MHW Iceborne Best Longsword Builds (2020)

Wield your Longsword with effectiveness and power with these Iceborne builds in MHW.
Step silently away then destroy your target.

Monster Hunter World is just so deep; Like deeper than the deep blue sea. There are just so many weapon and armor build opportunities. So if you’re thinkin about giving the Longsword a go or are already on top of your Longsword game and are curious to try other builds than you are in the right spot. Here is a list of top Iceborne Longsword builds found mostly on youtube but ahhhh there are so many other sources. But yea youtube for sure. You guys rock on there.

7. Lazy Longsword Build

My Personal Favorite Longsword Build | Perfect Combination of Offense & Comfort | MHW: Iceborne

  • What’s Awesome About Lazy Longsword Build:
  • Perfect Combination of Offense and Comfort
  • Won’t Have to Constantly Trade Out Builds
  • Easily Regain Health Back with Health Regen Augment
  • Max Potions Never Run out with Free Meal Skill

Build Details:

  • Acid Smitar II Longsword
  • Attack Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • Handicraft Maxes Weapon Sharpness Gauge
  • Critical Eye, Attack Boost, Handicraft, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit; Good Attack
  • Don’t Underestimate Free Meal Skill; High Chance Food or Drink Is Free When Used
  • 3-Piece Tigrex Set Tigrex Essence Awakening Grants Free Meal Secret 
  • Free Meal, Divine Blessing, Health Boost; Great For Staying Alive

Armor Set:

  • Rex Roar Helm beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Rex Roar Braces beta
  • Odogaron Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves
  • Handicraft Charm IV
  • Glider Mantle (Has Two Lv 4 Slots)

6. Kjarr Paralysis Longsword Build

MHW Iceborne ∙ New Kjarr Paralysis Long Sword Is Strong! [Best Paralysis LS Build

What's Awesome About Kjarr Paralysis Longsword Build:

  • Weapon Used is One of Few with Built-in Skill
  • Increases Crit Hit Percentage and Damage
  • High Paralysis Damage and Affinity will Constantly Prock Status
  • Constant Paralysis Procks Makes Up for Low Raw Damage
  • One of the Best MultiPlayer/Support Weapons Keeping Target Stunned
  • Brachydios Armor Set Has a Ton of Slottage

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Paralysis Longsword
  • Built-in Weapon Skill is Critical Status; Boosts Status Damage
  • Affinity Increase and Element/Status Effect Up Augmentations
  • Evade Window Skill; Increases Invulnerability When Evading
  • Peak Performance Skill Increases Attack When Health is Full
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Paralysis Attack, Critical Eye, Critical Boost and Weakness Exploit Skills and Peak Performance Keeps Target Stunned

Armor Set:

  • Brachydium Helm beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Brachydium Braces beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Attack Charm V 

5. Slug Punishment Build

Critical Knock Out Best Long Sword Build - Best Iai Slash - Monster Hunter World Iceborne! #iceborne

What's Awesome About Slug Punishment Build:

  • Wicked Cool Anime Sword Draw Attack Animation
  • Exploits Iceborne Iai Sheathe Slash and Iai Counter Attack Moves
  • Consistently Stun/KO While Still Giving Capable Damage
  • Good Sharpness without Handicraft
  • Excellent Poison Damage Output

Build Details:

  • Gold Rathian Longsword
  • Health Regen and Element/Status Up Weapon Augments
  • Mixes Two Armor Sets to Unlock Two Awakenings
  • Barioth 2-Piece Armor Awakening Barioth Hidden Art; Adds Stun to Draw Attacks
  • Slugger Skill Enhances KO Damage
  • 3-Piece Diablos Set Unlocks Diablos Ambition Special Skill; Maxes Slugger Skill Level
  • Slugger, Critical Boost, Critical Draw, Quick Sheathe Skills Help KO
  • Impact Mantle Boosts KO

Armor Set:

  • Diablos Helm beta
  • Barioth Helm beta
  • Diablo Nero Braces beta
  • Diablos Nero Coil beta
  • Barioth Greave beta
  • Venom Charm IV

4. 100% Crit and Insane Raw Longsword Build

*BEST* Longsword Builds in the Game | 100% Crit, Insane Raw, & More | Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

What’s Awesome About 100% Crit and Insane Raw Longsword Build

  • Acid Scimitar II Longsword (Sweet Acid)
  • Huge Raw Damage
  • High Raw Crit With Maximum Might Procked
  • Raw Crit Damage Even Higher When Hitting Weak Spot; Weakness Exploit Skill

Build Details: 

  • END END GAME BUILD; Like Do This At the End of the Game and Stuff
  • Maximum Might Skill Increases Affinity When Stamina is Full
  • Protective Polish Set; Weapon Sharpness Boost
  • Uses Coalescence Skill; Enhances Attacks After Recovering from Blights or Statuses
  • Critical Eye, Handicraft, Attack Boost, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit; Enhances Attack
  • Quick Sheath Skill; Speeds Up Weapon Sheathing

Armor Set:

  • Ruinous Helm beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Shara Ishvalda Braces beta
  • Odogaron Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Handicraft Charm IV

3. Speedrunner Velkhana Longsword Build

What's Awesome About Speedrunner Velkhana Longsword Build:

  • MHW Iceborne | Velkhana Long Sword Solo in 3:47
  • Solo Speedrunner Videos are Full of Magic
  • Extensive Combo Knowledge, Excellent Position and Timing; Mad Skills
  • OK Video Doesn’t Have Narrative I Don’t Know What He Be Doing
  • Yolo When You Solo
  • This Guy Kicked the Crap Out of Velkhana in 3:47; Crap on the Walls

Build Details:

  • Rathian and Rathalos Styled Hellish Slasher Longsword 
  • Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Critical Boost and Weakness Exploit for Attack Damage
  • Clutch Claws Often and Keeps Target KO’d
  • Stacks Demon Powder with Might Speed for Increased Attack
  • Way Harder Than It Looks You Probably Won’t Be Able to Do It
  • Good Luck

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Attack Charm IV

2. Raging Brachy POWER Long Sword Build

MHW Iceborne | Chasing the Meta - New BEST Long Sword Set - Raging Brachy POWER!

What’s Awesome About Raging Brach POWER Longsword Build

  • Righteous Dumb DPS
  • Develop Meta Build with Minimal Ingredients; Swap Out for Better Ingredients Later
  • Practically Can Be Used with Any Weapon for Raw Damage
  • Has Great Sharpness 
  • Critical Eye+ Attack Boost+ Blast Attack+ Agitator+ Crit Boost+ Weakness Exploit = RDDPS

Build Details:

  • Uses Blast Damage
  • Challenger Charm Recently Changed; Can Now Be Upgraded to Lv.5
  • Agitator Skill Increases Attack Power and Affinity When Monsters Enrage
  • Challenger Charm V Makes It Easier to get Agitator Lv.7
  • Combines Armor Sets to Unlock Teostra Technique and Brachydios Essence Awakenings
  • Brachydios Essence Adds Agitator Secret Which Maxes Agitator Skill Level

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charm V

1. Meta Endgame Longsword Build Gold Rathian Longsword

The Iceborne META Longsword Builds (MHW Iceborne MR 23-100+)

What’s Awesome About Meta Gold Rathian Longsword Build:

  • Max Raw Melee
  • Uses Poison a Great Endgame Status Ailment
  • Effective in White Sharpness
  • Master’s Touch+ Critical Eye+ Attack Boost+ Agitator+ Peak Performance+ Weakness Exploit+ Critical Boost= RDDP

Build Details:

  • Weakness Exploit Increases Attack Affinity to Monster Weak Spot
  • Purple Sharpness is Unnecessary Most of the Time
  • Requires You to be Over MR100
  • Needs Harder to Find Material and Gem Ingredients

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Rex Roar Alpha Male beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Garuga Greave beta
  • Challenger Charm II

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