[Top 5] MTG Arena Best Jumpstart Decks that Wreck Hard!

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New comers and seasoned veterans will both lose their minds with the decks they lose to

Jumpstart is an amazing new format that allows you to draft two themes to create an awesome deck. This list is the best stand alone themes before they are paired with anything. Pairing them together will result in a satisfactory hard wrecking win.


You can hear the thunder long before the storm and you will hear the roar of the mighty dinosaur. This deck ramps up fast so you can unleash primal rage to destroy your foes. Big creatures and massive damage let this deck stomp the competition. 

Primal rage at it's finest!

What is great about Dinos?

  • Allows you to cast big creatures quickly 
  • Deals massive damage with big creatures 
  • Can easily be splashed with any color 

How the deck is played

  • Play ramp early game to get the mana to drop the big threats
  • Drover of the might is an excellent mana dork that benefits off of playing your creatures make sure he is not alone on the board
  • Ghalta is a game ending card that you can time right for the win use it wisely 
  • He becomes easier to play the more creatures you have out, fill that board.
  • Swing out whenever possible and chomp away at your opponent's life total


Creature (7)

1 Ghalta, Primal Hunger

1 Drover of the Mighty

1 Thundering Spineback

1 Orazca Frillback

1 Colossal Dreadmaw

1 Ornery Dilophosaur

1 Drowsing Tyrannodon

Sorcery (3)

1 Savage Stomp

1 Commune with Dinosaurs

1 Cultivate

Instant (2)

1 Crushing Canopy

1 Titanic Growth

Land (7)

1 Thriving Grove

6 Forest

4. Feathered Friends 

The light shines in your favor if you play this deck

Look, up in the sky,is it a bird? Yes! Birds, angles, and the mighty pegasus, all soar into combat with this deck . A deck that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud of the fear the birds will bring.Evasion is the key to victory while running this deck.

What is great about Feathered Friends?

  • Send hoards of flying creatures directly at your opponent 
  • Low cost to play most of the creatures
  • Plays mid range to survive aggro and deal with control decks

How the deck is played

  • Summon as many flying creatures as you can
  • Use the instants and sorceries to deal with threats, while dealing extra damage
  • The creature abilities in this deck will let you survive and when the time is right, kill!
  • If paired with other colors, use them to protect your value or create the value
  • Swing out often because you have air superiority


Creature (8)

1 Angel of the Dire Hour

1 Healer's Hawk

1 Aven Gagglemaster

1 Falconer Adept

1 Concordia Pegasus

1 Warded Battlements

1 Gale Swooper

1 Celestial Enforcer

Instant (3)

1 Dauntless Onslaught

1 Take Heart

1 Swift Response

Enchantment (1)

1 Sky Tether

Land (7)

1 Thriving Heath

6 Plains

3. Goblins

For the love of Squee we must unite

Unleash the horde with one of the strongest tribes in the game. One of the oldest tribes to exist and the reason tribal synergy is feared. Go wide and overwhelm your opponents with the support of the green mean fighting machines.

What is great about Goblins?

  • Extremely aggressive
  • Goes wide really quickly
  • There will always be a way to make more goblins 

How the deck is played

  • Create tons of tokens as soon as you can
  • Swing with said tokens
  • Make more tokens 
  • Continue to make even more tokens
  • Rinse and repeat until opponent is utterly wrecked


Creature (7)

1 Krenko, Mob Boss

1 Goblin Commando

1 Boggart Brute

1 Goblin Instigator

1 Goblin Shortcutter

1 Ornery Goblin

1 Goblin Arsonist

Sorcery (2)

1 Goblin Lore

1 Goblin Rally

Instant (2)

1 Outnumber

1 Burn Bright

Enchantment (1)

1 Makeshift Munitions

Land (7)

1 Thriving Bluff

6 Mountain


Take hold of your own life

Do not be afraid of death, fear the doctor. Gain loads of life and watch your opponent's life drain.This deck will keep you alive and allow you to thrive in any duel. 

What is great about Doctor?

  • Life gain for days, almost every card allows you to gain health
  • Has amazing enchantments and lets your creatures poweryourcool creatures to power up
  • Plays an aggressive mid range stance that encourages damage dealing to gain life

How the deck is played

  • Summon creatures to use for blocking or attacking
  • If the timing is right use enchantments to make those creatures threats
  • Use the threats to gain life because they will either have life link or get it
  • Watch your life total rise with each new card
  • Gains life and continue to attack until you win


Creature (6)

1 Rhox Faithmender

1 Brightmare

1 Angel of Mercy

1 Mesa Unicorn

1 Anointed Chorister

1 Basri's Acolyte

Instant (3)

1 Moment of Heroism

1 Swift Response

1 Revitalize

Enchantment (3)

1 Griffin Aerie

1 Light of Promise

1 Faith's Fetters

Land (7)

1 Thriving Heath

6 Plains


1. Elves

Watch out for the treetops!

This deck goes beyond wrecking and obliterates your opponent. If you pair this with anything in jump start you will have tons of power at your disposal. Green grows and smashes making it the strongest deck in jumpstart with the allstar that is craterhoof behemoth.

What is great about Elves?

  • Strong tribal synergy better than even goblins
  • You will have an elf army at your command
  • The more elves you control the more mana you will produce

How the deck is played

  • Play as many elves as possible
  • The elves function as your ramp and damage use them as you need this should not take long
  • Whatever color you have paired with it will just function as a shield till you slam craterhoof onto the board
  • Swing until you win, classic green wrecking stomp


Creature (8)

1 Craterhoof Behemoth

1 Elvish Archdruid

1 Dwynen's Elite

1 Ghirapur Guide

1 Silhana Wayfinder

1 Wildheart Invoker

1 Skyway Sniper

1 Llanowar Visionary

Sorcery (1)

1 Hunter's Edge

Instant (2)

1 Crushing Canopy

1 Titanic Growth

Enchantment (1)

1 Presence of Gond

Land (7)

1 Thriving Grove

6 Forest

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