[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Phones (Ranked By Price)

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We are here to make your Mobile Legends experience even better! Check out our list of the best phones you could use to rise to the top! 

10.Nubia Red Magic 5G ($540 )

Nubia Red Magic 5G Mobile Legends new gameplay after updates/Max graphics/Snapdragon 865 gaming

The Red Magic 5G, a phone perfect for gamers not wanting to break the bank. The phone carries the Snapdragon 865, pretty mid but is considered a decent phone for gaming. An awesome feature of this phone is its battery which is estimated to last about 11 hrs and 30 mins of continuous use. Its 6.65" AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate gives players a good screen size for smooth ML gaming. Definitely a bang for your buck! 

What makes Nubia Red Magic 5G good for MLBB:

  • 144Hz refresh rate gives a smooth gameplay experience
  • Internal memory is big enough to handle future game updates
  • Long battery life allows for longer game play
  • Screen size is handy for casual gamers


9. ASUS ROG PHONE 5 ($599)

A beast for its price! The ASUS ROG Phone 5 is one of the best options for heavy gamers out there on a budget. It has the swag of a legit gaming phone, solid hardware and its name to flex. Everyone knows that the ROG series is at the top when it comes to anything gaming. No doubt this phone's capabilities. It has a battery that lasts up to 10 hours and a fast charging feature. Nothing's gonna stop this beast from running your games all day. Another plus for gamers out there, the phone is very design heavy and looks like a legit gaming beast!

What makes ASUS ROG PHONE 5 good for MLBB

  • Fast charging and long battery life will make it easier for you to continuously play to up your ranks
  • Phone design and build feels sturdy which allows for a steady grip while playing
  • Has solid hardware that would definitely run Mobile Legends smoothly, this will keep up with fast paced fingertip movements for deadly in-game combos!


8. Xiaomi POCO F4 GT ($640)

What makes  Xiaomi POCO F4 GT good for MLBB  

  • Its multiple speakers will keep players more absorbed into the game and SFX are maximized
  • Cheap price is good for casual Mobile Legends players considering that MLBB is a Free to Play game
  • Snapdragon 8 keeps the game operating efficiently
  • Fast charge reduces the amount of time a player has to stay out of the game


7. One Plus 9 ($780)

OnePlus 9 Snapdragon 888 Mobile Legends 60fps Test

The One Plus 9 flexes a sleek design giving you a modern simple and smooth design, pleasant to the touch and sight indeed. It has a superb chipset, Snapdragon 888 and 128 GB of storage. Its 6.65  inch screen and up to 10 hrs of battery life provides for a handy gaming experience. It's a lightweight phone at only 197 grams, you won't get finger cramps with this bad boy. It is fast charging but is run by a mediocre RAM at 8GB.

Overall, the phone will run Mobile Legends nicely, but a better RAM capacity could’ve brought it to a whole different level.

What makes One Plus 9 good for MLBB?

  • Its weight is fairly light which lessens the strain on the user's hands, especially on games like Mobile Legends which are very exhausting to the fingers
  • Fast charging reduces the time you need to wait before hopping on a game
  • High quality processors facilitate smooth gaming experiences
  • The long battery life allows for more in-game victories!


6. Red Magic 6S Pro ($840)

Ultra Graphics in Mobile Legends (Nubia RedMagic 6s Pro) Gameplay | Sun

The Red Magic 6S Pro has a designated game space center, allowing users to monitor the phone's performance. This specialized system, together with the phone's specs which boast a huge battery capacity, a 12 GB RAM, 128 GB storage space, and 6.8" AMOLED display screen, definitely proves the phone to be a pretty good gaming phone. 

With a lot of cool features in a mid level price range, the phone can be considered as the most balanced when it comes to cost x benefit. Red Magic also has a wide ray of accessories to choose from which could further improve the phone's performance. 

What makes Red Magic 6S Pro good for MLBB?

  • Game space center allows for the use of different settings to optimize phone specs x gameplay
  • Accessories can make up for the phone’s imperfections
  • Battery life lasts up to 12 hrs 50 mins of continuous use, allowing the user to use it for continuous Mobile Legends gaming
  • Gives the most bang for your buck with its high end specs and at a decent price range


5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ($993.50)

What makes Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra good for MLBB?

  • The large storage capacity is sure to be able to handle all future MLBB updates
  • Li-Po 5000 mAh battery can last up to 15+ hours! That’s a lot of time for gaming
  • 12 GB is more than enough to give you the smoothest gameplay even with the maximum graphics settings in MLBB
  • The screen size is a good size to see all the movements within the game without being too big to affect game control handling
  • Dynamic AMOLED 120Hz showacases an insane graphic quality! Maximizing the ULTRA settings of MLBB


4. iPhone 13 ProMax ($1100)

Apple never backs down from any Top list! The iPhone 13 ProMax ensures a smooth and hitch free experience for its users. This phone sets itself apart from its predecessors with its additional fifth core, not to mention that it carries the A15 Bionic which is slightly better than the Snapdragon 888. Like always, the iPhone is one of the flagship gaming phones of its time, providing a quality build paired with a sleek design. Its high responsiveness runs the game in a really smooth fashion. The only thing to improve is the RAM and its thermals, but that's no problem if you are a casual MLBB player. 

What makes iPhone 13 ProMax good for MLBB?

  • It is highly responsive, which works well for players with fast paced playstyles like assassin roles
  • The chip runs the game smoothly, improving the experience
  • ProMax screens are slightly bigger, providing a better vision for players
  • The game's top quality software and graphics maximize the game's overall quality


3. Google Pixel 6 Pro ($1175)

Mobile Legend - Road to Mythic on Pixel 6 Pro #1

This mid range device can handle all the games you can throw at it! It is a powerful device providing a smooth and solid gameplay. It has a great battery capacity but it does drain pretty quickly given that this phone is a gaming powerhouse. Better keep your chargers handy for long game nights. The phone handles heat dissipation better than its competitors proving it to be a phone really suited for gaming. Its 6.7 inch OLED display is a good ratio for Mobile Legends and its 12GB RAM will surely run the game smoothly. Although it is quite heavy compared to other smartphones, kind of a bummer for such a cool device.

Overall this is still a really great phone for Mobile Legends, considerably even one of the top choices in this list.

What makes Google Pixel 6 Pro good for MLBB?

  • Can handle heat very well allowing for longer game times
  • 12GB RAM is overkill for Mobile Legends, you are already getting the smoothest gameplay here
  • High refresh rate makes gameplay easier on the eyes


2. Galaxy Z Fold  ($1400)

Samsung Galaxy Fold Mobile Legends 60fps Test

The most prominent feature of the Z Fold is its expandable screen, just imagine playing on a screen almost double the size of a regular smartphone! Only in Z Fold! This phone brings a whole new level of experience by being a BEAST of a gaming phone! It has outstanding internal hardware, providing the best experience a phone this size could offer. It sports the best phone CPU of its time, the Snapdragon 888 while simultaneously having high graphic power. You definitely won't experience lags with its computer-level RAM.This is a crazy good choice for a gaming phone as of today!

What makes Galaxy Z Fold good for MLBB?

  • large battery capacity for longer gaming
  • new fun experience with a whopping 7.6 inch display
  • Solid internal hardware gives you all the best specs you could ask for
  • High graphics capacity could run Mobile Legends in high FPS


1. ASUS ROG 6 Pro ($1999)

Asus ROG PHONE 6 - Mobile Legends | Amazing AMOLED 165Hz | Gaming TEST + FPS Graph + Temp

ASUS ROG 6 Pro is currently the best gaming phone as of its release! It boasts an insane RAM power at 18GB, the highest out of all the phones listed here. It has the brute gaming power of the Snapdragon 8+ and it has 512GB of storage available. This phone will provide you raw power for gaming, a fast and high quality performance without rising its temps like a hot potato! To top it all off, it is specially designed with gamers in mind. It has a crazy awesome design that will make you feel like a real pro gamer!

What makes ASUS ROG 6 Pro good for MLBB?

  • ROG has available attachments that further improve the phone's gaming performance, like coolers and fans.
  • 18GB RAM can run Mobile Legends at its maximum potential without missing a beat.
  • Gorilla glass display prevents scratches and allows for an extra smooth playing field for your fingers
  • 6.78-inch AMOLED display with 165 Hz is a visual treat!
  • A monster 6000mAh battery that will allow you to game for hours on end


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