[Top 15] MTG Arena Best Green Creatures

[Top 15] MTG Arena Best Green Creatures
Not all green creatures are intimidating. Take this Innkeeper, for example.

Green is the color of sustenance. It is the color most associated with growth. But when life grows out of control, you create monsters. These green creatures can terrorize you with their beastly stature and aggressive tendencies. Facing a big, green monster head-on is never a good idea and will often lead to death and defeat. Here are the Top 15 best green creatures in the current meta

15. Swarm Shambler

What’s good about this card?

  • Swarm Shambler is a great creature to start when you are playing an aggressive deck
  •  It enters the battlefield as a simple 1/1 creature but it gives you a lot of value when you pair it with other creatures that have +1/+1 counters on them
  • You can also use this as a mana sink to maximize your turns as you can also give it a +1/+1 counter once per turn

TCG Median Price: $0.39

14. Kolvori, God of Kinship

What’s good about this card?

  • If you are looking for a card to team up with your other legendary creatures, Kolvori is what you are looking for
  • Kolvori, God of Kinship gets most of its power from other legendary creatures as you get an extra +4/+2 if you have three or more legendary creatures on the battlefield
  • It also allows you to dig for legendary creatures from your library for just 2 mana

TCG Median Price: $0.50

13. Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

What’s good about this card?

  • Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig is a creature that can snowball when curved out properly
  • It enters as a three-mana 4/4 but as you cast more green creature spells it will get more +1/+1 counters
  • It also gains an additional +1/+1 if the creature you cast has higher power than Yorvo which incentivizes you to pick when to cast creatures

TCG Median Price: $0.50

12. Toski, Bearer of Secrets

What’s good about this card?

  • Toski is not really what you think of when you think about the best cards in green because it is merely a 1/1 creature. 
  • Although it is just a 1/1 creature, it still gives a lot of incentive for you to attack and deal damage to your opponent because you get to draw a card when you do so
  • It is also indestructible and it needs to attack every combat phase so your opponent will always have a looming 1 damage threat to their name

TCG Median Price: $6.40

11. Dragonsguard Elite

What’s good about this card?

  • Dragonsguard Elite is a great card to have in non-creature-heavy decks as it gets its value when combined with instants and sorceries
  • Every time you cast, or even copy, an instant or sorcery, Dragonsguard Elite gets a +1/+1 counter
  • It also presents you with a good mana sink that you can use to close out the game as it will double the number of +1/+1 counters on this creature

TCG Median Price: $0.40

10. Gemrazer

What’s good about this card?

  • Mutate may not be the best deck in the format but Gemrazer is among the mutate cards that are still relevant today
  • Aside from having a 4/4 creature with reach and trample, you can also deal with your opponent’s enchantments and artifacts like The Great Henge or Embercleave
  • Because of this ability, having a copy or two of Gemrazer is a safe strategy that you should try

TCG Median Price: $1.00

9. Lovestruck Beast

What’s good about this card?

  • A 2 for 1 card that is essential in almost all decks that run with green colors
  • This card is a good way to properly curve out your turns as you can play the Adventure part of the card on turn one then play Lovestruck Beast on turn 2 or 3
  • Getting an early 5/5 beast on the board can help accelerate your offense

TCG Median Price: $0.48

8. Garruk’s Harbinger

What’s good about this card?

  • In terms of its power-to-mana efficiency, Garruk’s Harbinger is a pretty decent creature card to have in this meta
  • It can dodge spot removals because it has hexproof from black
  • You can also dig your library for creature cards everytime you attack with Garruk’s Harbinger

TCG Median Price: $0.49

7. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

What’s good about this card?

  • Vorinclex, when placed on the right deck can completely wreck your opponent’s game plan
  • This monster can battle it out with most creatures because of its stats. However, it provides much more value than that. 
  • It can also accelerate your counters on your permanents so you can attack with more power, achieve higher loyalty on your planeswalkers or whatever you need those counters for

TCG Median Price: $36.57

6. Edgewall Innkeeper

What’s good about this card?

  • Adventure is still a pretty strong deck archetype in this meta and Edgewall Innkeeper is one of the reasons for it
  • This card can give you a much needed boost in terms of card advantage as it lets you draw a card everytime you cast a card with Adventure
  • A one-mana card generating machine is always a welcome sight in any deck

TCG Median Price: $0.25

5. Kazandu Mammoth

What’s good about this card?

  • Getting a 3/3 card for just three mana may not really be your idea of ‘best’ but there’s more to Kazandu Mammoth that
  • This creature can potentially deal more than three damage per turn as it receives a +2/+2 boost everytime a land enters the battlefield
  • Having this in an empty board can quickly snowball into a win

TCG Median Price: $0.50

4. Gilded Goose

What’s good about this card?

  • No green deck is complete without Gilded Goose
  • This is a staple as it can give you an early advantage in terms of mana and it can also present you with ways to generate food tokens

TCG Median Price: $3.75

3. Questing Beast

What’s good about this card?

  • One of the staple cards to any green aggro deck, Questing Beast is still one of the best creatures you can play in the game
  • When it enters the battlefield, you will immediately feel its presence especially when you drop it on an empty board
  • It is safe from chump blocks and it can deal with the opponent’s planeswalkers as well

TCG Median Price: $12.84

2. Scavenging Ooze

What’s good about this card?

  • A 2/2 creature that can potentially snowball into something unstoppable, Scavenging Ooze is a good creature that can deal with many decks in the meta
  • Against sacrifice decks, Scavenging Ooze will have a field day as you will have lots of targets on the opponent’s graveyard that you would want to exile
  • Against aggressive decks, it can hold its own early on while being flexible in the transition from early to late game

TCG Median Price: $1.00

1. Elder Gargaroth

What’s good about this card?

  • With all the benefits you can get from this card, this is already really cheap in terms of mana cost
  • Not only will you get a 5/5 creature with haste, vigilance, and reach, you also get the advantage of generating tokens, gaining life, or drawing cards everytime you attack
  • Elder Gargaroth is the ultimate value-generating creature that you can get in your deck

TCG Median Price: $17.55

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