[Guide] Mobile Legends How To Jungle Like a Pro

Confidence. Guts. Powerful decision making. These traits make up an awesome jungle role player in Mobile Legends. The jungler is a very important yet challenging position in the game; the team essentially depends on you to set the team's tempo. A role that suits individuals with lightning-quick reflexes and intelligence!

If you are confident enough in your skills and you want to learn more on how to be a great jungler player. Then look no further, this comprehensive guide will make you the core user that will always carry his team on the path to victory. Clear the jungle creeps FAST and learn how to rotate efficiently to win!

Choose a hero you have mastered

Choose from your heroes with high mastery!

Choose among the following jungler types: High damage or. Utility jungler. It is important to choose a hero that you are fluid with, being the team jungler requires you to be on top of your game the whole time since you will most likely be one the team carries throughout the game. Strategize from the drafting phase, unless your hero is a priority pick, try to be the last hero pick and adjust based on your enemy's team composition. Counter pick for annoying heroes or choose heroes that they will have a hard time dealing with. 

There is nothing better than getting off to a strong draft. Make sure to take your time and consider the ideal hero to use because some games are practically predetermined before the drafting phase even begins. Use high damage heroes like assassins if the enemy team is composed of squishy heroes that can be swiftly taken down, tankier team comps may require you to use utility jungle heroes for better survivability and increased sustain for the team. Your role would not be focused on killing as much but to bring huge help during teamfights and stay alive when there are battles over objectives.

  • Ban overpowered/meta heroes
  • Plan your draft
  • Prioritize meta picks
  • Choose your hero last so you can adjust or surprise enemy
  • Decide on the perfect jungle hero type

Equip Jungle item immediately and use Retribution

Select the perfect Retribution

In order to advance quickly in the jungle area, you should equip certain equipment and spells built for jungling. There are three types of retribution spells you can choose from:

  • Ice Retribution
  • Flame Retribution
  • Bloody Retribution

When equipped with retribution, utilizing it for special objectives is key. Retribution dictates who gets the Turtle or the Lord during Lord battles. Turtles are important as they give the team that takes it a GOLD and EXP loot and more importantly the Turtle’s Blessing:granting its killer a shield that absorbs 400(+40*Hero Level) Damage when the killer doesn't take any damage in 5s and increase the killer's Physical Attack by 20(+2*Hero Level), Magic Power by 25(+4*Hero Level). Heroes in his team also get a one-time shield.

The Lord on the other hand serves as an additional weapon of offense that goes straight to the enemy base. Getting the Lord is crucial to get an insane advantage during the match. It can take down turrets, swing at enemies and tank minion damage. When the opponent is occupied attacking the Lord, it provides the ally team an opportunity to secure objectives. The Luminous Lord, a more potent variation of the jungle creep, appears after the game's timer reaches 12 minutes. It charges the first enemy turret it encounters, causes truedamage to it, then disables it.

  • Reserve your retribution for crucial objectives: Lithowanderer, Buffs, Turtle and Lord
  • Equip retribution
  • Reserve retribution early for Lithowanderer
  • Ignore lane minions (you are better off farming in jungle)
  • Take note of Lord & Turtle timers
  • Time your use of the spell, make sure you will take the last hit in crucial objectives
  • Use it to steal objectives like Lords and Turtles when your team is in a tight spot (wait for the creep HP to go down before you leap out and use your retribution)

Farm fast and steal buffs

The arena monsters

The most important buffs are the Red/Orange Buff and the Blue/Purple Buffs, both buffs exist in the two sides of the map so both the team’s junglers can farm this for themselves. But don’t miss the opportunity to deny the enemy team of these buffs, stealing buffs is a strategy commonly used by players to take the early game advantage.

Red/Orange buff: “Each time the killer attacks the enemy Heroes, the Soul of Lava will attack them once, dealing extra damage and slowing them for 1 second based on the killer's Role. Has a CD of 3 seconds”

Blue/Purple buff: Reduces all skill's CD by 10%, Mana Cost by 40%, Energy Cost by 25%. When killing an enemy unit, restores HP based on the type of this unit:

Focus on the jungle and don't take minions in the first 5 mins of the game. As the jungler, always keep moving around the map clearing out the jungle area of all monsters and hiding enemies. Take the Lithowanderer, this little dude may not seem useful but taking this means that you will reach levell 4 first and that you will have the upperhand being the first one equipped with his ultimate. This is the time to get aggressive!

  • Head straight to your team buff area or to the enemy camp to steal theirs
  • Lunge toward the Lithowanderer and use your retribution to get it if necessary
  • Invade enemy jungle to deny them of important resources
  • Know your farming route (an efficient jungler knows which monsters to take first)
  • Leave the minions alone. Your team needs them as resources

Map Awareness

Use the map!

This is very important for core players who constantly roam around the map to take kills and objectives. By keeping an eye on the map, you can lessen the chance that the adversary will surprise you and that you'll make a mistake when using a tactic like ganking or seizing objectives. Vision and zoning is expected to be handled by your tanky team mates but it is important that junglers use these information to their advantage. Plotting routes and executing strategies are heavily reliant on the information gathered from the minimap. 

The Minimap also shows the available jungle monsters so take note of this map to utilize your time when rotating. You can check whether it is possible to take the enemy buff and if the coast for ganking is clear. Always utilize the map to look for opportunities to gank and to know the approximate location of the enemy heroes.The map also shows the Lord and Turtle timers allowing the Retribution holder to estimate the time it takes to reach the area of objective.

  • Take glances at the map when possible
  • Look at solo enemies that you and your team can shut down
  • Check for available jungle resources on both sides of the arena
  • Pay attention to Lord and Turtle timers when visiting lanes, make sure you will be there when they spawn

Gank lanes and snowball your team

Take them down!

As the team jungler it is your role to rotate, rotate, and rotate. You cannot overstay in a single lane or in the jungle area otherwise your team will incur deficiencies when it comes to resources like gold and exp. It is best that you always do lane visits and ganks whenever possible and always make sure that you take an objective whenever you do visit, this could be kills, taking turrets, securing lords, or contributing in a team fight. Always make sure that your visits count.

After you get your buff, it is the perfect time to gank enemy heroes. Give your marksman the lead by taking down unknowing heroes by surprise. Early kills on the gold lane will allow your team marksman to get the gold plating on the enemy turret giving them a hearty gold advantage. This also delays the enemy team marksman as they are sent back to their base and forced to be on the wait for their death timers. 

Aggression is a good jungler trait but always know when to start being aggressive.The early to midgame is when most junglers flourish and achieve their peak power when compared to other damage roles, therefore this is when you should start to take down opposing heroes for your team. Gank then go straight to taking objectives like turrets and enemy jungle don’t waste any second hanging around lanes doing nothing.

  • Take buff then visit lanes
  • Reach level 4 to secure kills faster
  • Dish out surprise attacks and gank enemy heroes
  • Snowball your marksman heroes, they will carry the team in the late game
  • Don’t forget to take objectives after killing enemy heroes
  • Look out for enemy backups and don’t overstay in a lane

Deny Gold and EXP Resources

Gold is ours.

It is easier to fight enemies that have been gapped. Underleveled and no item heroes are easier to kill compared to heroes who are evenly leveled with you. The best way to gap enemy heroes is to eliminate them and deny them of resources like the jungle creeps, lane minions and your turret plating. 

Always gank for enemy takedowns and force them to go back to their bases on death timers, this wastes their precious time and gives your team more freedom to secure objectives and get gold and exp advantage. A dead enemy won't stay in your way so it's always nice to secure kills in this game. Always steal enemy jungle monsters when possible, try to work with your tank so you could have him cover for you while you steal their resources. Level gaps are heavily felt in game as underleveled squishy heroes can be one-shotted by junglers or be taken out in a single combo. 

Be deadly and take everything you can, That’s the way you win the game. 

  • Kill enemies or atleast force them to get back and recall
  • Steal their jungle
  • Get level and power advantage
  • Take down underleveled heroes in your way
  • Give your team maximum resource advantage

Communicate with your team

Quick chat.

The game demands you to enter team fights in order to secure kills, therefore this is a crucial role for a jungler. You can communicate with your colleagues while playing the game without using your voice thanks to built-in mechanics. To let them know what you plan to do next, use pings and brief talks. Send out a short signal to the location of your next target so that heroes in the area are aware they should follow through in case you need a quick backup.

Communication is key to a successful teamwork specially in situations where you are playing with randoms. Customize your quick chats to fit what you prefer to say during the game. 

Pings are mostly important for marking enemy heroes you want to take down or just to broadcast their location to your team. This is also very useful for calling your team when tutle/lord fights are about to begin. 

  • Turn on mic if possible so you can communicate freely
  • Set specific quick chats that are useful in game
  • Make use of the ping system and ping wherever you plan to go
  • Ping objectives like Lords and Turtles to call your team's attention towards the area
  • Mark areas where you think there are hidden enemies
  • Ping the map where you want to hide for ganking

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