[Top 15] Best MTG Arena Enchantments

[Top 15] Best MTG Arena Enchantments
Calix will be proud of these enchantments

Enchantments are really powerful permanents that can give you a variety of effects. Whether these effects are meant to deal with the opponent’s other threats, give you an advantage in terms of mana or card draw, or whatever other effect it may be, these enchantments are surely very valuable. In Standard play, these can be pretty overpowered due to the lack of board wipes that target enchantments. Take a peek at the strongest enchantments in both Historic and Standard MTG Arena. 

15. King Narfi’s Betrayal

What’s good about this card?

  • A great addition to DImir Rogues and other Dimir control variations

    • Aside from getting a few of your opponent’s cards in the graveyard, you also get to play them
    • This is a really powerful card with these abilities and its low-cost of only three mana

14. Doom Foretold

What’s good about this card?

  • One of the ultimate value engines for ETB cards

    • Because of Yorion, cards like Doom Foretold became more powerful
    • This card can do almost anything you need to keep you ahead in the game. When you exhaust its value, you can just bounce it and get more value again

13. Experimental Frenzy

What’s good about this card?

  • Experimental Frenzy solves the card problems of red decks

    • Card advantage is often a problem of red decks but having Experimental Frenzy on board can help solve that
    • This is really useful to keep your threats going even in the later stages of the game

12. Fiery Emancipation

What’s good about this card?

  • In the right deck, this card can be a real game-changer
  • Not all red decks can afford to put this high-cost enchantment in the library so having the right deck for it can be a challenge
    • However, if you fit this into your red deck, you can deal massive amounts of damage to your opponent. This will ensure that you get all points of damage in to secure the dub

11. Ixalan’s Binding

What’s good about this card?

  • A really powerful control card that can contain huge threats from the opponent
  • In Historic, this card is really powerful to prevent the opponent from casting multiple copies of a certain card
    • It is also useful to use against the opponent’s own Ixalan’s Binding to ensure that you get to keep your Ixalan’s Binding

10. Leyline of Abundance

What’s good about this card?

  • Leyline of Abundance is a must-have on decks that use a lot of mana dorks

    • This card, even with just one copy of it on your deck, can turn your small mana creatures into mana engines
    • It can also serve as a win condition as you can pump your creatures with its activated ability

9. Mirari’s Wake

What’s good about this card?

  • This card is perfect in Green-White decks as it helps in ramping as well as pumping the creatures
  • Having this in play early on can help you cast big creatures to pressure the opponent’s life total
    • Aside from that, your big creatures will be made even bigger as Mirari’s Wake will give a +1/+1 buff to all your creatures

8. Nine Lives

What’s good about this card?

  • This card is pretty powerful in emergencies
  • If you are not running Solemnity on your deck then this card can still save you from impending doom as it can prevent damage to buy you some more time to win the game
    • Having Solemnity often means game over for the opponent as you can only lose the game if they have a board wipe for enchantments

7. Oath of Kaya

What’s good about this card?

  • Great card for spot removal or even just crowd control

    • The ETB effect of Oath of Kaya can deal with a wide range of creatures since it deals 3 damage
    • It is also great to have if you run planeswalkers against creature-heavy decks as it will ping your opponent every time they attack your planeswalker

6. Omen of the Sun

What’s good about this card?

  • Omens are really powerful because of their enter the battlefield (ETB) effects
  • For just 2 mana, you can get tokens on the board to help fend off early attacks as well as give you an extra life in case you are against feisty aggressive creatures

5. Omen of the Sea

What’s good about this card?

  • Since Yorion decks are still pretty solid in the Standard meta, cards like Omen of the Sea still pack a lot of value
  • With its scry and draw mechanic, you can abuse this by playing this and bouncing it with Yorion to get maximum card advantage
  • It is also a useful mana sink if you are desperate to dig for a specific card on your deck

4. Search for Azcanta

What’s good about this card?

  • Blue decks in Historic should still play Search for Azcanta
  • This is particularly strong in control decks as it can help in tuning out your land drops for future turns
    • When Azcanta flips, you can easily find an answer to any threat that the opponent presents

3. Shark Typhoon

What’s good about this card?

  • Aside from being a powerful enchantment, Shark Typhoon can also double as a creature

    • You can cast this using the cycling cost and you can have a flying creature that can deal extra damage or function as a blocker
  • If you hard cast Shark Typhoon, you will get a lot of value every time you cast a spell. This will allow you to attack/defend more aggressively since you can always get another creature

2. In Search of Greatness

What’s good about this card?

  • Any way to cast spells for free is always a huge advantage on your end

    • This is a great card to have as it can build upon your previous turns, allowing you to consistently bring in heavy-hitters
    • Aside from the mana advantage it brings, it also allows you to scry 1 if you cannot play a spell for free
    • Scrying can help you string together your next turns so that they may be very dynamic

1. Elspeth Conquers Death

What’s good about this card?

  • Elspeth Conquers Death is still a really powerful card to control potential threats on your opponent’s side

    • Since it targets higher costing permanents, you can guarantee that it will hit a strong permanent
  • The other chapters of this Saga are also really great especially when you bounce back ECD with Yorion

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