[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Heroes To Carry You To Mythic

The Ghost Rider

Ever wondered if your picks impact your Mythic grind? Let us present you with the best heroes to carry you toward the highest ranks in the game.

10. Fredrinn

The Bastard of Los Pecados

The Rogue Appraiser is a fighter/tank hero who dominates the battlefield with his heavy-hitting claymore.

As a fighter/tank hero, Fredrinn deals massive damage with his many combos and deflects enemy attacks with his shield. He’s a tricky unit as his ultimate has prerequisites you need to trigger before cast but his ability to carry is unquestionable. Use this beast of a tank as a utility jungler and secure major objectives with his CC and high burst ultimate. 

Ranked match grinds get easier when carrying Fredrinn since his high sustain and high damage ability allow him to make play even without his team, Turret dives and jungle steals are made easier with this unit. To top it off, this hero brings in a unique swag that makes him look super chill in the game, look like you’re dominating with ease, and play with your enemies with this carry.

What makes Fredrinn Great for going Mythic:

  • Has high health and durability increasing overall survival in the game
  • Has multi CC combo, immobilizing enemies for his team
  • Decent mobility allows him to maximize his utility skills for the whole team
  • Skill 3 Ultimate is an awesome ability for objective steals
  • High damage unit that can stand on its own against ganks
  • Tankiness allows him to withstand high bursts
  • Incredible close-ranged fighter with high HP regen ability


9. Minsitthar

The Sun of Mahar Pura

The Prince of the Cadia Riverlands is a fighter hero who charges forward with his sharp lance and roaring lion shield.

Minsitthar excels in the game through his swift attacks that strike down his enemies continuously. His first skill allows him to initiate fights and disrupt enemy formation by pulling in crucial members of their team. His ultimate brings a unique ability to the table by disabling all blink skills within his ult area, This is a perfect counter to strong heroes like Terizla, Dyrroth, Fredrinn, and Natalia. 

His proficiency in utility abilities and rapid strikes, complemented by his crowd control passive, renders him highly effective at orchestrating team battles and swiftly dismantling turrets, even when he's in a solo lane.

What makes Minsitthar Great for going Mythic:

  • Excellent crowd control abilities perfect for team fights
  • Multiple skills that disrupt enemy team formations and mobility
  • High durability and sustain
  • High initiation potentials with skills 1 and 3
  • High attack speed results in high damage output
  • Best used to lock down high-mobility enemies by shutting off blink abilities in his ultimate
  • Has high turret pushing ability


8. Alpha

The Blasphemy to Life, Alpha of Laboratory 1718

The Blade of Enmity, a fighter hero in Mobile Legends, forms a formidable duo with his steadfast droid, Beta, as they synergize their abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Alpha makes his play by utilizing minion waves to his benefit; he can handle 1v1 situations and turn the tide to his side by using his extremely high spell vamp, which regains his lost HP quickly. His high burst damage and easy-to-use skills make him an easy choice for ranked matches. Since he is a high sustain and high damage hero, Alpha can handle his own during the game, can withstand most ganks, and can manage to face off multiple enemies as long as his skills are up and ready for casting.

He makes a fantastic carry by being a fast laner or jungler with his AoE damage and additional attacks from his partner beta. Use Alpha as a durable initiator and damage dealer to keep your team at an advantage during ranked games. His skills allow him to unleash surprise attacks, and a full damage kit turns this hero into a worthy assassin.

What makes Alpha Great for going Mythic:

  •  High sustainability in battles can take down crucial enemies
  • Strong area damage and crowd control, perfect for team fights
  • Can initiate and set or disrupt enemies for his team
  • Insane spell-vamp can resurrect him even in highly critical situations
  • Can dominate battles by utilizing minion waves
  • High sustain and damage allow him to survive solo
  • Can make great outplays with his skills and low CD


7. Kimmy

Young Innovator Kimmy

The Jetpack Rebel, Kimmy is a marksman of the Moniyan Empire, happily flashing her latest tech and inventions to the Land of Dawn.

Kimmy is a versatile hero who can take on the jungle, mage or marksman role. Her ranged auto-attack makes it hard for enemies to get close without absorbing a significant amount of damage from her. Her kiting ability combined with her dash skill makes Kimmy hard to catch for slow mobility heroes ultimately increasing her survivability.

What makes her an awesome carry is her high damage potential brought about by her high damage pokes from her auto attack and her burst damage AoE ultimate that goes on to a really long range. Her mobility, energy mechanic, and fast turret-pushing ability make her a good hero for mythic grind however you want her to play. You can focus on poking enemies, killing foes, and pushing towers, and she’ll do well with all because of her distinct playstyles.

What makes Kimmy Great for going Mythic:

  • She has a unique hybrid attack style that is ranged but deals continuous magic damage
  • High damage output from skills especially from ultimate
  • Can kite enemies while attacking; she also has decent mobility with her glide ability
  • Solid poke potential with the enhanced basic attack that deals continuous damage
  • Ultimate attack releases a ranged high, damage AoE attack that can disorient enemies from their positioning


6. Leomord

Mighty Squire of the Border Fortress

The Sworn Sword or the Fallen Knight Leomord, a fighter hero working alongside his lance and his stallion forcing enemies to their knees.

Leomord specializes in chasing enemies with his high-speed movement when riding Barbiel; this is triggered when he meets the horse as it runs its way toward the enemies. Leomord then rides Barbiel, significantly increasing his mobility and further enhancing his skills and abilities. Enhanced abilities include knock-ups and push against enemies.

Leomord showcases a nice set of skills that allow him to deal damage to a group of enemies. He is often seen dishing out attacks hidden from the grass before using his ultimate to unleash his deadly finishing blows. His high damage and pushing abilities make him a good hero for taking down turrets and disrupting enemy skills, perfect for team fights.

What makes Leomord Great for going Mythic:

  • Solid AoE damage and crowd control with his skills
  • High burst damage able to take down squishy enemies
  • Barbiel makes laning faster and more efficient with the increased damage and mobility
  • Ultimate allows skill upgrades when Barbiel is triggered
  • High map presence with his ultimate increasing his mobility significantly
  • A strong unit with a good combination of skills allowing him to dominate his lane
  • Fast turret push ability


5. Karrie

The Arrogant Warrior Leader of the Yasson's, Karrie.

The Lost Star Karrie, a marksman wielding the powerful light wheel mark that shreds her enemies apart.

Karrie is a known hyper carry of the game, all she needs is a complete set of equipment and her power kicks it up to a whole new level. As a marksman specializing in reaping damage, Karrie shines in the late game when her level and items are already capped. Her skills are a combination of a slow, dash and heavy hitting continuous damage making her a fearfully deadly foe.

Karrie deals true damage, making her hard to counter. She can face up against squishy enemies but she can also shred even the tankiest of heroes to bits. Her turret-pushing ability is also top-notch with her intense attack speed. This makes her a deadly rival and a team-melting hero. Don’t let her get those juicy kills, or else she will definitely snowball her team straight to victory and to the higher ranks.

What makes Karrie Great for going Mythic:

  • True damage dealt ignores enemy defenses shredding even high HP enemies
  • Great mobility with her dash skill
  • Pretty short cooldowns perfect for dishing out damage in team fights
  • Basic attacks get enhanced after using skills making her damage higher
  • Her skill set is awesome for chasing and melting enemies
  • She pushes towers so fast she almost equals Zilong in turret take-downs
  • Very high burst damage from skills


4. Moscov

Moscov, Wielder of the Spear of Destruction

The Spear of Quiescence, Moscov is a mighty marksman who mightily holds his deadly spear which he throws across the map.

Moscov is an awesome and heavy-hitting spear user who dominates the gold lane with his great damage and quick attacks. His deadly combos consist of him pining enemies to the wall, immobilizing them for a few seconds, and finishing them off with his ultra-fast attacks before they even regain their movement. 

He relies solely on his skillset and can consistently outplay slow enemies. Moscov's blink skill allows him to precisely position himself strategically to ensure that his enemies turn out in a disadvantageous spot. His destructive spear and ultimate can ultimately steal objectives from across the map. His ultra-fast attacks can take down turrets and even backdoor the enemy base, ultimately carrying his teammates to victory.

What makes Moscov Great for going Mythic:

  • Devastating close-range burst damage with his stun effect
  • Excellent crowd control ability
  • Can quickly take down single targets by pinning them against walls
  • Good sustain with his passive
  • Can stun multiple enemies with his ultimate that traverses across the whole map


 3. Ling

The Inescapable Finch of the Arcadia

The Cyan Finch, Ling is a nimble assassin perfect for chasing enemies and bursting down foes.

Ling is like a free bird that flies across the map to do whatever he wants. With his unique ability to walk across walls granting him a mobility advantage, Ling can give his team an unfair advantage of opening map vision for his team, swiftly taking down lone enemies, and taking down unguarded turrets.

Ling is also ideally used for taking objectives. He can steal turtles and lords even when facing solo against five enemies since walls surround jungle objectives. Ling makes the arena layout his advantage, giving his team an easier play area to move in. He is a total game-changer and is a perfect carry for grinding up to the mythical ranks.

What makes Ling Great for going Mythic:

  • Ling has high mobility with his ability to scale and walk around walls grinding him maximum map presence
  • He has a solid escape mechanism with his ultimate that knocks up enemies and wall-traversing abilities
  • Can easily split push by traveling across the map swiftly and taking down turrets before enemies have the time to back up and defend
  • High damage output can easily take down low HP enemies, his ultimate also allows him to unleash a combination of damage attacks


2. Lancelot

The handsome swordmaster of Moniyan

The Blade of Roses, this young assassin highlights his swordsmanship by showcasing his skills in the Land of Dawn.

Lancelot is a usual pick during the drafts; he is an awesome jungler and assassin who reaps his way to victory. His high burst damage and ability to tower dive without taking damage allow him to cripple enemy team composition by taking down crucial members like the marksman or the assassin, who are often the main damage dealers.

His ability to stay invulnerable for a few seconds makes him an excellent counter to burst heroes like Saber, Aurora and Eudora. He can carry a team by being a vicious and deadly assassin keeping enemies off the playing fields one by one and not letting anyone escape his grasp by maximizing his ability to combo his dashes to burst down his foes.

What makes Lancelot Great for going Mythic:

  • Lancelot has high fan-shaped burst damage and a dashing combo
  • He has high mobility and a short time of invulnerability when casting his skills perfect for evading enemy bursts
  • Can deal multiple high damage with his dash combo
  • His high mobility and burst damage can snowball his team to victory
  • Lancelot has decent sustainability with his skills regenerating his health
  • High burst damage can easily take down squishy enemies
  • Solid ability to tower dive


1. Fanny

Give me a command and I'll make sure it gets done

The Blade Dancer Fanny is an assassin hero who reaps through her enemies throughout the map.

Fanny strikes fear at the enemies by swiftly swinging throughout the arena, dealing her deadly combos to anyone she sees. She is an awesome jungler, snowballing her team to victory with ease through her mastery of traversing the map with her cables. 

She is a great carry as long as you play her with utmost grace and precision, swinging her blades continuously and dealing as much damage as you can. She is awesome as an initiator since her cables allow her to catch enemies off guard and also give her the freedom to pull out of a clash quickly if necessary. This means she can disrupt enemy formation, bait enemy ultimates, and, lastly, get them to fall back on their skill cooldowns without getting a single kill for their team. She ultimately forces the enemy to be vulnerable to her team's attacks.

What makes Fanny Great for going Mythic:

  • Fanny has unmatched mobility and map traversal through her cabless
  • She has high burst damage, which can easily take down squishy enemies
  • As long as she gets her blue buff, her energy regen is enough to keep her playing without recall
  • A very high skill cap can still carry even out of the meta as long as used with mastery
  • High initiation and pullback ability
  • Can quickly steal objectives with cables

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