MTG Arena Most Powerful Cards By Color

MTG Arena Most Powerful Cards
It took one brave dragon and a bit of luck to win the war

The five colors of magic all represent their own ideas and philosophies of what true power really is. This list shows off some of the most powerful cards of all five colors. Some of them are really big and nasty. Others are cheap and provide value early-game. How you duel with them is up to you. Choose a color and some cards, then fight onward planeswalkers!


10.Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

Dawn soars over the horizon 

What is great about Zetalpa?

  • It has indestructible making it hard to get rid of
  • Double strike allows it to hit twice and flying lets you hit your opponent in the face 
  • This dinosaur if played nearly ensures the win


9. God-Eternal Oketra 

 Why doesn’t she have reach?

What is great about God-Eternal Oketra?

  • Double strike allows Oketra to hit two times 
  • Her ability makes tokens on cast even if creature spells are countered the tokens are still made
  • If she dies you get to put Oketra back into your deck to play her again


8.Luminous Broodmoth

A moth to a flame

What is great about Luminous Broodmoth?

  • Allows your creatures to respawn with flying
  • This card is used in many combos because of the respawn effect
  • Can respawn tokens too


7.On Serra’s Wings

Living on a prayer

What is great about On Serra's Wings?

  • Makes any creature equipped with this a threat 
  • In addition to giving a creature the ability to fly and heal, it also makes them stronger
  • White allows you to play many cards that reduce the cost of enchantments this card can come out earlier catching your opponent off guard  


6.The Wanderer

The type of planeswalker that will never settle down

What is great about The Wanderer?

  • Stops all non- combat damage from hurting you and your other cards 
  • Her loyalty makes her stay around to defend you longer
  • Can exile big problems too


5.Approach of the Second Sun

The heat rains down upon you

What is great about Approach of the Second Sun?

  • You win the game when it is played a second time, it triggers on cast even if it is countered you still win
  • Places itself close to the top of the deck making it easier to win
  • Gaining that seven life can save you in desperate times. 


4.Settle the Wreckage 

What attacking creatures, I see no such thing

What is great about Settle the Wreckage?

  • Letting your opponent deploy lands is a courtesy and nothing more 
  • This card does not target so creatures with hexproof or shroud will be hit 
  • This card does not destroy it exiles the creatures unless countered all those creatures attacking are evaporated


3.Ajani’s Pridemate

Pride of the life gain 

What is great about Ajani’s Pridemate?

  • Cost very little for the impact it will have on the game
  • The more life you gain the larger a threat it will become
  • If given lifelink it makes itself stronger 


2.Ajani, Strength of the Pride 

All of that pride 

What is great about Ajani?

  • Can be used to board wipe when you gain the life
  • Creates tokens that are ajani’s pridemate(the card above)
  • Allows you to gain life based on the amount of creatures and planeswalkers you control 


1.Light of Promise 

Bright lights make creatures ready for the fight 

What is great about Light of Promise?

  • Profits off of every single card on this list
  • Any creature with lifelink will become a ridiculous damage dealer 
  • Makes it stronger based on the amount of life gained 

Value: $0.25


10.Fleet Swallower 

Thar she blows!!!

What is great about Fleet Swallower?

  • Doesn’t need to hit to trigger its effect
  • Doesn’t die easily because of its toughness 
  • Allows you to get rid of half of a target player’s library 


9.Leyline of Anticipation


What is great about Leyline?

  • Gives most of your cards instant speed 
  • Can be played before the game starts
  • Four mana for this kind of power is absurd


8.In Bolas’s Clutches

Dragon’s are great lawyers 

What is great about In Bolas’s Clutches?

  • Allows you to steal cards 
  • Can target any permanent on the board
  • Costs only 6 mana 

Value: $0.25

7. Mass Manipulation 

This isn’t trust this is manipulation

What is great about Mass Manipulation?

  • Can steal creatures and planeswalkers
  • The more mana you use the more value you get
  • Can cost as much as you want it to

Value: $0.69

6.Sublime Epiphany 

So many choices

What is great about Sublime Epiphany?

  • Can use everything at once
  • Can be cast at instant speed
  • Only cost six mana for all that power

Value: $2.11

5.Agent of Treachery 

There’s Treachery afoot

What is great about Agent of treachery?

  • Steal stuff from your opponent,even lands
  • You keep the stuff you steal even if it dies 
  • Was so powerful it got banned 

Value: $5.09

4.Teferi, Master of Time

Time is irrelevant when you are it’s master

What is great about Teferi?

  • Costs only 4 mana 
  • Can activate his abilities at any time
  • Allows you to take extra turns

Value: $23.49

3.Shark Typhoon

What is that movie called again with the sharks and the tornado?

What is great about Shark Typhoon?

  • Cost only six mana 
  • Allows you to cycle to make tokens 
  • Creates a sharknado 

Value: $12.25

2. Spark Double

Double the pleasure, double the pain, double the damage 

What is great about Spark Double?

  • Can create a copy of any creature or planeswalker you control
  • Puts an extra counter on the copy
  • Makes the copy non- legendary to let you keep both 

Value: $4.57



What is great about Omniscience?

  • Allows you to cast everything in hand for free
  • Every card now cost nothing
  • Easy to protect with the now free spells you have

Value: $15.54


10. Banehound

They bark as much as they bite 

What is great about Banehound?

  • Haste allows it to start dealing damage when it spawns 
  • Allows you to heal yourself 
  • Excellent turn one play

Value: $0.19

9. Ogre Slumlord

Rats for days

What is great about the slumlord?

  • Strong synergy with a rat tribal deck
  • All rats you control gain deathtouch 
  • Allows you to flood the board with tokens

Value: $1.81


Who doesn’t love a good murder?

What is great about murder?

  • Does not deal damage which can be prevented it is an instant kill
  • An instant kill that is cast at instant speed
  • Three mana is a fair cost 

Value: $0.19

7.Rankle, Master of Pranks

Rankle, Master of Prankle

What is great about Rankle?

  • Flying makes it hard to block
  • Haste allows it to fly into the game and swing when summoned
  • You can trigger all three effects whenever it deals damage

Value: $6.36

6.Open the Graves

Let’s hear it for the children of the grave

What is great about Open the Graves?

  • You can sacrifice your own creatures to make zombies
  • Makes combat a chance to create more creatures
  • Because it is non- legendary you can have more than one on the field

Value: $1.77

5.Liliana, Dreadhorde General

Death is just the beginning 

What is great about Liliana?

  • Static ability that triggers anytime the condition is met
  • Versatile abilities to remove or add to the board 
  • If Liliana is allowed to perform her final ability it is an assured victory

 Value: $15.99

4.Exquisite Blood

That is definitely not wine 

What is great about Exquisite Blood?

  • In a multi- duel this would trigger due to the amount of damage done to each opponent
  • Triggers anytime the conditions are met
  • Is part of amazing combos that allow you to deal infinite damage

Value: $32.00

3.Bolas’s Citadel

Praise the Dragon God

What is great about Bolas’s Citadel? 

  • Allows you to look at your top card whenever you want
  • Allows you to play the top card of your library with life instead of mana 
  • Just playing this card changes the pace of the game

Value: $4.25

2.Peer into the Abyss

Nightmare fuel 

What is great about Peer into the Abyss?

  • You can target yourself if you really want to
  • Takes away half of their library, limiting their resources 
  • Halves their life total, limiting their options and time left alive

Value: $0.54

1.Gray Merchant of Asphodel 

Everyone's favorite zombie Gary 

What is great about Gray Merchant of Asphodel?

  • Deals massive damage when played 
  • All it has to do is enter the board to deal massive damage
  • You gain the life your opponents lost 

Value: $0.42


10.Leyline of Combustion

Take the tires and light the fires

What is great about Leyline of Combustion?

  • Can be played before the game even starts 
  • Deals damage to the player directly 
  • Shuts down abilities of certain cards all together and can kill an opponent if they continue to target your board or you


9.Cavalcade of Calamity

So good it made it on multiple lists

What is great about Cavalcade of Calamity?

  • Extremely cheap to cast 
  • Essential when playing small creatures or making tokens with low power
  • Can hit players and planeswalkers just from declaring attacks 

Value: $0.39

8. Krenko, Mob Boss

Time to send them a message

What is great about Krenko?

  • Extremely cheap for the wrath he can bring to the board
  • Allows you to double your goblins every single turn he is in play 
  • If he gets killed, you are left with an army 

Value: $3.61

7.Etali, Primal Storm

Can’t forget the dinosaur

What is great about Etali?

  • Allows you to get rid of big threats from your opponents deck
  • Allows you to play big threats for free 
  • With the right amount of ramp in a game, Etali can spawn before your opponent sees it coming

Value: 1.85$

6.Ilharg, the Raze-Boar

Representing his deil company, Boar’s Head. 

What is great about Ilharg?

  • Ilharg costs only 5 mana to cast
  • The card has trample to make sure the lethal damage goes through
  • His effect is absolutely amazing and cannot be stopped by most cards 

Value: 5.22$

5.Anax, Hardened in the Forge

Satyr’s love him 

What is great about Anax?

  • Profits off of having a large board state because of devotion
  • Whenever creatures die you get to make tokens 
  • Can become insanely powerful late-game or be the reason you get the advantage early-game

Value: $0.35

4. Sunbird’s Invocation

That owl is on fire

What is great about Sunbird’s Invocation?

  • Allows you to cast spells for free
  • Playing expensive spells is perfectly fine, the more it costs the more value you can generate
  • For just six mana this card can be played shockingly early

Value: $2.29

3. Embercleave

Big sword big damage 

What is great about Embercleave?

  • Flash allows this card to be played at instant speed, which it is begging for 
  • Gives any creature you want more power and can be equipped for nothing when it is played
  • The spell reduces its own cost which is awesome for red decks that wreck hard with a lot of creatures

Value: $10.82

2.Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

And my axe!

What is great about Torbran?

  • Allows all your red spells to deal extra damage
  • Works on both players and their permanents
  • Cheap to cast and his toughness makes him last long enough to win most games 

Value: $1.00

1. Fiery Emancipation

The fire still burns

What is great about Fiery Emancipation?

  • Triples all of your damage 
  • It only covers sources you control so it cannot be used against you
  • The earlier the card is played the more value it generates

Value: $9.96


10. Gilded Goose

Honk! Honk!

What is great about Gilded Goose?

  • Turn one play 
  • Provides ramp 
  • Can make more food for more mana 

Value: $2.59

9.Llanowar elves

Tree Huggers for the win 

What is great about Llanowar Elves? 

  • The definition of ramp
  • Perfect turn one play
  • Only costs one mana 

Value: $0.28


Damage is your friend

What is great about Polyraptor? 

  • Makes clones wherever it gets hurt
  • The toughness makes it harder to kill
  • Able to go infinite with the right cards 

Value: $9.69

7.Verdant Sun’s Avatar

Let the sun share it’s light 

What is great about Verdant Sun’s Avatar?

  • Gain life for having creatures enter the board 
  • Counts tokens too 
  • Allows you to gain life when it enters the board 

Value: $1.17

6.Renata, Called to the Hunt

The hunt is on

What is great about Renata?

  • The more green on your board the stronger she gets
  • Makes other creatures stronger with counters
  • Costs only 4 mana 

Value: $0.31

5.Questing Beast 

Stomp them out

What is great about Questing Beast?

  • The beast has haste 
  • Can’t be blocked by small boys
  • Deathtouch makes him very scary to block

Value: $15.98

4.Craterhoof Behemoth 

The biggest beast!

What is great about Craterhoof?

  • He has haste 
  • Gives other creatures trample
  • Makes your creatures big boys

Value: $39.84

3.Nissa, Who Shakes the World

The land awakens when she calls

What is great about Nissa?

  • Doubles your mana 
  • Makes lands become creatures
  • Allows you to play all your forests in your deck

Value: $5.98

2.Ghalta, Primal Hunger 

What is great about Ghalta?

  • Reduces its own cost 
  • Wrecks hard with a large stomp
  • Ghalta has trample

Value: $4.77

1.God-Eternal, Rhonas 

Twice the stomping power 

What is great about Rhonas?

  • Has deathtouch 
  • When it enters, it doubles all your creatures powers 
  • If it dies or is exiled, you get to put it back in your deck

Value: $4.77

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