[Top 15] MTG Arena Best Foretell Cards

[Top 15] MTG Arena Best Foretell Cards
Foretell the opponent's fortune with these cards

Foretell is a brand new mechanic that was introduced with Kaldheim. With the power to pre-cast some spells for only two mana, you get to cast them at a later time at a cheaper cost. This mechanic is a great way to maximize your early turns by tapping your mana to secure these spells out of your hands where discard mechanics won’t be able to touch them. Here are the best cards with the Foretell mechanic that you can utilize on your decks in the Arena.

15. Shepherd of the Cosmos

What’s good about this card?

  • Shepherd of the Cosmos can provide you with great value with its ETB effect
  • Having cheap spells on your graveyard will prove to be valuable when you cast Shepherd of the Cosmos as you can get any spell, with converted mana cost 2 or less, from your graveyard back to the battlefield
  • This is a useful tool that can either get back a creature or even an enchantment that can help you win the game

TCG Median Value: $0.25

14. Poison the Cup

What’s good about this card?

  • Dealing with your opponent’s creatures is always a priority especially in this creature-heavy meta
  • Poison the Cup allows you to remove an opponent’s creature at a cheaper cost with the Foretell mechanic
  • It also incentivizes you to use Foretell as it will give you an additional Scry 2 when you do so

TCG Median Value: $0.25

13. Rise of the Dread Marn

What’s good about this card?

  • Re-animating (sort of) an army that you just lost is a surefire way to build your board state back up
  • With Rise of the Dread Marn on your Foretell stack, you can go for an all-out attack where you can trade creatures without fear of getting counter attacked by the opponent the following turn
  • It is also a good idea to clear the board with Doomskar or any other board wipe then casting this spell immediately after so that you still have a huge board state

TCG Median Value: $1.05

12. Dream Devourer

What’s good about this card?

  • If you are looking for a card that can give you the advantage of the Foretell mechanic to all your other cards, then Dream Devourer does just that
  • Aside from giving your other cards Foretell, you also get a creature that can deal a lot of damage as it gets +2/+0, until the end of turn, every time you cast a Foretell card
  • This damage can easily stack up and deal massive amounts of damage per turn if left unchecked

TCG Median Value: $1.00

11. Demon Bolt

What’s good about this card?

  • For practically just one red mana, you get to deal 4 damage to any creature or planeswalker on your opponent’s side of the board
  • This instant spell can deal with the majority of creatures and planeswalkers that you will commonly encounter in this meta so this is a pretty powerful card to have

TCG Median Value: $0.20

10. Cosmos Charger

What’s good about this card?

  • The downside of Foretelling cards is that it can only be done at sorcery speed. However, with Cosmos Charger, you can now do it at instant speed
  • You can now maximize your mana during your opponent’s turn since it allows you to Foretell cards during the opponent’s turn
  • This will give you an advantage since you can cast more spells on your turn, and then Foretell your other spells on the opponent’s turn

TCG Median Value: $0.37

9. Battle Mammoth

What’s good about this card?

  • This huge green monster is not only a good presence on the board, it also gives you a decent card draw engine
  • Getting your creatures targetted by spells or abilities can now give you a card draw that will prove to be advantageous as the game progresses
  • Since this mammoth is has decent power and toughness, it cannot be easily dealt with so you are almost guaranteed to deal damage and draw cards

TCG Median Value: $1.44

8. Mystic Reflection

What’s good about this card?

  • A very cheap spell that can become any threat you want it to be
  • Mystic Reflection can turn your next creature or planeswalker spells into any creature/planeswalker you want
  • This is extremely powerful when timed correctly and you can even win the game immediately with this

TCG Median Value: $3.95

7. Haunting Voyage

What’s good about this card?

  • Graveyard recursion is still a pretty viable strategy and this card makes that strategy even more successful
  • When placed in tribal decks, you are almost guaranteed to hit the jackpot with this spell
  • It is also a decent way to rebuild your board state after a harsh reset

TCG Median Value: $3.00

6. Starnheim Unleashed

What’s good about this card?

  • Filling the board with 4/4 flying tokens is always a good idea whatever state the game is in
  • Getting a single 4/4 Angel token is not really the best way to use this card so Foretelling it is the best option
  • By Foretelling this card, you can get as many tokens as you can when you finally cast it

TCG Median Value: $3.06

5. Saw It Coming

What’s good about this card?

  • Although it is simply a counterspell with the Foretell mechanic slapped into it, it is already becoming one of the go-to counterspell cards in the format making it this strong
  • Catching the opponent off guard with counterspells is the goal of control decks 
  • Having Saw It Coming on your Foretell stack can help you cast this counterspell in a more mana-efficient manner

TCG Median Value: $0.56

4. Behold the Multiverse

What’s good about this card?

  • Card advantage, no matter what way you achieve it, is always highly advantageous 
  • Paying only 2 mana for a Scry 2, Draw 2 card is a completely unfair advantage that you can achieve with this card
  • You will basically have a 4 card advantage against your enemy when you cast Behold the Multiverse

TCG Median Value: $0.25

3. Quakebringer

What’s good about this card?

  • The ultimate counter to probably the best deck in Standard right now
  • Quakebringer counters the whole strategy of Mono-white lifegain as it simply disallows them to gain any life
  • Aside from that it can slowly chip away at the opponent’s life total with 2 damage every turn

TCG Median Value: $2.05

2. Doomskar

What’s good about this card?

  • A decent board wipe can go a long way especially in this creature-heavy meta
  • Doomskar allows you to play a board wipe as early as turn three
  • Getting this on your hand against aggro decks can completely shut down their early game aggression, ultimately giving you the advantage when it comes to the later parts of the game

TCG Median Value: $2.30

1. Alrund’s Epiphany

What’s good about this card?

  • Who wouldn’t want two 1/1 flying birds on their battlefield, right?
  • Of course, Alrund’s Epiphany is not just a token generator as it is also an extra turns generator
  • Casting this before your endstep means you take another turn where you can generate more advantage or even end the game
  • This is no doubt the best Foretell card in the format

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