[Top 11] Persona 5 Royal Best Personas

Persona 5 Royal Best Personas
Unleash Your Persona

Persona 5 Royal features a variety of strong and amazing Personas to choose from. Here are just 11 of the best Personas for all players, whether you’re a beginner or have played 100+ hours of the game.

11. Shiki-Ouji

Shiki-Ouji is a Chariot Arcana Persona that is one of the most useful and powerful early game Personas that players can possess. The persona is arguably the most reliable and consistent persona that is as useful in the beginning to the end of the game.

Lore: “An exceptionally powerful shikigami. Only the most elite onmyoji are able to summon and bind it to paper. It can ward off disaster or cure illness, but its ordinary temperament is quite vicious.”

What Makes Shiki-Ouji Awesome:

  • Null attributes to physical, bless, and curse damages
  • Early access, as early as the second palace
  • High upgradeability
  • Consistently powerful form beginning to the end

Shiki-Ouji Details

10. Rangda

Rangda is a Magician Arcana Persona that, much like Shiki-Ouji, is an easily obtainable mid-level Persona with abilities that make it useful and viable even in the end stages of the game. Freeing up two skill slots for support skills against electric and bless damage allows Rangda to be immune to all damages. 

Lore: “A wicked witch of Balinese lore, she represents evil and is Barong’s eternal rival. Even if defeated, she will come back to life, and their battle will have no end."

What Makes Rangda Awesome:

  • Repel to physical attacks and null to fire damage
  • Can easily be made invulnerable with 2 support skills
  • A great option for a gun-focused Persona
  • Easily accessible much like Shiki-Ouji

Rangda Details

9.  Black Frost

Black Frost is one of the most versatile Persona within the Fool Arcana. Among all of the Jack Frost types within the game, Black Frost is the only Persona able to learn both fire and ice skills. As one of the most versatile Personas, Black Frost is able to deal large amounts of magic damage in the later parts of the game against enemies.

Lore: “A Jack Frost that yearned for evil. This powerful demon is born when a cute Jack Frost remembers its nature as a demon.”

What Makes Black Frost Awesome

  • One of the most versatile Fool Arcana Personas
  • Able to learn both fire and ice skills
  • Repels fire and curse damage
  • Ice damage is able to be boosted with support skills

Black Frost Details

8. Alice

Alice is one of the strongest Death Arcana Personas and is based on the titular character of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Her insta-kill moves make her a great Persona to have when dealing with large groups of enemies.

Lore: “A mysterious blonde girl. She is quite powerful, despite her looks. Some say she is the ghost of a girl who died a sad death. Others say she is a spirit born from someone’s imagination

What Makes Alice Awesome:

  • Insta-kill focused abilities that deal large amounts of damage
  • Greatly powered up abilities with support skills
  • Can be made invulnerable with the drain or null bless support skill
  • Repels curse damage

Alice Details

7. Messiah

Messiah is a Judge Arcana Persona that is available as a free DLC for Persona 5 Royal. Messiah is a great support Persona to have with his healing abilities and passive skills.

Lore: “A Persona of another story. He appears before Judgment Day to save the virtuous. He is a universal figure, appearing in myths around the world. Many stories involve his death and rebirth.”

What Makes Messiah Awesome:

  • Strong against almost every magic damage types
  • Can be made invulnerable with null or drain curse damage support skills
  • Passive ability, Enduring Soul, can be a life savior
  • Strong support Persona with the ability to heal all party members

Messiah Details

6. Trumpeter

Trumpeter is a Judge Arcana Persona that is one of the most useful defense support Personas. It alludes to one of the seven angels within the Book of Revelation that carries a trumpet. 

Lore: “Angels that sound the trumpets at the time of the Apocalypse. As each trumpet sounds, the more plagues and disasters will occur, turning the Earth into a land of death and suffering.”

What Makes Trumpeter Awesome:

  • Ability to inherit the Almighty attack
  • No damage weaknesses
  • Ability to learn strong support skills such as Debilitate and Ali Dance
  • Frees up skill slots for other Personas by making this a defense Persona

Trumpeter Details

5. Alilat


Alilat is an Empress Arcana Persona that is arguably the game’s best defensive support Persona. The insanely tough Persona has absolutely no weaknesses and is essentially a sponge for enemy attacks.

Lore: “The Arabian mother goddess also known as Allat. She was thought to reside in the Black Stone at the Kaaba. She and her son, Dusura, were worshipped there by desert nomads.”

What Makes Alilat Awesome:

  • Repels physical, curse, and bless damage
  • Drains fire, ice, electric, wind, and nuke damage
  • Invulnerable against all damage types beside Almighty making it the best defense Persona
  • Party-wide Heat Riser skill

Alilat Details

4. Kaguya 

Kaguya is a Moon Arcana Persona capable of dealing enormous amounts of magical damage, particularly towards a single target. For the power that Kaguya possesses, she is accessible fairly early in the game making her an extremely useful Persona to have from beginning to end.

Lore: “A Persona of another story. A divine being born from a glowing bamboo shoot. Though many opposed to her, none could complete her strict tasks. She eventually returned to her home, the moon.”

What Makes Kaguya Awesome:

  • Shining Arrows ability costs fairly low SP but deals high damage
  • Damage attack able to be enhanced with support skills like Bless Boost
  • Fairly accessible despite powerful abilities
  • Invulnerable to damage with right support skills

Kaguya Details

3. Maria

Maria is the ultimate Faith Arcana Persona and is arguably the best healer Persona in the game. She is an easy Persona to build on and enhance due to a majority of her powerful traits already being innate. 

Lore: “The maternal figure of Christianity. Gabriel informed her that she was to be the mother of Jesus. Some sects revere her as the Virgin Mary, but other denominations do not focus on her.”

What Makes Maria Awesome:

  • Exclusive new Persona added to Persona 5 Royal
  • Unique passive abilities: Holy Whisper and Holy Embrace 
  • Unique Holy Benevolence skill that revives and fully heals knocked out party members
  • No inherent damage weakness

Maria Details

2.  Satanael

Satanael is the ultimate Fool Arcana Persona that is acquired only at the end of the game. He is Joker’s final Persona and is Arsene’s awakened form. The powerful Persona is able to be advanced fusion in New Game+ and well worth it to have when going for a second playthrough. 

Lore: “An archangel who is said to be the form of Satan before he fell from Heaven. The second son of God, he rebelled against Him for freedom and bestowed free will and chaos upon humanity.”

What Makes Satanael Awesome:

  • Strong against almost all damage types
  • Almighty attacks deal enormous amounts of damage
  • Has Victory Cry which fully heals SP and HP after defeating enemies
  • New Tyrant’s Mind skill increases 50% damage to all damage types

Satanael Details

1.  Yoshitsune

Yoshitsune is a Tower Arcana Persona that has the strongest physical damage abilities. He’s an advanced fusion that is obtainable after maxing the Strength confidant. He is practically unstoppable when paired with the correct support skills to boost his physical damage capabilities.

Lore: “A Japanese general of the Genpei War near the end of the Heian era and start of the Kamakura era. His bold ingenuity and ruthless skill with a blade are still praised in Japan today.” 

What Makes Yoshitsune Awesome:

  • Hassou Tobi skill deals massive damage to all enemies
  • Arms Master support skill enhances the effectiveness of Hassou Tobi
  • No inherent weaknesses and repels bless and electric damage
  • Can be easily buffed with support skills such as Avenger which doubles damage of counter skills

Yoshitsune Details

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