[Top 5] Persona 5 Royal Best Confidants

Persona 5 Royal Best Confidants
Being a Phantom Thief Means Being a Family

Besides your party members, you’ll meet plenty of interesting and powerful allies known as Confidants within Persona 5 Royal. Spending time with these Confidants builds up your relationship rank with them and unlocks special skills, perks, and story missions. Though every Confidant is worth your time to max out, here are the 5 Confidants you should prioritize on your playthrough of Royal.

5. Chihaya Mifune (Fortune)

Scarily accurate fortune-telling skills.

Chihaya is a fortune teller you’ll meet in Shinjuku once you acquire Kaneshiro’s name. Though she may seem unassuming at first, Chihaya has one of the most interesting Mementos requests as well as extremely useful perks within the game.

What’s Great About Chihaya Mifune:

  • Rank 1 allows you to temporarily increase the growth rate of a social stat.
  • Rank 3 temporarily increases money earned after battle.
  • Rank 5 allows you to deepen your bond with a Confidant of choice.
  • Rank 7 allows you to preview all abilities for a Confidant of your choice.
  • Rank 8 increases the chances of a fusion alarm from occurring in the Velvet Room.
  • Rank 10 shows you the responses that will grant the highest points during Confidant events.

Chihaya Mifune Details:

  • Fortune teller who came to the city from the countryside.
  • Is one of the love interests you can choose from in the game.
  • Has low self-esteem at first and appreciates supportive remarks.
  • Available to meet Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

4. Kasumi Yoshizawa (Faith) 

Gymnasts make great Phantom Thieves.

Kasumi is one of the two new major characters introduced in Persona 5 Royal. As one of the major characters in the new third semester, it is crucial to max out her rank in order to unlock the new storyline and be able to see the “true” ending of Royal. She fits in well with the Phantom Thieves and joins them later on as a party member. 

What’s Great About Kasumi Yoshizawa:

  • Rank 2 grants you the ability to avoid being surrounded by enemies in Palaces.
  • Rank 4 allows you to stun and ambush enemies from a distance by attacking with the grappling hook,
  • Rank 6 allows for a retry if negotiation with a Shadow fails.
  • Rank 10 allows for Kasumi’s second awakening and transforms her Persona.
  • HP increases by 5 points each time you rank up.

Kasumi Yoshizawa Details:

  • New first-year at Shujin who is a gifted gymnast, possible love interest.
  • Seems ordinary at first but hides a dark secret that you’ll unravel as the story progresses.
  • Available to meet Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday during the daytime.
  • Must reach rank 5 with Kasumi by December 22 to unlock the third semester.

3. Tae Takemi (Death)

The sexiest (prescription) drug dealer you'll meet.

Takemi is one of the first Confidants you’ll meet and interact within the game. She may seem cold and distant at first, but you’ll be surprised to find out her true personality as you level up her rank. Takemi is a fan favorite for a reason as she has some of the most interesting dialogues and useful item unlocks within the game.

What’s Great About Tae Takemi:

  • Rank 1 increases the selection of healing items held in the clinic.
  • Rank 3 adds even more healing items to the clinic.
  • Rank 5 adds support items to the clinic, most useful of which is the SP Patch.
  • Rank 7 gives a 50% discount on all items sold at the clinic.
  • Rank 10 increases revival items carried at the clinic.

Tae Takemi Details:

  • Doctor of the clinic in Yongen-Jaya who has a bad rep due to being kicked out of her previous hospital workplace for malpractice.
  • Tsundere character but is actually very keen to help others around her, possible love interest.
  • Has a dry sense of humor and enjoys witty and sarcastic remarks.
  • Available to meet every day during daytime or during day and night on rainy days.

2. Sadayo Kawakami (Temperance)

Teaching doesn't pay the bills.

Kawakami is the unassuming black sheep out of all the Confidants within the game. She may not seem that interesting or useful within her first few levels, but her max rank perk is definitely one of the best perks you can have within the game. It takes a while to rank up with her due to her availability but it's well worth the time and effort.

What’s Great About Sadayo Kawakami:

  • Rank 1 allows you to perform other activities such as crafting or reading during Kawakami’s class.
  • Rank 3 allows you to call Kawakami to make coffee or do laundry for you.
  • Rank 5 allows you to perform other activities such as crafting or reading in other teacher’s classes.
  • Rank 10 allows you to request a massage from Kawakami after going into the Metaverse, letting you go out at night after Palace infiltrations and Mementos missions.

Sadayo Kawakami Details:

  • She’s the protagonist’s homeroom teacher who also secretly works at a maid cleaning service. 
  • Appears to be cold and annoyed at the protagonist at first, but eventually shows that she is a caring teacher at heart; is a potential love interest.
  • Is one of the hardest Confidants to rank up due to her limited availability.
  • Available to meet Friday and Saturday night or day and night on rainy days at the cost of 5000 yen.

1. Takuto Maruki (Councillor)

Counseling has almost the same effect as stealing one's heart.

Maruki is the other new major character besides Kasumi that is introduced in Persona 5 Royal. He, just like Kasumi, is crucial to the third semester and it’s crucial to max out his Confidant level if you want to see the new storyline and “true” ending. Though he’s a newcomer, Maruki quickly became a fan favorite with his pleasant personality and perks.

What’s Great About Takuto Maruki:

  • Rank 2 allows for Joker to recover immediately when inflicted with an ailment.
  • Rank 3 gives Joker a chance to receive effects of Charge and Concentrate at the start of battle.
  • Rank 5 gives Joker a chance of restoring SP when it is low.
  • Rank 7 increases the chances of activating Hero Zone effect.
  • Rank 9 raises the chances of recovering immediately from an ailment.
  • Rank 10 raises the amount of SP recovered when it is low.
  • SP increases by 5 points each time you rank up.

Takuto Maruki Details:

  • A counselor hired by Shujin to help students deal with the aftermath of Kamoshida's scandal.
  • Extremely personable and likable making him popular with the girls in the school.
  • Available to meet on Monday and Friday during the daytime.
  • Must reach rank 9 by November 17th to unlock the new third-semester storyline.

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