Mobile Legends Battle Spells Guide [Tips and Strategies]

All Mobile Legends Battle Spells

Mobile Legends features various battle spells to help players gain an advantage in different situations. Check all of them out in this article.


1. Retribution

A crucial battle spell for junglers that deals extra true damage to jungle monsters and provides a significant bonus to gold and experience earned from jungle creeps. This allows junglers to clear monsters quickly and secure jungle objectives.

The Challenge: Steal jungle objectives 

Do this by reserving your retribution to use on stealing enemy jungle or securing major jungle objectives, this ensures that your team gets the buff and gold even when the enemy team harasses you in the jungle areas.

Retribution takes about 35 seconds to cool down and levels up based on how many times you use it. Make sure to maximize its use but keep it available for jungle dances. 

How it works: 

  • Preserve your retribution on your first buff take
  • Use retribution on the litho wanderer instead so you can reach level 4 first
  • If available, always use your retribution to steal the enemy jungle and not give them the buff
  • Make sure to have your retribution ready by the time the Turtles and the Lords spawn


2. Flicker

The ultimate escape spell that allows your hero to teleport a short distance in the direction of your choice. This spell is used both offensively and defensively depending on a situation and is a common go-to spell for many heroes and users.

The challenge: Use flicker to evade enemy attacks or to chase fleeing low-health enemy heroes.

Use flicker whenever you need an escape from dangerous situations such as ganks or improve your general positioning.

How it works:

  • Flicker blinks the user a few distances into the desired target direction
  • The player should conserve flicker for specific situations since it has a pretty high cooldown timer
  • Choose flicker for low-mobility heroes or heroes with no blink moves
  • Use flicker when ganked to avoid death
  • Use flicker to chase enemies that you can take down
  • When using heroes that have slow attacks and need larger ranger like Lolita and Tigreal, use Flickerto aim their ultimates to enemy groups
  • Flicker through walls for awesome outplays


3. Petrify

Petrify emits an AoE stun shockwave, slowing and briefly stunning nearby enemies. Petrify is often used by heroes who want to limit enemy movement before unleashing their bursts.

The challenge: Stun enemy groups to make a setup for your team.

Get into the middle of an enemy group and petrify everyone around you, this provides your team with an easier condition for sets and takedowns. Use this spell with heroes that can easily infiltrate enemy groups like Benedetta with her passive dash, Badang, and Esmeralda whose ultimate perfectly pairs with the spell.

How it works:

  • Use dash or blink skills to strategically position yourself among the enemy heroes
  • Use Petrify to buy yourself time and inflict damage combos
  • Time Petrifies for when your team is near to back you up with the damage output
  • Use Petrify to help your tank get a whole team setup of the enemy
  • Can be used to outplay enemies and buy time for your skill cooldown
  • Can also be used for escape, use Petrify to stun enemies chasing after you and increase your distance from them
  • Use as a crowd control element for teams lacking strong CC


4. Purify

Purify removes crowd control effects and grants immunity to the hero for a short duration. This allows you to break free from stun or slow effects before the enemy takes you down with a combo.

The challenge: Purify lets you break free from stuns, slows, pulls and all CC effects from the enemy team. 

Flee from tank setups like Atlas’ and Tigreal's deadly pulls by timing your purify correctly.

Use purify against teams with multiple crowd control abilities, these are usually mage heroes. This is crucial to survive especially when using squishy units. 

How it works:

  • Use purify against ganks and surprise takedowns by mages
  • Time your purify and predict enemy attacks like Jawhead throw and Aurora’s freeze
  • Use purify to break free from long stuns like Selena’s and Vale’s skills which makes you vulnerable to attack
  • Use Purify to either flee from a losing battle or set yourself free to retaliate to an attack
  • Also, use Purify to evade knock-ups from both enemies and Lords


5. Execute

The finishing spell, Execute deals true damage to a single enemy, scalable based on their missing health, perfect for securing kills. A good damage dealer for non meta heroes.

The Challenge: Finish off fights by eliminating low-health enemies and secure kills.

This is achieved by fighting your enemies head-on and getting their health low enough that you can secure the kill using Execute. This is perfect, especially for situations where you are closely underpowered and would need to pack an extra finishing punch. Execute can be utilized to finish off enemies even when you enter a critical situation where your skills are on cooldown.

How it works:

  • Face off with a chosen enemy hero or your lane rival
  • Dish out all the damage you can to get his health low enough for execute to finish him off
  • Save the spell for when you critically need it
  • Use it as a damage dealer for when you are on cooldown
  • Use it to eliminate an enemy hero before they can take off to recall
  • Use as a damage boost against high burst damage heroes that can out damage your unit


6. Aegis

As a survival spell, Aegis creates a shield that  envelops your hero, absorbing a significant amount of damage for a short period of time. This allows heroes to have an extra line of defense during tough situations.

The challenge: Getting pinned into a tight spot receiving heavy damage from the enemy team.

Use Aegis as an extra line of defense and keep your HP up until your team gets to you for backup or until you get to a safe enough distance from the enemy. This can also be used to outlive the enemy hero in close combat team fights.

How it works:

  • Time the shield for when your HP is critically low to prevent unwanted takedowns
  • Consider the spell when battling 1v1, you can take on a stronger opponent by using Aegis while counterattacking
  • Check the map to know your next move after using the spell: stay and deal damage if ally team is near and flee the situation if you are outnumbered with no clear backup
  • Can be used on squishy heroes so you don't have to sacrifice a whole equipment slot for a defense item



 7. Revitalize

The healing spell which provides a few seconds of healing for you and your allies while simultaneously enhancing received healing effects by 25%. The spell that makes tanks even tankier.

The challenge: Survive continuous attacks by using  Revitalize and gaining a bit more HP to power through a clash.

Use revitalize for your own survival or use it as a support spell for you ally heroes, tanks usually carry this spell for improve enemy damage absorption and to save critically important heroes like the marksman.

How it works:

  • The user casts revitalize and produces an area of healing that is linked to the user movement
  • The spell gives HP to the user and its allies
  • User can deliver healing by walking towards low HP allies or stay put and heal himself
  • Use revitalize during teamfights and clashes where more heroes can benefit from it
  • Maximize the spell by timing its use when you're in critical HP and almost out of steam for an extra survival chance
  • Carry this spell as a tank or a support hero for better assistance to your allies


8. Sprint

The mobility spell Sprint increases your hero's movement speed for a short duration, it also gives you a quick immunity from slow effects. This is the perfect spell for escaping danger. Its a very niche spell that specific heroes benefit from.

The challenge: Escape enemies that are pursuing you for the skill or chase down enemies to secure kills.

When equipped with sprint players have more freedom to be aggressive, the spell gives them an escape chance during tricky situations and improved mobility to eliminate enemies who are trying to flee a match.

How it works:

  • In the early game you can use sprint to be aggressive or to gauge your enemy power
  • Use sprint to get in and out of combat fast
  • Reserve sprint for responding to map objectives like clashes or jungle matches
  • Sprint can be used by heroes like Zilong to quickly pick off enemies
  • Quickly increase your distance from the pursuers using sprint


9. Vengeance

A lifeline or a second chance in a battle, upon activation, Vengeance reflects a percentage of the damage taken back to the attacker as true damage. It helps you survive attacks and turn them back to your enemy.

The challenge: Time your vengeance. Use it against enemy marksman or whenever your life is critically low.

Anticipate your enemies moves, know when and where to use vengeance and turn the tide of a battle. Vengeance is especially effective against marksmen with high damage but squishy builds, the deflected attack can strip off their HP quickly.

How it works:

  • Wait until you're in the brink of death and use Vengeance as a survival option
  • Wait out your enemies attack combos, use vengeance when they unleash their high damage attack to chip off their HP as well
  • Bait the enemy to attack you and utilize vengeance to survive and gain the advantage
  • Pair the spell with your attack combo to quickly obliterate enemies
  • Use the spell on heroes with a taunt skill, deflect the attacks received and protect your team


10. Flameshot

A versatile spell that can be used both for offensive and defensive moves. Flameshot is a ranged fiery blast that deals damage to enemies and pushes them back a short distance upon hit. A mages best friend, this spell is a must have.

The challenge: Finish off low HP enemies and prevent them from fleeing.

No need to chase off enemies taking off from the heat of the battle, use flameshot to take them down even when they've significantly distanced themselves from you. Timing and aim is important to utilize the spell.

How it works:

  • The spell moves enemies from its current position and deals damge, it can be strategically used to reposition enemies in vulnerable areas
  • Time you flameshot use to steal jungle objectives like buffs and turtles, this js specially useful 
  • Use flameshot to escape tricky situations by forcing your enemy to back up the other way, this gives you increased distance when falling back to your base


11. Arrival

Teleport to wherever you need to go. Arrival allows your hero to teleport from wherever to another place in the map after a quick channeling. A solid spell for split pushing.

The challenge: Engage in teamfights happening at the other end of the map by teleporting close to your team

Use arrival to minimize the traveltime you need to reach objectives such as clashes, Lord takes, turret pushes and more. You can't use this in the midst of the fight though, since it can easily be canceled.

How it works:

  • Teleport to a friendly turret to defend your lane or assist in others lanes
  • Surprise enemies by teleporting near them and taking them down by surprise
  • Prevent turret damage for a few seconds by arriving at your side turret
  • Arrive at teamfights and jungle objectives to help the team turn the tide to your favor


12. Inspire

Ignite your hero's firepower with inspire. The ultimate late-game spell specially for marksman heroes. Inspire increases basic attack speed and ignores enemy physical defense. The go to spell for ATK SPD relient marksmen.

The challenge: Maximize damage potential and increase personal performance.

Use inspire to increase your basic damage output especially when using a marksman who relies on basic attack. This can be used to up your game during clashes and 1v1s.

How it works:

  • Save your inspire and don't use it against minions and the jungle no matter how tempting it is
  • In the early parts of the game you can use inspire to chip off turret platings for extra gold
  • Use the spell against stronger enemies by making your basic attacks pack an extra punch
  • Easily destroy enemy turrets and bases by dealing continuous heavy damage through inspired basic attacks.

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