[Top 10] MTG Arena Best Land Support Cards

MTG Arena Best Land Support
Better run when the lands start attacking you

Lands are no longer just confined to just giving mana to cast spells. They have more versatile uses whether through their activated abilities or with the use of what we call land-support creatures. These creatures provide reinforcements for the lands by either fetching other lands, turning the lands into creatures, and many other interactions. 

10. Dryad of the Ilysian Grove

What’s good about this card?

  • Additional land drops per turn are always good when playing with huge spells
  • Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, at only three mana, is a bargain when it comes to the value it can bring to the table
    • Not only can it give you extra land drops per turn, but it allows your lands to give off any color of mana so you won’t have a problem with casting other spells

9. Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

What’s good about this card?

  • Tomik is a  good card to have especially against land destruction decks or decks that play from the graveyard

    • With Tomik in play, you can protect your lands as they are given some sort of hexproof where they cannot be targetted
    • Another great thing about this card is that it shuts down combos like Fall of Thran and Crucible of Worlds. Playing Tomik after the opponent casts Scapeshift often means disaster for them. 

8. Oracle of Mul Daya

What’s good about this card?

  • Card advantage is what Oracle of Mul Daya can bring to the party
  • You can play additional lands per turn which is also another great deal to get
    • Aside from that, you essentially have a free ‘scry’ every time since you are playing with the top card of your deck revealed

7. Ancient Greenwarden

What’s good about this card?

  • Great enabler of landfall mechanics

    • Since it doubles the landfall triggers, having this on the board can help you produce extra value with your landfall cards
  • Although it has a high mana cost, you can easily play one copy early on with the ramp you have in these types of decks

6. Beanstalk Giant 

What’s good about this card?

  • Beanstalk Giant is one of the essential cards to have in Adventure decks because it can search for lands for you to cast the giant early

    • Searching your deck for a land card is a great way to smooth out your mana curve as well as thin your deck
  • Not only does it provide mana, but it also draws its power from the number of lands you have on board. The more lands you control, the more powerful Beanstalk Giant gets.

5. Scute Swarm

What’s good about this card?

  • Winning by overwhelming the opponent’s board state is how Scute Swarm operates
  • Combining it with cards that allow you to play extra lands per turn like Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, or cards that double the triggers you get from landfall like Ancient Greenwarden, will allow you to maximize your token generation
  • Hitting your 6th land can be an easy breeze which means you will also create a Scute Swarm token that will max out your board presence.

4. Sylvan Awakening

What’s good about this card?

  • No longer a widely used spell, Sylvan Awakening can still bring in surprise victories as it can turn your lands into creatures with haste
  • For only three mana, you can turn an empty board into a raging army of lands that can stomp the opponent 
  • This is a really strong card since it can catch your opponent off-guard. Playing this after the opponent leaves no blockers means that you can easily win the game

3. Ashaya, Soul of the Wild

What’s good about this card?

  • Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, benefits from having a lot of lands on the board
  • Contrary to what the other cards in this list do, Ashaya turns your creatures into Forests, which further increases her power and toughness

2. Nissa, Who Shakes the World

What’s good about this card?

  • A ramp deck staple, Nissa, Who Shakes the World, is known for producing a huge army of lands that can deal lethal 
  • Not only does it turn your lands into creatures, but it can also double the mana production of your Forests
  • Getting Nissa to pop off her ultimate means that your lands will be indestructible. This can secure the win automatically because the opponent has no way of clearing the battlefield. 

1. Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

What’s good about this card?

  • Probably the best land support card in the Arena

    • Nissa of Shadowed Boughs can be a sleeper since not a lot of decks use this card
    • However, it offers great value as it can gain loyalty points through land drops and at the same time it can turn your lands into creatures. This is the perfect 1-2 combination

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