tell me about your favorite car that you have in your garage in GTA Online right now. Why is it your favorite? 

   Okay, I hear you, but how well does it protect you from those oppressors? What happens when Tom, Dick, and Larry come around with stickies, waiting to ruin your day? No no, it’s okay, you’ll be fine. Let me inform you as to why I think you’ll want to reconsider getting your hands on one of these Top 5 armored cars in the GTA Online today, for your protection, of course. 


5. Armored Kuruma


What makes The Armored Kuruma awesome?

The Kuruma is popular because of the awesome discount offered early on in the game once completed the Fleeca Job, which most, if not all of us, have.

This car similar to a Nokia is nearly bulletproof from every angle, with bullet-resistant windows added to this list.

The Kuruma is otherwise a very balanced car, fast recorded  at about 24 seconds down the LSIA runway, and great handling offroad.



The negative for being “least” best on this list because it gets wiped out after a single explosive of any kind.


4. Insurgent Pickup Custom

Being just a tad bit slower than the Kuruma, but actually being able to take quite the punch, the popular Insurgent Pickup Custom is really an all around better vehicle than it’s previous models.


What makes the Insurgent Pickup Custom awesome?

The Insurgent may not have bullet proof windows like the Kuruma, but it can take up to 5 explosives on it’s own, and up to about 9 with you in it!

The Custom version is proven to be faster than its other versions.

Using its powerful machine gun, can destroy a vehicle in about 8 seconds easily as shown in the video.


3. Nightshark




2. Duke O' Death

If this bad boy seems like it's made out of steel, it probably is! The stiff, crazy strong frame makes it nearly invincible. This is why the Duke is our runner-up.  


What makes The Duke O’ Death awesome?

The frame is merely second best to the Nightshark’s, taking up to 9 homing missiles.

The Duke offer’s room for only the most important; you and your best guy.

One of the fastest on our list, only taking 23 seconds to make it down the LSIA runway.



The Duke wouldn’t be a good choice to take to a driveby-the windows on this car’s side and front offer little to no protection, however, there is full protection from the back.


1. Benefactor Schafter V12


What makes the Benefactor Schafter V12 awesome?

This baby is the MOST balanced of all the armored vehicles, which is why it stole our number one spot. 

What I like to call the cousin to the Kuruma,It may not be bulletproof, but it at least has bullet resistant windows, and can take one explosive and still drive away.

The Schafter beat the Duke during its LSIA race, beating the Duke by decimal points! This car is the fastest of all the armored vehicles, with great, light handling.

More customization than some of the leading armored cars in the game.

When it came time to decide how I was going to create this list, I decided that balance was critical. Why would the “best” armored car be one that was missing a very important factor, like good windows? What I see in the Schafter V12 are opportunities: making a quick getaway after a heist, standing longer in pvp fights, surviving a missile. Our supporting armored cars provide a lot of different variety and levels of protection. Which one is your favorite?


Being the most balanced of all of our armored cars listed, this baby has bullet resistant windows, and it can take an explosive, and still have a chance to escape. 

What I like to call the Kuruma’s long-lost cousin, the Benefactor is amongst the fastest on this list, beating the Duke on the runway by decimal points!

This vehicle has more customizations than most armored cars.

The Schafter has amazing light handling; just watch out for curves at high speeds, as you would any other vehicle.


  When we decide what armored vehicle we’re gonna choose for a heist, contact mission, or anything of the sort, we want to look at what will protect us the most and get us to where we need to go. When I look at the Schafter V12, I see opportunities: making a quick getaway after a heist, standing longer in pvp fights, and surviving a missile. When deciding our number one spot, I felt that balance was key; why would you choose a vehicle that is missing something critical, like good, bullet-resistant windows? Out of all the armored vehicles in the game, or even this list, what’s your favorite?

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