[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Offlane Heroes That Are Fun

Select the best offlane heroes that are fun to use!

Offlane heroes play an important role from early to late game. When choosing this lane, you must prepare yourself because it's the most difficult role to play. You'll put yourself in a place where you will not often get help and have always been a target of ambush gangs. Thus, choosing the right hero to defend the exp-lane is a must. So here are my top 10 Best Offlane Heroes that can carry, defend and stand on this deadly lane. 


10. Jawhead (Fighter/Tank)

18 KILL! Offlane Jawhead Damage Build [ Top Global Jawhead Best Build ] Cunnilingus - Mobile Legends

Jawhead is typically utilized as a support, however as long as he is played correctly with the right starting build, we all know that he is significantly stronger in the EXP lane. Because of his first and second skills, he excels at zoning and denying his opponent in the same lane. Due to his shield and excellent mobility, he can be quite difficult to destroy.

When an enemy approaches your minions, you can use Jawhead's second skill to throw them away to minions or them to your you allies to get them out of the way. Either they get experience points or gold, or they die.

However, Jawhead is a little bit hard to play at first. You should know first the principle of lane management, lane pressure and lane freezing in order to overpower your enemies with your destructive skills because Jawhead is an amazing pick on the exp lane.  

What Makes Jawhead Strong for Offlane: 

  • His skill 2 is useful in throwing enemies and allies perfect for trippings. 
  • Jawhead's passive skill improves his basic attack's damage every time he deals damage to his target. 


9. Edith (Marksman)

Edith Offlane Monster - Auto Win MVP Gameplay - Edith Best Build 2022

Tanky yet deadly.

Like Jawhead, Edith is frequently utilized as a roamer. Despite not being the top or most popular choice in the EXP lane, she can survive there for a longer period of time and doesn't frequently need assistance from her allies because of her durability.

Try to give Edith an Inspire battle spell and give her two magic defense item; the rest should be physical defense. This is something that other players don't do, and it might seem strange to Edith. The reason why is that those defenses will be turned into damage output during her ultimate, it will be a huge help added by inspire that will enhance her basic attack dealing a tremendous amount of damage. Just give it a shot and see what happens.

What Makes Edith Strong for Offlane: 

  • She doesn't need so much help from her team and can survive fairly well against attackers. 
  • Tank items will be converted into damage output using her ultimate. 
  • She's good at initiating team fights. 


8. Freya (Fighter)


Stand firm and hold your ground... because Freya will wreck you hard!

Freya is an unpopular hero because players barely pick her as an offlaner. However, Freya has a strong skill set that is ideal for offlaners. She is a much more resilient and powerful fighter, which is particularly beneficial for her survival in team battles. She has huge damage dealing with physical attacks with skills enhancing her attack and giving her shield. 

In fact, Freya is an all in one hero. She is ideal for 1v1 and team battles because of her buff, burst, shield, and AoE. Aside from her passive ability, which makes her a terrifying offlane hero, she also excels in lane management, destroying turrets, applying lane pressure, and killing heroes. She attacks more quickly as a result of the passive skill, dealing significant damage even with simple strikes of her basic attack.

What Makes Freya Strong for Offlane: 

  • She can camp out a single opponent and is good at taking damage.
  • Her strength makes it challenging to kill her.
  • Her skills 2 and 3 offer her a lot of shield, which helps her have a high resistance.


7. Yu Zhong (Fighter)

17 Kills!! Yu Zhong Best Build 100% IMMORTAL!! - Build Top 1 Global Yu Zhong ~ MLBB

He would rather betray the world than let the world betray him! 

Although Yu Zhong isn't as well known as he once was, he is stronger and more resilient than ever in the experience lane because of his first and second skills, which are both destructive in driving away an enemy in the same lane after a successful lane freeze. His passive assists are great during a fight because it scales according to how much missing HP the enemies have lost while restoring HP that Yu Zhong has also lost. In other words, Yu Zhong becomes superior during team fights after his passive has been activated.

What Makes Yu Zhong Strong for Offlane: 

  • He has a painful explosion damage.
  • Ability in crowd control.
  • He has a high level of durability.


6. Dyrroth (Fighter)


Dyrroth jungle became a hype last season but see how he shines in the exp lane this season. 

If Dyrroth is equipped with the appropriate items at the start of the game, he will be a great and destructive offlaner. During the early game damage item should be your number one priority and make sure you prioritize his second skill instead of first skill.

One of his strongest advantages in the game is his second skill which can reduce an enemy's armor by more than half. Just equip Dyrroth with high and dry with max physical emblem, physical damage, and physical penetration items. With the right early game build and itemization, Dyrroth is a great threat against enemies on the same lane. 

What Makes Dyrroth Strong for Offlane: 

  • He has a high attack damage.
  • He can clear minion waves fast.
  • He's strong and durable and has a good escape mechanism.


5. Masha (Tank/Fighter)


Keep your distance! Watch out how Masha's hands destroy everything in a snap! 

Despite being severely nerfed this season, Masha still remains a threat in the exp lane. With her ability to regenerate her HP, she can easily overpower her enemies, especially those attacking reliant offlaners on the with her ability in regenerating her HP.  She is one of the most effective turret destroyers in the game and has the highest HP pull.

Due to a recent change, Masha may not deliver the most damage, but she still ranks among the top in terms of survivability, lane management, and lane pressure.

What Makes Masha Strong for Offlane: 

  • Very fast in pushing turrets
  • Can kill Lord and Turtle in a short time
  • Has high mobility


4. Alice (Mage)

1 Minutes MANIAC!! Alice Real Monster Offlane, Insane 18 Kills - Build Top 1 Global Alice ~ MLBB

Would you dare to kiss this lovely Miss? 

She may look charming and lovely but don't be too close to her because she can drain every drop of blood of yours till you thirst for death. That's how powerful she is.

She's not a popular offlaner out there but she's good when it comes to survivability. She can solo push and can use who carries the team so that they have a wide coverage area for farming. She's very strong from early to late game especially when given a blue buff that gives her an additional amount of damage output.

Another thing is she's an offlaner that can bully an enemy's jungler. Using her first skill, she can steal enemies' blue buff or her second skill that can delay their farming. It's a great chance for her team to take advantage of gaining exp and gold. 

What Makes Alice Strong for Offlane: 

  • Have a Good Lifesteal Ability
  • Has Good Mobility
  • Has a good level of durability and flexibility.


3. Uranus (Tank)

Powerful Offlane Uranus MVP 13,5 Points - Build Top 1 Global Uranus ~ MLBB

Nothing can destroy him! 

Similar to Alice, Uranus is one of the underestimated heroes but can be incredibly annoying and difficult to deal with. Just be mindful of picking Uranus against heroes that regenerate a large amount of HP and deal massive damage based on armor or defense items like Hilda.

Due to his mobility, respectable damage output, and HP regeneration, Uranus is a highly effective offlaner. When using him, keep or maintain your stacks by allowing enemies to attack you before it resets. This will keep your passive HP regeneration high. It makes you tankier and deadlier than ever before!

What Makes Uranus Strong for Offlane: 

  • Can last long to survive as an offlaner.
  • Tanky but deals a high amount of damage.
  • He has a high regen ability .


2. Hilda (Tank/Fighter)


Her axe begs to differ! 

One of the top offlaners in the current meta right now is Hilda. Moonton greatly enhanced her power strike in the early game but decreased it in the late game. But this isn't a problem because her ultimate was also enhanced, increasing its maximum damage output even in the early battles of the game. She also made use of the bush, which served as both her hiding place and a place for her to regenerate her HP. With these abilities, she can easily zone out her opponent in the exp lane. Just be sure to prioritize her second skill, which was greatly boosted compared to her Ultimate. It will give her an unbelievable damage output and that's the reason why Hilda is on our list.

What Makes Hilda Strong for Offlane: 

  • She can regenerate her HP in the bush
  • She has a unique passive skill that gives her a numerous amount of damage output. 
  • She's very annoying. 


1. Esmeralda (Mage)

IMMORTAL!! Offlane Esmeralda Best Build and Emblem - Build Top 1 Global Esmeralda ~ MLBB

Make sure to watch out for every step she makes if you don't want to end. 

Our top hero for this list with a skill set ideal for offlaner is none other than, Esmeralda. She has the ability to produce her own shield, which she can use to cover up her lost HP. She is also annoying to deal with those heroes that rely on spell vamp and life skill for regeneration because they barely get anything from Esmeralda's shield effects. 

Contrary to popular opinion, she is tankier when she has at least two magic items than when she has none at all. Her magic power serves as the foundation for how quickly her shield regenerates. Because of her perfect zoning out of enemies and potent second talent, Esmeralda excels at lane pressuring, lane management, and gaining exp or gold. She's an expert in chasing and bringing you to death. 

What Makes Esmeralda Strong for Offlane: 

  • She has a very strong shield.
  • She deals great damage. 
  • She has a short skill cooldown perfect for spamming. 


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