[Top 25] MTG Arena Best White Cards

The poster child for white mana
The noble planeswalker Ajani

Let there be light

White, the color of prosperity and union. With the ability to gain life and go wide, these cards are true life savers. Planeswalkers who wield white tend to make creature tokens and remove threats as they go. White is a very versatile color, which means these cards have many abilities. Take a look at this list to see how to gain massive amounts of life and use some solid removal.

25.Speaker of the Heavens 

Have you heard of our lord and savior?

What’s great about the Speaker of the Heavens? 

  • Only costs one mana 
  • Vigilance allows it to attack without getting tapped
  • If it can survive til
  •  the late-game the ability generates tokens 

24.Ajani’s Welcome

Welcome to the Arena we got fun and life gain

What is great about Ajani’s Welcome?

  • Excellent turn one play
  • This card is not legendary which means you can play more than one 
  • The longer it is one the board, the longer it is a problem for your opponent 

23.Healer’s Hawk

flying and life gain, that's all you need

What is great about Healers Hawk?

  • Flying provides it advantage over many creatures
  • The Hawk heals you the more damage it deals making it larger means you gain more health
  • Can save your life with that extra life early in the game

23.On Serra’s Wings

The wings that carry you to victory 

What is great about On Serra's Wings?

  • Makes any creature equipped with this a threat 
  • In addition to giving a creature the ability to fly and heal it also makes them stronger
  • White allows you to play many cards that reduce the cost of enchantments this card can come out earlier catching your opponent off guard


Calling all creatures to the battlefield, we need to gain life

What is great about Impassioned Orator? 

  • The more you have on the board the more life you gain
  • Cost only two mana
  • Can provide that extra two damage to seal the victory in you favor

21.The Wanderer

They call her The Wanderer, yeah,The Wanderer, she roams around

What is great about The Wanderer?

  • Stops all non combat damage from hurting you and your other cards 
  • Her health makes her stay around to defend you longer
  • Can exile big problems 

20.Seal Away

From once you came you shall remain until you are complete again

What is great about Seal Away?

  • Can be played at instant speed to catch your foe off guard 
  • Removes big threats for only two mana
  • It exiles the creature, removing it from the game until it is destroyed 

19.Angel of Vitality 

In the arms of the angels

What is great about Angel of Vitality?

  • It has flying to get over big nasty creatures
  • Allows you to gain more life to endure hard duels
  • If you have a surplus of life the angel can deal extra damage

18.Benalish Marshal

All for one and one for all

What is great about Benalish Marshal?

  • Makes everything stronger on your side of the field
  • Has enough power and toughness to not be taken down easily
  • Having out multiple copies allows the effect to multiply

17.Linden, the Steadfast Queen

Your queen demands your loyalty!

What is great about Linden?

  • She has vigilance, attacking will not tap her down
  • Potential for massive life gain 
  • For only three mana she is extremely efficient 

16.Commanding Presence 

Heroes never work alone

What is great about Commanding Presence? 

  • Gives first strike, which can allow you to kill creatures without losing the creature
  • Can make tokens threatening or add more power to whatever you need 
  • Allows you to go wide and create tokens 

15.Leonin Warleader

Remember, just because it is fluffy, doesn't mean it can't kill you

What is great about Leonin Warleader?

  • Creates tokens very quickly with lifelink 
  • Those tokens are coming out swinging 
  • The power it has makes it a solid damage dealer

14.Luminous Broodmoth

One of the altered arts from ikoria's Godzilla series 

What is great about Luminous Broodmoth?

  • Allows your creatures to respawn with flying
  • This card is used in many combos because of the respawn effect
  • Can respawn tokens too

13.Paladin of the Bloodstained 

Vampires hunt in packs, this is what leads them.

What is great about Paladin of the Bloodstained?

  • Makes more vampires to drain more life
  • Three power makes it a good attacker
  • Can be used as a blocker to kill creatures early-game 

12.Settle the Wreckage 

All they are is dust in the wind

What is great about Settle the Wreckage?

  • Letting your opponent deploy lands is a courtesy and nothing more 
  • This card does not target so, creatures with hexproof or shroud will be hit 
  • This card does not destroy it exiles the creatures, unless countered all those creatures attacking are evaporated

11.God-Eternal Oketra 

Arise from the grave and claim this earth 

What is great about God-Eternal Oketra?

  • Double strike allows Oketra to hit two times 
  • Her ability makes tokens on cast, even if creature spells are countered, the tokens are still made
  • If she dies, you get to put Oketra back into your deck to play her again

10.Daxos, Blessed by the Sun

If you cast it they will come, when they come, you gain life

What is great about Daxos?

  • Cost only two mana 
  • An excellent blocker because his toughness can grow massive quickly
  • You gain life when creatures enter or leave the board making blocking a chance to gain life

9.Approach of the Second Sun

This triggers a table flip when cast for the second time

What is great about Approach of the Second Sun?

  • You win the game when it is played a second time, it triggers on cast even if it is countered, you still win
  • Places itself close to the top of the deck, making it easier to win
  • Gaining that seven life can save you in desperate times. 

8.Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

 Hitting it just makes it angry.

What is great about Zetalpa?

  • It has indestructible, making it hard to get rid of
  • Double strike allows it to hit twice and flying lets you hit your opponent in the face 
  • This dinosaur if played, guarantees the win

7.Majestic Auricorn

Don't mock the horn as it pierces through your blockers.

What is great about Majestic Auricorn?

  • Mutate allows you to make any non human into a monster
  • The creature it mutates onto has vigilance
  • When placed over the mutated creature the power rises 


Let them fly

What is great about Vulpikeet?

  • Gives whatever it mutates with flying
  • This card can produced counters to make the creature stronger
  • Can be used just for the two points of flying damage 


This cat hungers to mutate

What is great about Cubwarden?

  • Mutating will trigger the abilities of other mutations on the target 
  • Gives any non human creature lifelink
  • When mutated makes tokens that also have lifelink

4.Smothering Tithe

Would you like to pay 2?

What is great about Smothering Tithe?

  • Forces your opponent to use mana 
  • Allows you to generate mana 
  • Can be used as a combo piece with the right cards

3.Ajani’s Pridemate

Gain life and watch it grow

What is great about Ajani’s Pridemate?

  • Cost very little for the impact it will have on the game
  • The more life you gain the larger a threat it will become
  • If given lifelink it makes itself stronger 

2.Ajani, Strength of the Pride 

Leader of the pride and worthy of it 

What is great about Ajani?

  • Can be used to board wipe when you gain the life
  • Creates tokens that are ajani’s pridemate(the card above)
  • Allows you to gain life based on the amount of creatures and planeswalkers you control 

1.Light of Promise 

Maximum life gain value

What is great about Light of Promise?

  • Profits off of every single card on this list
  • Any creature with lifelink will become a ridiculous damage dealer 
  • Makes it stronger based on the amount of life gained 

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