[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Activities To Do

Take a Break from Stealing Hearts and Play Some Games

Outside of infiltrating Palaces and going to Mementos, there are a variety of activities you can participate in while trying to survive your high school life in Persona 5 Royal. Each activity serves a purpose to further strengthen your Confidant bonds or to improve your Social Stats while not changing people’s hearts. There are many activities to participate in which can be overwhelming for some, so here are 10 of the best activities to familiarize yourself in during your play of Persona 5 Royal.

10. Playing the Crane Game

Take a break from exams and saving the world and enjoy being a normal teenager at the arcade. You’ll be able to play the crane game and wine collectibles to decorate your room when you visit the arcade at Akihabara. Each week there will be new prizes to be won, all recognizable characters from Atlus’s past games.

Why Playing the Crane Game is Great:

  • Prizes include characters and mascots from Sega such as Sheep Man from Catherine.
  • Collectibles can be used to decorate the desk in your room.
  • One of the cheapest activities.

Playing the Crane Game Details:

  • At Gigolo Arcade in Akihabara.
  • One round of game costs 300 Yen.
  • There are 8 prizes that can be won.
  • The chance of winning is random and you don’t actually control the machine.

9. Relaxing at the Bathhouse

After a tiresome day of infiltrating Palaces and struggling to pass your exams, recharge your energy at the local bathhouse. Go by yourself or with friends and allow the warm water to seep into your bones before the old man in the bath burns you with the water faucet.

Why Relaxing at the Bathhouse is Great:

  • Increases your charm Social Stat.
  • Increases your rank with the Confidant you choose to bring.
  • One of the activities that does not cost money.

Relaxing at the Bathhouse Details:

  • Unlocked in Yongen-Jaya after reading Yoncha Walker.
  • Will be mostly empty on rainy days and you can prolong the stay.
  • It allows you to earn up to three points of Charm.
  • Chance to gain additional point of Charm but there is a chance you’ll get dizzy and pass out, losing all your Charm score and instead get one point of Guts for that visit.

8. Reading Books

At the end of the day, you are still a student and education is still important even as a Phantom Thief. While on the subway you’ll sometimes be offered the chance to read a book and gain Social Stats points or unlock new hang out locations. Books are a quick and easy way to gain Social Stats and learn more about the districts of Tokyo.

Why Reading Books is Great:

  • Unlocks hangout spots in surrounding areas such as the aquarium and park.
  • Increases Social Stats depending on which book you’re reading.
  • It doesn’t take up time if you read during class or on the subway.

Reading Books Details:

  • There are 38 books to be read.
  • The most expensive book costs 12,000 Yen.
  • Books can either increase Social Stats, unlock locations, or gain special skills.
  • One of the passive activities that can be done without wasting time.

7. The Batting Cage

Take your stress out at one of the most classic video game mini-games, hitting home runs at the batting cages. It’s one of the activities where you actively participate in and if you do well you can increase your Proficiency stat and earn rewards as well.

Why the Batting Cage is Great:

  • It is a fun mini-game that you can play in between the main story.
  • Do well and your Proficiency stat will increase and you will earn a prize as well.
  • You are given 5 baseballs per course so it's not just three strikes and you’re out.

The Batting Cage Details:

  • Unlocked in Yongen-Jaya after reading Yoncha Walker.
  • There are 6 courses ranging from 500 Yen for Beginner to 8,000 Yen for Fader.
  • You can gain prizes for No misses and a Homerun.
  • Reading Batting Science makes it easier to see where you have to hit the ball by giving you the “Third Eye” ability.

6. Fishing 

Fishing is a classic mini-game that has been included in almost every video game title. You can come fish with a Confidant such as Ryuji to boost your bond as well as gain some quick Social Stats By successfully catching fishes. It is a fun and relatively low-stress mini-game to play in between the main story missions.

Why Fishing is Great:

  • Successfully reeling in fishes rewards points towards your Proficiency stat.
  • Chance to bond with your Confidants should you choose to go with one.
  • A classic mini-game that everyone enjoys, especially because of its familiarity.

Fishing Game Details:

  • Unlocked by reading “Fishpond Spotter” or when Ryuji invites you to visit on July 6th.
  • One session costs 3,000 Yen but there is a discount in the evening, costing 1,000 Yen instead.
  • You are rewarded points for each fish caught, the most is 5500 points.
  • You can trade in points to upgrade your fishing rod and buy bait.

5. Big Bang Burger Challenge 

Big Bang Burger is the most visually hilarious activity and pushes your guts to the limit, both figuratively and physically. It is one of the most rewarding activities as it is the only activity that boosts every Social Stat, besides kindness, as well as giving you prizes at the end of completion.

Why the Big Bang Burger Challenge is Great:

  • Boosts every Social Stats beside kindness.
  • Get accessories as well as HP items after completing the challenge.
  • Earn points towards Guts even if you fail the challenge.

Big Bang Burger Challenge Details:

  • At Big Bang Burger in Shibuya.
  • Three levels of challenges, the first challenge requires level 2 Guts to try.
  • To pass each level you have to have the required level of Social Stats.
  • The first level costs 1,200 Yen, the second costs 1,500 Yen, and the last level costs 1,800 Yen; there is a discount in the evenings making all challenges cost only 500 Yen.

4. Jazz Club

Live music and a cooling drink is always a great way to destress. Visiting the Jazz Jin club is a great way to improve your bonds with your Confidants as well as special perks as you enjoy the live musicians present every week.

Why the Jazz Club is Great:

  • Boost rank with Confidant you go with.
  • Different cocktails give different benefits.
  • The effects of cocktails are doubled when visiting on nights when live singers are performing.

Jazz Club Details:

  • Unlocked in Kichijoji after reaching ranking 3 with Goro Akechi.
  • 3,000 Yen per visit.
  • Different cocktails served depending on the day of the week.
  • Party members can gain a new battle skill when drinking a Sunday cocktail.

3. Working at Crossroads Bar

Money makes the world go around and you’ll want plenty of cash to buy as many HP items and to visit as many locations as you can. There are plenty of jobs to choose from in Persona 5 Royal, but by far the best job is at Crossroads bar where you’ll meet plenty of interesting patrons.

Why Working at the Crossroads Bar is Great:

  • Earns the most base money out of all the jobs and a bonus on weekends.
  • The job is required in order to complete the "We Aren't Just Your Slaves" Mementos request.
  • Increase Social Stats when you interact with the patrons.

Working at the Crossroads Bar Details:

  • Unlocked after meeting Ichiko Ohya and having the right level of Charm and Kindness.
  • Earns you 5,000 Yen for a night of work.
  • Boosts Social Stats by interacting with different patrons.
  • Patrons rotate depending on the day of the week.

2. Playing Billiards

Billiards is one of the new activities that you can participate in and is one of the most beneficial towards the new combat system. Technical damage now is more effective against bosses and enemies which means you;ll want to increase your technical skill rank. Playing billiards allows you to rank up the party’s technical skill making it more effective in combat.

Why Playing Billiards is Great:

  • Increases technical rank which increases technical damage and down rate.
  • Increase bond with party members after pulling off a trick shot.
  • Boosts a random Social Stat.

Playing Billiards Details:

  • At Penguin Sniper club in Kichijoji.
  • One session costs 800 yen.
  • There are 4 ranks of technical skills that you can increase.
  • The success of performing a trick shot and clearing balls depend on Social Stats and whether you’ve read the appropriate skill books.

1. Playing Darts


Darts is one of the new activities besides billiards that gives you an advantage during combat. Baton pass increases party member damage and recovers HP and SP. Playing darts is not only a fun mini-game, but will also make your team more powerful for combat.

Why Playing Darts is Great:

  • Increases Baton Pass rank of party members.
  • Boosts Confidant relationships when successfully clearing a game.
  • The most fun mini-game that utilizes the controllers motion controls.

Playing Darts Details:

  • At Penguin Sniper club in Kichijoji.
  • One session costs 800 yen.
  • There are 4 Baton Pass ranks that you can level up with each party member.
  • There are different types of games you can play from 301 to 701.


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