[Top 25] MTG Arena Most OP Blue Cards!

MTG Arena OP Blue Cards
Gain and take away knowledge with these blue cards and dominate the opponent

The mind is the most powerful weapon you can wield. Without the mind, even the strongest creatures can falter. Blue cards are known to provide the mind with knowledge. Knowledge of the law, knowledge in combat. However, this knowledge that blue cards provide can also corrupt the mind. Knowing how to take advantage of the knowledge that you have can determine whether you can use these as a weapon or will the knowledge use you. 

25. Spark Double

What is great about this card?

  • A great card that copies your powerful creatures

    • Spark Double is used primarily in combo decks that copy a creature multiple times, allowing you to deal lethal in one turn

24. Alrund’s Epiphany

What is great about this card?

  • A good alternative to Nexus of Fate

    • If you want to play the same concept of having extra turns, you will surely appreciate this card
    • With its Foretell cost, you can cast it at a cheaper cost. The only downside of this is that it is a sorcery so you can only play this during your main phases unlike Nexus of Fate 

23. The Mirari Conjecture

What is great about this card?

  • Great for decks that run a lot of instants and sorceries

    • Storm decks, for example, can greatly benefit from having The Mirari Conjecture on the board because they can retrieve their spells from the graveyard
    • The final chapter of this Saga can also give you huge value as it can copy your spell so that you can cast it again 

22. Torrential Gearhulk

What is great about this card?

  • Great to have as a 2-in-1 card in any situation

    • It not only gives you a body for blocking but it also allows you to re-cast a spell from your graveyard for free. 
    • You can look at this card as a 6-mana creature that can counter a spell, draw you a bunch of cards, or whatever effect your instants have in the graveyard

21. Icebreaker Kraken

What is great about this card?

  • You can cast this creature for a really cheap cost giving you an 8/8 creature early on

    • With snow lands, you can greatly reduce the amount of mana spent to cast this card
    • You can also get this back if it gets destroyed, allowing you to replay it and reset the opponent’s board once again

20. Tale’s End

What is great about this card?

  • A great sideboard card if you are up against decks that run on activated abilities

    • Aside from activated and triggered abilities, Tale’s End can also counter legendary spells. This is useful against superfriends decks as it counters the majority of their play

19. Teferi, Master of Time

What is great about this card?

  • Activating a planeswalker every turn, even during your opponent’s turn, can be really powerful

    • It acts as a card draw engine that you can activate once per turn, allowing you to draw a card with this during the opponent’s turn
    • Aside from card draw, it can also phase out a creature that threatens you. When you reach the ultimate ability of Teferi, Master of Time, you get to take extra turns. The ultimate ability can be reached fast because you can activate Teferi even during the opponent’s turn

18. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling

What is great about this card?

  • An essential card to have in Yorion and Gyruda decks

    • It bounces a card you own and brings them back at the end of your turn. This is very powerful in cards that employ a lot of ETB effects as it can double that effect 

17. Discontinuity

What is great about this card?

  • Having this in your arsenal can help you against combo decks that can set up dynamic turns

    • With Discontinuity, you can counter an opponent’s OTK potential as you can abruptly end the turn in the middle of their combo

16. Brazen Borrower

What is great about this card?

  • 2-in-1 cards like this are always great value in any deck

    • Whether you are using Petty Theft to bounce back a permanent or just casting Brazen Borrower on your opponent’s turn, you will surely get a good advantage from this card

15. Finale of Revelation

What is great about this card?

  • A good card that can serve as very valuable mana sink in the late game

    • Casting this card for its full value can guarantee you a huge advantage that can turn the tides in your favor
    • You can also use this in desperate situations where you need to draw multiple cards

14. Chart a Course

What is great about this card?

  • Great card at giving card advantage as well as filling your graveyard

    • If you run decks that have GPG or Arclight Phoenix, then the discard portion of this card will give you a bigger advantage as it basically gives you three cards

13. Commit // Memory

What is great about this card?

  • A pretty powerful card that is great for control scenarios

    • Playing Commit on a huge threat can alter the opponent’s gameplan
    • Casting Memory when you have Narset on the board can be catastrophic for the opponent as they will only get to draw a single card while you draw a full hand

12. Disallow

What is great about this card?

  • A counterspell that has a wider range 

    • Unlike the typical counterspell that has restrictions, Disallow can counter any spell
    • Aside from that, it can also counter activated and triggered abilities, making it the go-to counterspell

11. Ruin Crab

What is great about this card?

  • At just 1-mana to cast, this is the ideal turn 1 play for mill decks

    • Since Rogues and Mill decks rose in popularity, Ruin Crab’s value also rose as it gives a pretty consistent mill aspect to your deck
    • Since it functions on Landfall, making sure you hit your land drops will also guarantee that you trigger this mechanic every turn

10. Clear the Mind

What is great about this card?

  • A powerful card that can counter mill strategies

    • As long as your cards don’t get exiled, you can always shuffle them back to your library 
    • This card can shut down mill strategies as you can reverse all their progress in just a single turn

9. Bruvac the Grandiloquent

What is great about this card?

  • Some people say mill is a jank deck but with the rise of Rogues, mill is becoming a meta-strategy again

    • With Bruvac on the battlefield, you get to accelerate your mill potential
    • This is important because in mill decks, your opponent’s life total is equal to their cards in the library so having a card that accelerates the mill potential of your deck is like having aggro pieces on attack

8. Champion of Wits

What is great about this card?

  • A good creature that provides decent card advantage especially when taken from the graveyard

    • When you cast Champion of Wits, you will be able to draw two cards while discarding one. Already a decent value in terms of card advantage
    • However, if you get this from the graveyard, whether through God-Pharaoh’s Gift or simply with the Eternalize cost, you will essentially get three more cards as you will draw 4 and discard 1

7. Gadwick, the Wizened

What is great about this card?

  • Great card to have in mono-blue decks as it provides card draw as well as crowd control

    • This is a great card to cast at any point of the game as it will let you draw cards
    • Against creature decks, this card is great at minimizing the attacking potential of the opponent as it can just tap down the creatures 

6. Fae of Wishes

What is great about this card?

  • This card provides a massive card advantage as it allows you to fetch a specific card 

    • Whatever situation you find yourself in, Fae of Wishes can fetch you a card that can help you
    • This is a great card as it gives you access to your sideboard where you can keep cards that are only for a specific situation

5. Into the Story

What is great about this card?

  • Great card draw for Mill and Rogue decks

    • This card gives you an incentive to mill more cards out of the opponent’s library as it will be cheaper to cast this
    • If your opponent’s graveyard has 7 or more cards in their graveyard, this card turns into a 4-drop draw 4 engine

4. Narset, Parter of Veils

What is great about this card?

  • A very useful card to have in any blue deck as it gives a lot of advantages

    • This card is very useful if you want to negate the opponent’s card draw since it only allows them to draw a single card per turn
    • You can also use Narset to dig through your library to find the right answer to your opponent’s threats

3. Search for Azcanta

What is great about this card?

  • Great card to dig through your deck in the early game

    • Having this card on turn 2 can greatly help you manipulate your deck so that you have close to ideal draws
    • Once you flip this, you get a mana advantage as well as card advantage as you can dig through your deck again to look for specific cards off the top of your library

2. Shark Typhoon

What is great about this card?

  • A really powerful card when you get it on the board

    • Every time you cast a non-creature spell, this enchantment triggers, giving you an X/X flying shark depending on the converted mana cost of the card you cast
    • You can also use this for its Cycling cost, giving you access to a creature that can’t be countered

1. As Foretold

What is great about this card?

  • You get to cast a free spell each turn

    • As this card remains on the battlefield, the amount of mana you can save greatly increases
    • This is a good deal since having open mana in blue decks is important in order for you to cast your counterspells

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