[Top 25] MTG Arena Most OP Green Cards!

MTG Arena Most OP Green Cards
Nature's wrath is often unstoppable

Green cards can be separated into two categories: the nurturers and the nurtured. Nurturers are the cards that you use to ramp, pump, and basically, build your whole game plan with. On the other hand, the nurtured are these big, scary, powerful creatures that you use to swing at the opponent. A powerful green deck uses the balance between these two categories. Understanding the early game well can translate into a winning position in the later stages of the game.

25. Lovestruck Beast

What is great about this card?

  • Powerful card to have in green aggro decks

    • This gives you an early play with a 1/1 token as well as a heavy-hitting turn three creature
    • Getting this on curve can help give you an attacking advantage in the early game

24. Garruk, Unleashed

What is great about this card?

  • It is powerful in creature-heavy decks as it can pump creatures using its +1 ability

    • Aside from that, it can also bring in creatures with both of its minus abilities
    • This card can come in handy if you need to deal extra damage for lethal or if you need to block extra damage for lethal

23. Dryad of the Ilysian Grove

What is great about this card?

  • A really powerful tool to have in ramp decks

    • Aside from it allowing you to play two lands per turn, it also allows your lands to give off any color of mana
    • This is also great for landfall decks as it can give additional triggers per turn, giving you maximum value

22. Craterhoof Behemoth

What is great about this card?

  • Always good to have one-of of this card as it is great at securing wins in the late game

    • When both you and your opponent has a lot of creatures on the board and you are looking at a stalemate, casting this will guarantee that the stalemate gets broken in your favor
    • It can dish out massive amounts of damage in the blink of an eye

21. Beanstalk Giant

What is great about this card?

  • With the emergence of Landfall decks, Beanstalk Giant rose to power again

    • It was once a part of Adventure decks but it fits more perfectly in Landfall decks now
    • With its ability to search for land and the Giant getting more power with more lands, landfall decks really are an excellent niche for this card

20. Cavalier of Thorns

What is great about this card?

  • Great when paired with graveyard cards

    • Since it can put a lot of cards in the graveyard, it will be a good addition to Golgari decks that function with card recovery
    • This was once a powerful card in Elemental decks, but these decks are no longer part of the competitive meta

19. Allosaurus Shepherd

What is great about this card?

  • Great against control decks and it provides a pretty destructive mana sink 

    • Since green is usually focused on ramping towards bigger creatures, having this on board will reduce the anxiety of having your spells countered
    • Aside from that, when your mana dorks no longer give you an advantage on the board, you can activate the ability of Allosaurus Shepherd, making them 5/5 creatures

18. Battle Mammoth

What is great about this card?

  • Another card that generates value against spot removal and control

    • Even if your creatures get removed, you can still generate value from it as Battle Mammoth will let you draw a card every time your creature gets targetted
    • The Foretell mechanic is also pretty strong with this type of card as you can get it for a discount

17. Ashaya, Soul of the Wild

What is great about this card?

  • A scary card to have in landfall decks

    • Triggering landfall effects multiple times in a turn is very powerful. Since your creatures are basically lands, you get to do this every single turn

16. Finale of Devastation

What is great about this card?

  • Powerful finisher that can generate a lot of advantage

    • Casting Finale of Devastation for x=10 can give you a multitude of creatures to choose from
    • Combine this with End-Raze Forerunners or Craterhoof Behemoth and you immediately deal lethal to your opponent

15. Multani, Yavimaya’s Avatar

What is great about this card?

  • Another card that feeds off the number of lands you have
  • Yavimaya can be really powerful especially in situations where you are flooding with mana
  • Aside from it getting to really high power and toughness, you can always get it back from the graveyard by exiling two land cards from your graveyard. 

14. Trail of Crumbs

What is great about this card?

  • Card advantage engine that can help you dig for your late-game closers

    • Typically, there are parts of the game that a certain deck loses its momentum. In food decks, these moments can be avoided with Trail of Crumbs
    • It can help you look for your key pieces in the early game or look for your heavy hitters to close off the game

13. Gilded Goose

What is great about this card?

  • Mono-green food decks are really strong thanks to Food generators like Gilded Goose

    • Having Food tokens can help you ramp with Gilded Goose or it can give you card advantage when paired with Trail of Crumbs
    • Having the ability to generate food and use food for mana makes Gilded Goose a pretty good card in these types of decks

12. Garruk’s Harbinger

What is great about this card?

  • With most of the spot removal coming from black, Hexproof from black is a pretty powerful ability to have

    • Aside from that, you get to look at the top 4 cards from your library and get a creature or planeswalker from those. This gives you a good card advantage and it will also help you get your threats

11. In Search of Greatness

What is great about this card?

  • This card is the ultimate cheat code as it allows you to cast creature spells for free

    • As long as that creature spell costs 1 plus the highest mana cost among creatures you control, you can cast it for free. If you can’t cast anything for free, this card will let you Scry 1
    • It is the perfect card to have in Ramp decks as it can greatly help you cast heavy creatures early while also ensuring that you get the right cards from your library

10. Nyxbloom Ancient

What is great about this card?

  • It does not only the amount of mana your lands provide but also multiplies the amount of mana your creatures and artifacts produce

    • Combine this with cards like Nissa or the Great Henge and you will get almost unlimited amounts of mana to cast anything you want

9. Lotus Cobra

What is great about this card?

  • It is always nice to have a mana advantage especially in the early game

    • With Lotus Cobra, you essentially get two ‘land drops’ because of its landfall ability
    • When you even play Fabled Passage and fetch an untapped land, you basically get three mana 

8. Leyline of Abundance

What is great about this card?

  • A premium card for ramp decks

    • Having even just one copy of this in your deck can greatly increase your chances of ramping well
    • Getting this in your opening hand will already be a huge advantage

7. Pelt Collector

What is great about this card?

  • Casting this with big creatures on curve can provide you with a really strong attack early on

    • Pelt Collector gets a +1/+1 counter every time a larger creature enters your battlefield so if you get a 2-powered and a 3-powered creature on your next consecutive turns, you can increase Pelt Collector’s power

6. Scavenging Ooze

What is great about this card?

  • A really powerful graveyard-hate card

    • With just a 2-mana cost to cast and 1-mana to activate the ability, you can remove powerful cards from the opponent’s graveyard 
    • This can shut down some strategies and it can also help you deal loads of damage as Scavenging Ooze gets counters every time you exile a creature from the opponent’s graveyard

5. Elder Gargaroth

What is great about this card?

  • This is the type of value engine that can give you an insurmountable advantage against any opponent

    • Elder Gargaroth can generate a token, gain you life, or draw you a card, every time it blocks or attacks
    • Having this even just for one whole cycle of attacks and blocks can already give you a huge advantage

4. Questing Beast

What is great about this card?

  • Great aggro piece that can deal with planeswalkers

    • A 4/4 creature that can’t be chump blocked is a powerful piece that often guarantees your attack coming through
    • This is also great as every time Questing Beast deals damage to the opponent, you can also deal damage to their planeswalker

3. Nissa, Who Shakes the World

What is great about this card?

  • It produces creature tokens from your lands

    • This can help you when attacking as well as provide you with more mana to cast your bigger threats
    • Getting Nissa to her ultimate skill can provide you with a massive advantage that can be insurmountable for your opponent

2. Collected Company

What is great about this card?

  • Very mana-efficient way of getting creatures on the board

    • With just 4 mana to cast, you can get up to 6-mana worth of creatures on the board
    • Best of all, you get to do this anytime as Collected Company is an instant. This makes it great at dodging board wipes as well as counterspells

1. The Great Henge

What is great about this card?

  • Massive amounts of value from just a single card

    • You can cast this really early on if you are running a ramp deck or an aggro deck
    • Once you have this on your board, it can already give you a lot of advantages like card draw, mana-generation, life gain, and +1/+1 counters to your creatures

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