[Top 10] Best MOBAs for Mobile in 2022

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Amazing art!

MOBA games started exclusively on PC. However, they soon became also playable on mobile, and now they may be just as popular on mobile as they are on PC. Mobile MOBAs are slightly simpler than their PC counterparts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

10. Awakening Of Heroes (Android)

Awakening Of Heroes is a game that calls itself “The Weirdest MOBA”. It’s a game that features comical characters. You play the game like any other MOBA, leveling and taking down turrets, but it also features some fun new things around the map.

The game’s art style is a bit weird, it’s not for everybody, but if you like a bit of a lighthearted game, it should be no problem. The characters are interesting, both in design and abilities. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a grandma or a fat ninja, this is the game for you. 

9. Marvel Super War (Android / IOS)

Marvel is a company that has been creating comics for almost a century now. With their popular movies and awesome polished characters, it's fair to say everybody knows about Marvel and their superheroes. And who wouldn’t want to play a MOBA with such an amazing array of characters?

Marvel Super War doesn’t do anything new. It has the classic MOBA mechanics and map layout, but it lets you play as the coolest heroes and villains from the whole franchise. If you’re in the mood for a new MOBA and you like Marvel - this is the game for you.

8. FOG (Android)

FOG is a game that combines MOBA with battle royale. Well, it mostly plays like a true battle royale but from the bird’s eye perspective and with MOBA-like abilities. Also, you don’t choose from a pool of characters, but rather you make the character that you take into battle.

The game has great customization and a unique premise. It combines genres in a way that creates something completely new and interesting. It still has that MOBA feel at its core, but it’s also a great change of pace.

7. Arena Of Valor (Android / IOS)

Arena Of Valor is a highly polished MOBA experience. It features over 100 characters, each designed to fulfill its unique role. The game is highly popular in China, where everybody is playing it, both casually and competitively.

The game is balanced and visually very striking. The game has its main 5v5 mode that you can expect from every MOBA, but it also has some, more casual 3v3 and 1v1 modes. The art style is very nice and charming.

6. Vainglory (Android / IOS)

Vainglory is one of the oldest MOBA games that were released on mobile. It has a different art style than most other MOBAs which gives it a unique and discerning feel.

Besides the beautiful art that also translates into character designs, Vainglory is a MOBA that has multiple game modes. The game was released in 2014 and is still played, which speaks volumes about its legacy and quality.

5. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Android / IOS)

Mobile Legends was among the first MOBA games on mobile to capitalize on the success of League Of Legends and Dota 2 on PC. Although it received a lot of hate for copying League Of Legends (probably rightfully so), it was never a bad game.

It also has the most downloads out of any other mobile MOBA and it boasts a roster of 116 heroes. While the game is easy to get into, it can be pretty hard to master its mechanics and conquer the ladder.

4. Brawl Stars (Android / IOS)

Brawl Stars is a game made by Supercell. They’ve always had innovative and interesting game ideas, and Brawl Stars is one of those. While a lot simpler than other MOBAs, Brawl Stars is a unique and interesting take on the genre.

It has multiple game modes you can play for climbing and leveling. There are 56 brawlers that all have their pros and cons and playstyles. The game’s art style is very interesting and cute, but not too childish.

3. Pokemon Unite (Android / IOS)

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA in which you play as… well Pokemon. There are currently 36 playable Pokemon that all fall into different roles. Before the game, you can tell your teammates where you want to go and who you want to pick. Pokemon all fall in these categories: All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster, and Supporter.

The gameplay of Pokemon Unite is sweet and simple. One Pokemon Unite game lasts 10 minutes, and during those 10 minutes, you compete against the enemy team in collecting points.

2. League Of Legends: Wild Rift (Android / IOS)

League Of Legends: Mobile Rift is the mobile adaptation of the well-known MOBA - League Of Legends. There are currently 79 champions in this game, which is a lot, but it’s just half of the vast League Roster.

Mobile Rift is not just a simple port for mobile. The champions are slightly different to better suit the new platform. Also, the mobile game has beautiful graphics, and even better champion models than the PC version.

1. Onmyoji Arena (Android / IOS)

Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA game inspired greatly by the Japanese mythos. I have to give props to the art team of Onmyoji Arena. Each character looks, feels, and plays unique and Onmyoji Arena is a game greatly praised for its balance.

It follows the same formula as other MOBA games. The game has 100 playable heroes that are called Shikigami. The skins and character designs are pretty for a mobile game. Besides the main game mode, there are also a few smaller game modes you can play.

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